The National Commercial Bank [NCB] Customer Care Service


The National Commercial Bank

PO Box 3555
Saudi Arabia - 21481

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+966 920 001 000(Customer Service) 85 40
+966 920 000 891(Marketing and Sales, Product Inquiries) 15 10
+966 800 244 1005(Marketing and Sales, Product Sales) 5 7
+966 126 464 999(Head Office) 14 12
+966 114 787 877(Central Region, Riyadh) 12 10
+966 138 340 088(Eastern Region, Dammam) 13 9
+966 172 243 132(Southern Region, Abha) 5 7
+966 126 907 777(Investment Services) 11 5
+966 920 007 778(Customer Complaints) 34 31
The National Commercial Bank was the first Saudi bank to be licensed in the Kingdom.
It is considered the largest bank in Saudi Arabia and is a leading financial institution in the Region.

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] Complaints & Reviews

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / Transfered money not yet entered

Oct 11, 2019

My name is Dr Auwal Yusuf Jaafar, I transfered the sum 5000 riyals via phone banking from my Ncb Al- ahli account number SA7810000042000000157000 to my another account with AL INMA bank SA2205000068202486081000, about 5 hours ago, the money was debitted from my al ahli account but is yet...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / money not withdrawn from the atm and amount deducted from account.

Oct 08, 2019

To day on 8th oct 2019, at 11:55, I withdraw sar. 4000.00 form the al-rajhi atm in riyadh located at petrol pump name (petroli2) (atm id no. 01800rby-) but the amount not come out of the machine and I received sms of deduction sar. 4000.00. I tried many time to register complain with...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / my personal account atm card no: [protected] & credit card no: [protected]

Sep 19, 2019

Dear Sir, I was on employment to KSA and left country in 2009. My Full & Final credited to my salary account. I made withdrawals through various ATM in India and last transaction was done by me on 05/11/2009. Thereafter, account got freeze. ATM slip balanced shown in INR 157, 851.74 and the...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / mt 103 form

Sep 19, 2019

The National Commercial Bank [NCB]Dear Al Ahli, Ivm Muhammd Hidayat Bin Shafie (Iqama: [protected])had made two international remittance transactions last 3 week ago from my Al Ahli account to two beneficiaries in Malaysia. However, until now both of them still didn't receive the money. I already call the correspondence banks in...

[Resolved] The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / Delay in delivery

Sep 03, 2019

The National Commercial Bank [NCB]Hi; I transferred money to my Pakistan account using NCB mobile application. Below are the transfer details; Reference Number: QPAY828192450446 Date 02/09/2019 From Account [protected] Amount 20, 019.00 SAR The money has not been received as of now and when I check the status, it show...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / saddad transfer to al awwal bank through national commercial bank

Jul 22, 2019

My account number with NCB [protected] On 4th July 2019 I have transferred SR 1, 200 to Al Awwal Bank Credit Card payment Account number [protected]. It is more than 2 weeks, Al Awwal Bank has not yet received the payment. Please provide us reference number of transferring SR 1, 200 to...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / money not transferred and not get refund in ncb from 15 days

Jul 08, 2019

The National Commercial Bank [NCB]Dear Sir Greetings I am Chithra Radhamony, Having account in Alahli bank. My account Number is [protected] I have transferred SAR. 13, 577.95 equivalent to 242, 044.14 INR on 27/06/2019. But still the amount not yet credited to my account, or not yet refunded to my Alahli account. Kindly...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / request for bank statement - iquma # [protected] (bank account # sa 3110000036557187000105)

Jun 29, 2019

Dear sir/Madam Sub: Request for Bank statements Ref: Name: Anumole Puthenpurackal Alex (Indian National-Passport# J0117780 IQUMA # [protected] (Bank Account # SA 3110000036557187000105) Please note that I have had a bank account with NCB banks Taima Branch during the period of my...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / ncb quick pay account freeze but no customer satisfaction

May 15, 2019

Dear NCB Bank I would like to register my complain against your service of Quick pay i have went to 10 branches of your quick pay but no one help and solve my problem.every one is giving excuse regarding the machine there dont no to operate or not working. How can i solve my issue as my...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / service

Feb 05, 2019

The National Commercial Bank [NCB]Iam.transfer money my quick play account 1377sr. to india sbi bank last [protected] but their is not found And after 100 riyal transfer but not coming india bank not avelbale why Iam near branch madina munawra camplant But not risponse. They check my account transfer mony its ok heair but...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / sadad payment

Dec 21, 2018

The National Commercial Bank [NCB]Hi my friend ask me to pay for her certificate of goodstanding for saudi council.. And pay it online last december 4, 2018 and chose 129 code for saudi council then automatically deducted amounting to 300SR from my account.. It says it was sucessful.. But still no update thru saudi council...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / (ref. qpay610182650330) amt transferred to srilanka 1 month before till now not yet credited

Nov 16, 2018

With reference to the above subject, I have transferred money to Srilanka one month before dated 12.10.2018 thru NCB Bank. That amount Till not yet Credited in my Srilanka Bank Account. Kindly note, I have placed complaint with SAMA also SAMA CASE NUMBER [protected]. but till now there i...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / freeze account

Nov 01, 2018

Hello, i have a problem regarding my atm bank account. I am going home tomorrow November 2, 2018 and they already issued a final exit when I realized that I have remaining money in my account. I went to atm machine and try to withdraw it buy the machine says unable to transact, maybe...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / cash not received from atm

Oct 31, 2018

Hi, Today i used ATM of other bank and cash withdrawal fail, i commanded to withdraw 4350 SAR but ATM machine didn't issued cash meanwhile i received sms on my phone that this amount has been deducted from your account. i need very urgent support on this as this amount is very important for...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / personal finance top up

Oct 04, 2018

Despite submitting online form many times, nobody has called me back. I tried calling so many numbers from UK and either they have no option for Loan Customer Executive or they just put me on hold. One number - [protected] is not accessible from UK. I have talked to executive in...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / service

Oct 04, 2018

The National Commercial Bank [NCB]Hello ncb. It is located at tareek al mia. Sanaya branch. Besides the injaz bank. I came here for a new card. Here there are 4 counters. And only 2 counters are working. In there 2 counters 1 is indian and the other one is saudi. Indian is good. But the saudi at counter number 6 is not good. He uses mobile alot. And his behaviour is very bad. Thanks

NCB / somebody tried to access my account (info to ncb)

Sep 17, 2018

I need to raise my complain not to NCB but to the people tried to pretend as the employees of NCB. They tried to access my NCB online banking account and even have telephone conversation with me. I will elevate this concern to you for you to be aware that these telephone numbers [protected]...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / quickpay money transfer issue

Sep 03, 2018

On 15th August 2018 my Account open at Quickpay Abha Branch and transfer 5750 Sar to my account in India unfortunately money was not transferred till now when I complaint about it to the branch since 1st September nobody in branch address my complaint, on 2nd September with the customer...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / setting up a token

Aug 27, 2018

The National Commercial Bank [NCB]Ncb is the worst banking company ever .I have been trying to reset my token after changing my phone for weeks now. After sending email after email and no help whatsoever. I've called customer service and was place on hold for over 34 mins each time . The first time I got to a customer...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / abm

Aug 01, 2018

Reported this issue from april 13 was told 3-5 working days still not seeing this issue resolve reported this issue again the following friday was told 3-5 working days still not seeing this been resolved. Reported this again july 30 didnt receive a valuable response. Need my money back no...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / I am complaining about wrong account number transuction 2500/=sar

Jun 25, 2018

Hi. I am NCB Alahli consumer, My bank account number is SA0310000029262838000105 by the name of MUHAMMAD NAUMAN, MY Debit card # [protected]. and my customer # [protected] Sir, I did a transaction of 2500/=SAR, but the account number was wrong, This is the account number (SA61...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / credit card machine-edc

May 20, 2018

I have made a complaint regarding edc mechine not working due to charger got damaged, even after 5 days nobody responding. Once I called up the customer care and enquire about the status they said some one will visit and rectify asnsoon as posible. Very much dis appointed with the service...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / cash deposit through atm in quick pay.

Apr 06, 2018

The National Commercial Bank [NCB]I tried depositing my sr 6500 at an atm deposit machine, atm id #ncrerg3003103608, national commercial bank, eastern region, jubail. My money was taken inside by machine and also debit card, and it was not deposited to tha account neither it was cancelled and debit card was also kept...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / payment not received

Mar 24, 2018

The National Commercial Bank [NCB]Dear Sir, I Start new NCB quick pay payroll account last March 20/2018, and the same day morning 11:06 i transfer 200 SR to my Beneficiary account in india. But untill now i did not receive the money. so please help me and give the feedback. Ref. No - QPAY610180792835, please check the...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / ncb quick pay

Mar 17, 2018

Dear sir, I am mohamed insaf from sri lanka facing a problem with quick pay money transfer service. As I send money 1205&140 sar to sri lanka commercal account number [protected]. But still I have not received money in srilanka have put a complaint in the same quick pay bank but the issue...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / international fund transfer

Jan 29, 2018

We Gulf Tamyeez Trading Est. has account with your bank for more than 20 years. Recently we face issues with your bank since the bank computer system is down very often. This affects our business and it's a pity that the bank can not rectify the frequent shut downs. Yesterday...

The National Commercial Bank / I would like to lodge a complaint about quick pay staff behaviour to customer. branch munsiya dammam road.

Jan 04, 2018

the staff of quick pay dammam road munsiya branch behaving with customers very rude and of the staff look like Saudi threatens me he can punch my face.another one pakistani staff asked about the insident and told me they are all in work pressure all the customer should be...

Alahli Ncb (Quick Pay) / money not received in pakistani account (iban)

Dec 05, 2017

Hy Dear sir, I am facing a problem with quick pay money transfer service . As I send money 3500 SAR to Pakistan on IBAN account number .But still i have not received money in Pakistani have put a complaint in the same quick pay bank but the issue is not yet solved . So pleas help me i...

The National Commercial Bank / regarding personal loan

Nov 05, 2017

I need personal lone. Ncb person says to me make account in ncb first.. They make my account in there months when I go to ncb branch they says system down. When I make account... They says transfer ur salary to ncb... When I transfer my salary... They says after three salary's u got...

The National Commercial Bank / amount not transfer to pakistan

Oct 02, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam I have transferred the amount SR 3, 500 from KSA to Pakistan three month before and same time i get the transfer slip and leave the KSA but still I didn't get that amount. I already sent many emails as complain but they give me three numbers to contact. I tried many times to...

National Commercial Bank, Saudi Arabia / payment not received to payee account

Oct 02, 2017

I am Subin Cheriya Karayil, the account holder of A/C No. [protected] at National Commercial Bank Biash Branch – Gizan Region (Branch Number 447) from January 2016 opened as a salary account by Gulf Asia Contracting Co.(LLC) in my then address. I have sent following International...

The National Commercial Bank / edc machine

Sep 19, 2017

I would like to inform you that, we received EDC machine after long time from applying, now we received earlier, but the problem is that 1 machine is not working without charging cable, I make call on Toll free no [protected] but the my terminal id is not registered, i called 5 times but i...

The National Commercial Bank / atm cash deposit not deposited on my account

Sep 15, 2017

Dear ncb, I am jose yumul, customer no. [protected], just this morning 2:45am, september 15, 2017 I went to khazzan quick pay branch atm 2-dammamm-east region to deposit the amount of 1, 500 sar, but unfortunately the machine accepted the money but did not register on my account, I tried to...

The National Commercial Bank / credit card and customer service

Sep 06, 2017

Dear NCB Team, My Name is Nasir Hameed Ansari My Iqama Number [protected] Last Four digits of my credit card: 5014 I am a Visa Platinium card holder, I was looking at Alahlionline for my credit cards under my name. I found that I am holding two credit cards with (active status) I tried to...

The National Commercial Bank / quickpay

Apr 14, 2017

I and My Friends who is using Quicpay transfer to Indonesia at sunday morning, 2-April-2017 until now (15-Apr-2017) has not yet received without reasonable explanation. Already complaint to Quickpay they said complaint is not acceptable, complain to NCB they said Bank In Indonesia problem...

The National Commercial Bank / damaged currency from ncb atm

Mar 19, 2017

The National Commercial BankRespected Authorities Today I withdrew SR#500 from NCB ATM Shara Mina road, Old Airport, beside Taibah Fuel Station. Unfortunately, the currency was torn. No shops are ready to accept the currency. Please take required steps for the exchange of the currency. Details of withdrawal : Date ...

NCB Auto Leasing / my lease car.

Jan 30, 2017

From the ncb bank of Riyadh had collected my car due to the payment due. the informed me to collect the car after your payment .but I paid all my due amount.afer that the told your car is no approved .so the ncb bank won't give your car. the contract will be closed for the month of...

The National Commercial Bank / my cash was not deposited

Jan 12, 2017

I hava deposited a sum of 7000 sar in ncb quick pay atm it took the amount in the cash box and was showing processing and later displayed a the message unable to process and atm card came out but cash did not came out. And after checking my balance it was showing nothing. My 7000 sar wa...

NCB Management Services / might be a scam!


I have never heard of NCB Management. Last three days I have been getting these phone calls on my cell from this odd [protected] number. Thankfully I have City ID on my phone and it says it's coming from Bensalem, PA. So this women keeps calling me buy the name of (Shannon).. She don't...

NCB Management Services / calling constantly with no messages left


Since late January, the number [protected] has appeared on our caller ID with the heading Toll Free Call. Yesterday we received notice from this company dated 2/2 that the bank had charged this account off (first we knew of it) and sold it to them. Over the last several weeks, this company...