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The National Commercial Bank [NCB] reviews & complaints

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] complaints 64

Jan 11, 2022

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Quick pay

Hello sir I'm Akhtar Ali sanaullah I send money 1250 on 1/1/2022 date still my money rejected and I received messeg for return but but still I didn't receive my money pliz help
That's my complain number
Mobile number [protected]

Desired outcome: Quick pay ncb

Nov 06, 2021

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Online banking

Been calling n getting the same response and they say my online bank as been disable so I'm not able to go on it n I need to use my online banking n every time I go online to apply for my card card every time I reach the part about proff of address it bring me back to page oneplz if I can get a call back on this number plz if it's possible today [protected]

Desired outcome: Need my online bank to start work n I need my credit care

Aug 13, 2021

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Payment not received

My brother in KSA had sent money to my account yesterday and I didn't receive that amount in my account in Pakistan. I will share the complete detail of my account and the text my forward to me.
QPAY transfer QP QPAY610212248520
Amount 1497.60 SAR
Fee 16.00 SAR
From 606*104
Beneficiary AQIL. ZAMAN
To [protected]
On 12/08/2021 16:41


The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Money not receive in India

Dear sir,
I am facing a problem with quick pay money transfer service.
As I send money 2150 SAR to India on SBI account number. But still I have not received money in india at 26 july 2021.
So pleas help me I shall be very much thankful to u...
My details are as followings
Customer number. [protected]
My transactiom refrence nmber : QPAY828212075599
My phone number : [protected]

Desired outcome: PLEASE SIR

Jul 30, 2021

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Hacked bank account unauthorized apple itunes purchase

There was an authorized Apple I tune Purchase from my account with 1860.05 SR for 6 times in Ireland. This is a debit account and they did not ask
for an OTP, I already close my account in NCB and they said they will just contact me after their investigation. I hope they will return my money.

Desired outcome: Refund my money


The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Unauthorized purchased from my mada card using APPLE.COM/BILL ITUNES.COM

I woke up this morning with a message of: "Online Purchase Mada card *XXXX Account XXXX Amount 1865.05 SAR from APPLE.COM/BILL ITUNES.COM on Ireland at 30/07/2021 05:25". I have never purchased anything from apple, this sms received 5 times in my phone. And then when I checked my balance through NCB app, only did I found out that I was deducted of such amount 5 times costing me more than 9, 000 SR. I had already reported thru costumer service and received a message that they will come back to me after 2 months. This is very frustrating. I hope they will refund my money as I have bills to pay and family to feed.

Jul 30, 2021

this has happened to me also. There was a purchase in apple Itunes for 6 times with 1865.05 in Ireland. I don’t know if they will refund me because until now I dis not receive any feedback

Jun 24, 2021

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Hacked bank account

My bank account was hacked last monday, June 21, 2021 and I reported the incident when I noticed that my money on the account was being transferred to an unknown account in Al Inma Bank. Today I received a message that my concern was not fullfilled and I cant reached the customer service because my user log in was revoked. Please help me resolved cause this is all the savings I have. You can check the transactions ive been having in the account and it will shows that I dont have any transaction to that Al Inma Bank whatsoever in the past. My user log in was still revoked so I cant log to talk to an agent regarding my problem and im in Sharma Tabuk now for work which dont have a branch for QuickPay.

Desired outcome: Atleast retrieved the majority of my savings and salary on the account


The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Car lease

I would like to request not to take the car event hough I was delayed a payment for two months. This is due to pandemic. But I can promise thst monthly I am paying more till I recover the delayed payment. And rest assure thst starting this month it will not become 3 months delay, if that happen then you can take my car. But pls I am requesting your side because if you will take my car, then I cannot able to recover the delay so pls grant my request just this year.

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - unauthorized debit card

عملية شراء عبر الانترنت
بطاقة مدى *9956
حساب 909*111
بمبلغ 16.55 SAR
في أيرلندا
11/06/2021 23:06
And I dont purchase anything how that sms come


I have the same issue.

Jul 30, 2021

I am from riyadh. I have the same issue with you regarding this apple I tunes purchase. I don’t know if the bank will refund me for this


I have the same issue. I woke up this morning with more than nine thousand riyals has been purchased from my mada account without my permission.

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Al Ahli online (Apps.) Banking

I would like to complain regarding the incident that happened last 14th April 2021 around 1:00 to 2:00 PM. When I opened my Al Ahli apps. but usually when we open our Al Ahli apps. the electronics asked the password to log in and the OTP (ONE TIME PASSWORD), but in my case after my log in the electronic asked me an OTP twice, after sending the second OTP immediately it was deducted on my account the amount of 4, 200 SAR. Imagine I didn't do any other transaction like purchase or transfer, I just only opened my Al Ahli apps. but I was shocked why it was transferred an amount to STC biller ID -001
THROUGH saddad, what was happened until now I can't figure out.
please help me retrieve my money back.
this is mobile number [protected]

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Amount transfer

Sir I send 200 riyal in account no [protected] and account holder name sehzad shamshad husain. Now 200 cut in my account but not received my friend and not come sms. Plz help me and send back money in my account [protected].

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - yes

I had made a local transfer from Ahli to Anb
Two days have passed and the money has not come yet

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Quick pay problem

before 2 days im sand many to india
today im check may accont many is not receve

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Late to get an appointment and rejected to making a new account.

Sir, I am complaints this from qurayat quick pay branch., I went to branch on 11.28 am to own a new account and having a token., unfortunately the branch is not receiving customers on the basis of perticular token numbers on the day., there is only 1 staff at that time on seat ., then I waited there until 3 pm., approximately 4 hrs., when I got appointment staff rejected to make new account due to must pay or sent1000 Saudi riyal initially to make new account., I am ready to pay or sent 500 Saudi Riyal which I have., that I discussed with manager too.. But they refuced to make new account., sir this is a humble request that please put a board or any informative writhing on branches that needs documents and initial amounts to open a new account., it will help public who wish to having an account with quick pay and will save our precious time also. Thank you.


The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Service

On wednesday september 16 my partner was making a deposit at the machine at knutsford new kingston. He added 23k and then the option that says add more he added 13k more. The machine only registered...

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The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Regard 550 sr stuck inside atm machine at the same time atm card ejected

07/august/2020 evening 08:21 deposit 2250 sr from ncb atm (machine number:3832) oppsite to almajdouie motors - hyundai but 1700 deposited at my account, remaining 550 sr returned again reinsert 550 sr to machine it was struck inside at the same time atm card ejected. I make complaint on the day my complaint number 5713-[protected], but still issue was not solved kindly check this issue and provide that struck amount 550 sr

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - My salary paid into ncb quick pay account is not accessible

Money salary was payed into my NCB quick pay accout some days after I made a request for my account to be transferred to the main NCB bank.
I can't assess the money. I was in NCB Bank to complain where I was told my Quick pay account was close to open the main NCB bank account.
My current worries is that if that previous account is really close why does it still accept cash deposit /inflow .
Also, if the bank can transfer my data from quick pay to open a new account why not also transfer the cash presently in the close account to the new NCB account which is the only account I can do transaction at present.

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - I have ncb bank current account but no have any card

I opened my online account in NCB Bank a few days ago. After that I went to print my card on self service machine but my card was not printed. He says that the number of letters in your name is too much. Yes, after that I also went to the bank but the bank staff did not listen to me. Please help me. Thank you


The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Payment not received

Dear sir, With due respect, Last 6 days before I have transferred amount to MoneyGram in Bangladesh from NCB account regarding this Ref No. QPMG828200920839 but not yet received until now, kindly...

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Mar 10, 2020

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Multiple unwanted transaction

Hi, I'm Jovy May Calpatura. Today, march 10 2020, I got messages that I had multiple transactions via my debit card with number [protected]. The messages shows different transactions through paypal which I did not do. I had my card block to stop the transactions. Kindly look into it and trace why and how my card has been hacked. The unwanted transaction accounted me for almost 1300sr. Can I retrieved back my lost money? Hope to received feedback from you.
Please email me: [protected]

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