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HSBC may wain the award as worst bank in Dubai...I have been trying for 7 days to get my internet password reset and no matter what I try it never seems to work. The last straw was when the call center agent told me I could pick up a phone banking number (my original was never received) at any branch. I went to the Ibn Battuta Service Center and was told they were out of numbers...all this after waiting for 1 hour while the single employee attempted to attend to the 5 customers waiting, some of which had been waiting for over 1 and a half hours. Their branches are crowded with long queues, they have poor service when you finally get someone, and their fees are was 80 Dhs for a transfer within in UAE! I think it's time the central bank stepped in and did something about these banks and the poor service they are giving to customers...unfortunately HSBC is not alone in this area, Citibank and Barclays are equally poor.


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Jul 21, 2022 3:21 am EDT

HSBC Abu Dhabi and Dubai is the WORST BANK ever, no matter if you are a loyal credit card holder, always paying on time before your due date. I have been using my credit card for almost 5 years for the. I always pay my credit card bill earlier before my due date. For this past 3 years I always used my credit card and sometimes i always exceeded the limits but still i never get interest from my credit card because I always pay before my due date. But when I request for increased of my credit card limits for the 4x i got rejected again.. This bank is the worst bank here in the UAE

Oct 02, 2018 10:27 am EDT
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Terrible service! Unfortunately there is no less than one Star to add. Just terrible!
Repeatedly problems and issues with staff services, interment banking. Have never faced any similar problems with any other bank. I am so disappointed I cannot even begin describing it. Just the worse!

Jun 07, 2018 11:05 am EDT

HSBC Customer service in WTC Abu Dhabi does not have a good manner in entertaining customer. I received a call from the bank regarding the new account opening and told me that my application is already approved and I only need to submit the required documents in WTC branch. But when I'm in the branch, the HSBC staff on duty on 7th June 2018 at around 1700H-1745H just ask me to much question why I'm opening an account. He also asking me if I have boyfriend and who is paying my accommodation. Then in the last minute, he told me that my application is not approved and he ask me if I want he will meet me at night to discussed why is my application is not approved. Such employee is affecting the company and action should be taken. The employee does not have a nameplate and he didn't give his name.

Mar 01, 2018 12:00 pm EST

Good day,

I have an account with HSBC located in Deira Muraqqabat. I talked with Customer Service, Collections Department and Submitted all the Documents via Courier and they need it for my Account activation. I want to get all my money to be transfered on my Philippines Bank Account since im not able to go back in UAE since my contract is finished. Upon working with then for 3 months already, they keep on taking me for granted. I spend a lot calling overseas from Philippines to UAE just to work with them but they just kept promises. I spend a lot of money sending Documents via Courier because as they mentioned that it is the process for me to activate my account. I want to file a complaint with my Branch in HSBC Deira. Branch Code is 025. The branch manager as the Collections Officer mentioned was Mr. Devendra.They dont provide direct contact number on my branch thats why i kept on calling customer service and collections. Please contact me back on this inrernational phone number since i am located here in the Philippines already +[protected].

Thank you,
Vanneza Lopez

Feb 12, 2018 5:05 am EST

HSBC UAE is worst bank. They are sitting on my international transfer for more than 2 weeks. They have ZERO customer sensitivity. Don't use this bank.

Mar 02, 2016 12:05 am EST

Initially I was very happy with HSBC banking, but their attitude towards the customers completely changed few years ago and they are showing deterioration of services everywhere ( high charges, high rates, poor personal banking support for Advance customers, poor customer service etc, etc…).

AFTER 13 years in UAE and bank account with HSBC, finally I decided to transfer my salary to another bank.
HSBC bank again showed unprofessional attitude in this process and now it is almost 1 month after I initiated salary transfer - and I still didn't get my clearance letter with HSBC. I am regularly paying all credit cards bill, I do not have any debt with HSBS - so my liability is not an issue (I received liability letter), but the procedure is so complicated and unclear, that customer doesn’t know what are the steps and where to follow up the requests.
Phone banking service is useless, they probably hired junior staff that can give only routine information, trying to be polite and to postpone everything that they don’t know how to solve. I am receiving frequent calls from HSBC for the offers and when I need to be informed for the status of my request – than I need to call and follow the request, (usually after few working days) and HSBC do not bother to call or send SMS for customer’s information.
I cannot wait to change the HSBC bank, but presently I feel like in HSBC prison - waiting for my clearance letter that nobody knows where it is ….

Feb 28, 2016 3:41 am EST

I have been a victim of too many scammers out there trying to get this blank card, which made every one of us who seek this blank card is fake and doesn’t exist but not when i meet with ATM HACKERS WORLDWIDE {}. I told him that i wasn’t ready to send any fee to him but he made it clear to me that will be difficult to get it without the fee but when he gave me reasons, i decided to try him for the last time and he gave me 4 working days to get the blank card. I doubted and believe i ve lost it all, but to my great shock i heard my bell ringing and i went to open the door and behold it was a parcel dispatcher and i look into the parcel when he left there was my blank card enclosed, i did used the card has instructed and today i am a living testimony to this magic blank card. Stay away from scammers and contact email for your real and existing blank card. {} Or call +[protected]

Jan 06, 2016 6:17 am EST

HSBC have found a new trick to screw account holders. If you are an expat with no Emirates I'D card, I don't need one as a retired person coming in and out on tourist visas, but I am a property holder. Now I am told after eight years my account will be closed, not because of money laundering concerns but because I will not take out a premier account giving them 120k dirhams for n9 interest or take out a mortgage with them. I thought this could be termed restrictive practice anywhere else in the world?

Sep 23, 2015 8:43 am EDT

I am currently having an issue with HSBC for over several months, and after numerous phone calls, emails, and personal contacts, it is still not been solved so far. During all this time, the bank's customer service provided irrational, puzzling, and even contradictory explanations concerning my issue. This is clearly indicates the incompetence and lack of training of its stuff, and the complete disinterest from the bank's senior management towards the concerns of its customers. As for the people who are praising this bank here, I believe that they are not really in a position to comment on this, as they will only see the real side of this bank when problems arise.

Jun 11, 2015 3:55 pm EDT
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I have been dealing with HSBC since 2005 and it's the best bank ever, great service and full peace of mind not like other banks who keep calling and bothering you all the time with there silly offers, as well they don't have hidden fees and are very honest .
I believe that most of the people who are commenting negative are persons who doesn't read the term and conditions when getting or applying for any bank product and then start complaining when it's their fault . Also reading some comments I could notice some other banks trying to give bad feedback about HSBC for their benefit but believe me that HSBC is one of the best banks worldwide and many people ( one of them myself ) are very happy dealing with them .keep up HSBC .

Mar 21, 2015 12:55 pm EDT

yes, HSBC in UAE is by far the worst ban I have ever been with (in 5 countries so far). I come rom Oz wheere internet banking (with ANZ) is a pleasure to work with. Here you need to carry a calculator with you and follow by-the-second instructions on the screen to come up with a code in order to do anything .. ie transfer money for instance. The customer service is crap. I am a Premier customer and they advise that "we will get back to you in 3 days". The ice on the cake is when using your visa debit: you get your account debited and sometimes the same amount gets put on hold for a week or so... and nothing you can do about it. You try to explain to them that for instance if your original balance is 50, 000 hrs and you made a series of purchases of 20, 000 drhs, when they debited the account the available balance should be 30, 000 dhs not 10, 000 dhs... so in the end I had to wait for a week for the amount to be released from hold. customer service is crap also. not sure with what bank I should go: i would prefer Chase or ANZ but they dont have offices here. all calls are routed through india, it is AWFUL ! can anyone offer a recommendation... which bank?. I work a lot with internet banking for various transfers, this is truly painful

Mar 21, 2015 12:42 pm EDT

agree, worst bank I've ever been to. came from australia where the internet banking (with ANZ) is a pleasure. Here I need to carry a small calculator with me if I want to make a transaction and follow by-the-second instructions as to how to get a bloody code. Plus customer service one error after another. If you use the HSB debit card you actually get your account debited AND have the money on hold for another week sometimes. I purchased 5, 000 worth of goods, account was immediately debited and had another 5000 on hold for a week until... whatever the explanation was. You need to use in fact a credit card to avoid this .. soooo painful. These guys are 100 years behind Oz, UAE EU. disgraceful customer service. Please tell me what is the alternative? I hear that city and Lloyds are the same. How can this be?

Sep 16, 2014 3:23 pm EDT
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HSBC How Serve Badly Customers! This should be their new campain. Arrogants as never seen before. They treat clients like we should thanks them to accept us as customers. Time will come wehn my firm will make enough money you will beg to get my business and guess what... Lets wait until then and you will remember. I am ready to start a campain in national newspapers I will pay myself and I have an interview in CEO middle east soon guess who i will talk about... Wathc the space

Jun 04, 2014 3:30 am EDT

Their cash deposit machines haven't been working for almost a week now. Maybe more, who knows? All of them, 4 different branches, all over Dubai, not one. Finally, had to take a break from work and visit a teller... In the age of bitcoins, if a bank can't get cash deposit machines working, atleast the ones at the main branches, there's seriously something wrong. Imagine how many people have credit cards with them and need to make payments or cheques that need to be cleared. Total Incompetency on the behalf of management.

Feb 09, 2014 9:34 pm EST

I read some reviewers call HSBC Dubai the worst bank there. It is really not correct, it is the worst bank from every point of view in the world, not just in Dubai. Total arrogance, disrespect, delaying in carrying out orders, high fees, lack of transparency are their agendas. I took my personal and business else where, any where is better, please watch out, when closing accounts they are as bad and as delaying as it gets, I really got concerned about the safety of my funds with them.

Oct 22, 2013 2:00 am EDT
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I have an Advance Current A/c with HSBC Dubai. I have made an Online Transaction od AED 25, 000 from my HSBC A/c to my own A/c in India (Federal Bank Ltd.) After one month, I am still waiting for the money. When I contacted to HSBC Dubai, they informed as they are still waiting for the response from concerned department. I don't know how it will wait.
Finally, I requested to recall my money to HSBC Dubai, suddently they deducted AED 150 from my A/c as the recall charge. But the money is still in the air, not yet credited back to my HSBC A/c. what will do?
Finally, I decided to move legally against HSBC.
Anybody can help me to the procedures for legal movement?
Arjun, Dubai.

May 06, 2013 4:08 am EDT

I agree - they are the worst bank I have ever experienced and I am in the process of transferring my accounts and loan over the NBD. Lloyds were sooo much better before HSBC took them over - which is the only reason I have with them. I don't think they are as bad in other countries - it is just something with the UAE HSBC. The service is terrible, huge lines in the bank, it takes about 10 minutes to talk to an actual person on their phone line, their phone line often cuts out or it is nearly impossible to hear the person on the other end (and this is not the case with any other calls I make from my phone), the staff don't seem to know whats going on, I have had conflicting information from their customer service on my accounts, their charges are higher than other banks. Everytime I go in to the Jumeirah branch I hear people complaining and saying they are leaving the bank and customers talking about their bad experiences with one another. It is really a joke. I am constantly dumbfounded by the mistakes made by this bank and by their incompetence. I never had these issues with Lloyds. They need to increase their staff training or hire better employees or pay them more or something because it is a joke. Most people I know who were automatically transferred from Lloyds to HSBC are leaving because of their incompetence.

Apr 28, 2013 11:56 am EDT

You may wish to send your complaint to Mr Flint the Chairman of HSBC Holdings Plc in London. His e-mail address is:

Kind regards

Michael Mason-Mahon
Mobile: 0044 [protected]
Mobile: 0044 [protected]

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win."

Apr 24, 2013 5:47 am EDT

I initiated a transfer with HSBC, only to cancel it in the 25 minutes that followed.. My mistake, I agree. However, on a total amount of 1, 100 USD tranfer, I only got 997USD back, and this excludes the charges I incurred.

The transfer was from a USD to USD account, and HSBC decided to take 4% on the transaction sold and 4% on the transaction bought, and then a subsequent 3% the other way. This was carried out, even after I had cancelled the transaction (no amount had been debited from my account yet). They apologised and told me they regretted the circumstance, acknowledging their mistake, but letting me know there is nothing they could do about it.

On top of it all, they charged me 150AED for cancellation fee on an order that had not been debited yet!

A real bunch of muppets! Thank you HSBC, you proved the world, again, how unprofessional you are!

Nov 14, 2012 8:28 am EST

Totally agree with you and I am one to add to the statistics of a disgruntled and unsatisfied customer. I will be posting my story soon.

Sep 17, 2011 9:24 am EDT

HSBC bur Dubai has one of the poorest service I have ever seen. The cash deposit machine is highly advertised to save time but today the machine took my cash as well as my ATM card. When reported I was told it will take 3 days to get this fixed in my account
And this info I got only after running from pillar to post holding a cancelled receipt!
For lodging a complaint I had to be in a queue for 2 hours and not a single person knew what they were doing

Jul 03, 2011 8:33 am EDT

I have to agree with the nay sayers HSBC DUBAI is one of the No actually the worst bank I have ever used. The phone service is terrible it is impossible to ask a question without being sent to multiple people with long waits in between and having to give all your identifying details each time - the result typically is after a long wait to be disconnected mysteriously before receiving the answer to your question if you are persistent you may actually reach someone who will tell you to go into a branch and inquire. If you go into a branch they often tell you they don't have the forms needed to make an inquiry or change a service and that you will need to locate those online and mail them somewhere. UGH! Their response to unhelpful phone service is to have a 'premium account personal banker' LAUGH! La dee da I actually have one of those and apparently he's been on vacation for the past year and he doesn't return calls. I agree with the numerous posters above charges are definitely suss I am continually getting charged 100 to 150 dhs with various descriptors on statements that cannot be explained by HSBC representatives. I and a number of my co-workers also using HSBC were surprised to discover that our credit card interest has simply been increased without notice during this time and one co-worker's credit limit was halved because he paid of the credit card each month and left no balance. I was referred to the bank when I arrived in Dubai by my employer about 4 years ago and took out a loan. I made the mistake of topping up the loan last year when it was almost paid off because HSBC was running a 'special' promotion with lower interest of 4.7% however for the last few months the interest has magically increased to 9.9% payments taken out immediately with salary installments but no one can explain why. In addition I was charged double for an ATM withdrawal last month -despite having the receipts showing that only one withdrawal was made and that I received a timed out message when attempting another it took 6 phone calls, downloading an online dispute form sending it in to an 'investigative body' and then waiting another 15 days a total of (23 days) before the money was credited back to my account which by the way was a large amount that overdrew my account and I was charged interest and over-limit fees for - still not cleared . I agree with the latest poster that it may actually be the region though and overall management practices in the banking industry however the sheer amount of inaccuracies in favor of banks suggests that the chaos will continue as the banks are profiting from it. Everyone in the UAE seems to have stories of mistreatment with their banks and long term residents simply shrug and say that bad banking and service is simply a given in the region. When I've asked for referrals people are never confident or satisfied with their own banks and will typically say I'm with so and so but have this issue or that with them. I tend to think that this nonchalant acceptance of being overcharged or accepting unexplained interest charges etc is why all these practices continue. I have to admit I'm guilty as well I continue to allow unclear charges monthly on HSBC statements to continue unexplained and will only go through the painful attempt at requesting refunds or reversals if the amount is large.Basically, if you are working full time it is somewhat impossible to regulate. HSBC will reverse things if I consistently bother them about it but they make it a time consuming painful, stressful and expensive process so as a customer you have to weigh whether the fee or overcharge amount is actually worth the effort to appeal it. If the majority of customers simply allow unexplained interest hikes, unexplained fees and charges and double charges on money transfers the bank makes a substantial profit . By making the application procedure to claim back charges difficult and phone calls unhelpful and branch timings hard to attend customers are literally lulled into accepting unethical practices and bogas charges Last year, I started looking for a new bank visited 3 called at least 2 more and was basically told by all that they would love my business and would have a sales representative call me. A month after making inquiries I grudgingly accepted that the problem was indeed perhaps endemic of the region as none of the 5 new banks had bothered to get back with me on my inquiries regarding their services and transferring my account despite contacting them all once again repeating my request of services available and a desire to move my account. This is odd when as overseas 'new customers' are usually signed up in a day thus I agreed on the 'top up' with HSBC (sigh) seeing no viable alternative. Rakbank was the only one to ever contact me but that took 35 days after my initial inquiries about their services and two days after deciding to take a loan and stick with HSBC. My husband who had been overseas was an HSBC supporter and a year ago said to me that I should stick with them as they were globally recognized however now that he's permanently in Dubai and has a Dubai Islamic account (required by his employer) he's changed his mind now that he is here and has witnessed first hand the service I receive he can't wait till I clear up this loan this year and switch accounts he has had none of the trouble I have and he can't believe there is no authority to appeal these charges . I truly hope he has found a good bank with reasonable services however I admit that after 4 years I am a bit jaded and suspect that he's simply in the honeymoon stage and wouldn't be surprised if he too suddenly as unexplained trumped charges to complain about with his bank in the near future. Regardless, I have another 6 months to observe his services before I am free to transfer from HSBC anyway which I will do because despite the bad service I hear from people about their banks I'm usually able to top their tales with the horrible service HSBC offers and now I know that any last minute great loan offers they might offer to persuade me to stay with them will only increase later unexplained.

Apr 29, 2011 6:07 am EDT

Does anyone have an email address of postal address for complaints regarding HSBC UAE? I am finding it nearly impossible to have anyone listen to what I am actually saying or resolve my issue over the phone.

Apr 28, 2011 5:32 pm EDT

guys you all are hypocrites ...i feel when you want loans from banks you like them when you want to return the same you cry ...if you have and had so much of problems then why waste time go out there are many other banks waiting for you ..

Apr 20, 2011 11:04 am EDT

Hi All; Please I need Legal advice : if the bank has the right to hold my End of service and use it to pay part of my debt with him, although I have submitted all documents and salary certificate of my new Job, and had never stopped paying my nomal monthly payments against loan and Credit card. Thanks .

Mar 13, 2011 8:38 am EDT

Totally agree.
I regrat opening an account with such bank.
I have been in empty circle with this bank trying my best to solve simple problem and all what I got lies and lies.
If any one has the contact details of the headquarter or middle east manager or whoever has higher authority over UAE branches, please email it to me at

Mar 02, 2011 12:22 pm EST

I have these problem with HSBC Bank dealing with credit card payments. For the past 5 years that I been using HSBC card I salute them because its very covenient to use and to pay as well, but this 2011 I have suffered a lot on paying mylate payment. Last January I was been charge for Aed 150 late payment charge due to thier system error in Spinneys Al ghurair ATM Machine then One of thier customer Service advise me to pay day before my due date since my due date falls on every 27 or 28 day of the month to avoid charges. Then I did what they advise me to do so on February 26, 2011 hru Spinnerys ATM machine at 9pm since my due date is on Feb. 27, 2011 and I was shock when I received again a call my HSBC collection center agent on Feb 27 that they did not received my payment so I just told them that I pay it already on the ATM machine in Spinneys Alghurair and they told that it was ok since I pay the amount. But on my surprised I called up thier customer Service on Feb. 28 same that I heard from them my payment did'nt appear on thier system and they advise me to call back after 2 days. The I make a follow up call today and I was been disappointed hearing from their customer service that I was charge for again late payment because my payment appear on Feb. 28 on thier systemonce on the same day @ 2 pm I called up and was been informed to make a follow call since my payment did'nt appear on thier system WHAT A BIG LIER!
They just want to take money from thier client for freee!@! We worked to hard to earn that money but Bank like HSBC are just taking it for FREE! Are they having a consience of taking money from thier poor clients? If we fail to pay for a month they will make our life like a hell! Receiving calls from one side to another forcing you to pay or else they will put you on a court or report you the police.
In which side shall we stand? What kind of policy you bankers have empossing your policy with out informing your customers. Your not helping us but rather dragging your clients until they will end up in jail.

Mar 02, 2011 10:04 am EST

I do agree with all, HSBC Dubai is the worst bank service, and to add more to the mentioned above, their customer service is moved to Egypt and when you call them they told you that their system is down and transfer your call to Egypt, and worst of all you can't hear a single word, the line is too bad, it is like talking behind walls... and the staff are like robots they keep repeating the same sentence.
My credit card has expired since last month and till now nobody called me or send me a new card, and they don't bother themselves assisting you over the phone, I need to take one day off to visit the branch where there is no place to park my car... I don't know how they run their business in such bad way...

Nov 29, 2010 9:42 am EST

I have been banking with HSBC for a very long time, and I try to avoid dealing with the staff in anyway possible ie like using internet banking for all my transactions. HSBC should be left hanging with the rest of Dubai which has earned a reputation for being very poor with customer service/ after sales service. Without getting into depth of the problems that I faced with HSBC (as I can start my own novel of terrors of HSBC), I would like to point out the following
1) HSBC has no control of who is doing what in the bank, in fact the staff will just support each other and tell the customer that they have sent a very strong message to the concerned department. it is one of those lines you are taught in customer service course. If the staff truely believe that what they are doing is right, customers would not be complaining about the bank today.
2) The staff are taught to apologise to the customer. I thought the whole purpose of an apology was to acknowledge that there was a mistake and you would not do it again. Its like a parrot being taught "I am sorry". Everytime HSBC stuffs up, they just say sorry and they stuff up again, and again, and again.
3) There is no point of taking matters up with the senior management, as they are just their for the salary and nothing else. They don't care about the customer, they are there to make sure that their housing is paid, big fat salaries are paid into their pocket, and all perks are taken care of, all thanks to their customers. They behave like a goverment post office take and email and forward it to the respective department. Heck the structure of the banking various so much from country to country that they don't care what is happening in the other country.
4) When a staff is employed anywhere in the world they are monitored for their performance, in Dubai when a staff is employed the customers are monitored for their money, and how much of a worth to the bank.
All in all, we can safely assume that HSBC Dubai service is sick. I am only glad to know that there is world wide web where people can read about the sorrows that customers have to face with dealing with such an organisation.
I quite honestly feel that I would get a much better service from and exchange house than a bank in Dubai.
If you are not happy with the bank I suggest you withdraw your money from the bank, as that is what pays their fat salaries. Dubai is very much a liberal country and you should not feel obligated to keep money in a bank which behaves more like a dictator. remember you always have an option and the ability to say NO more.

Nov 11, 2010 5:02 am EST

HSBC doesn’t want it’s customers to repay loans!

When the masses began defaulting on their loans when the real-estate bubble burst, HSBC like many banks and officials decided they’d pretend all was hunky-dory. What? Cars being left at the airport- no no! That is untrue!

Finally, when enough accounts had defaulted they decided to tell their customers – come in talk to us, we’ll work with you. We’ll give you a temporary break for 3-6 months and when you get back on your feet you can begin repaying. Well, I fell for the scam; only to find out they had really fine fine print attached to it- you had to have a minimum salary of 10, 000 or 20, 000 depending on which employee you spoke to.

Did you not hear the words coming out of my mouth? MADE REDUNDANT. It wasn’t enough that you had been a good customer till then, they just wanted you to be employed- why does my employment determine my eligibility for a re-evaluated payment plan? I’m coming to you- telling you help me out, I don’t want to not pay- but it fell on deaf ears. And so began the downhill trip from not being able to pay the full amount to not being able to pay smaller amounts and eventually circumstances meant being unable to stay in the country.

But this wasn’t before their endless harassing calls- even when a customer agreed to pay they called. It was like there was no interoffice communication, and every representative felt the need to call 4 times during their shift, so you’d end up easily with about 12 calls a day. And when the calls failed, they decided to employ intimidation tactics which they assume will work, because the country does not have a working financial or regulatory system. How much sense does it make when you imprison someone who has a bounced check- if they don’t work, you don’t get money; shouldn’t that be common sense?

Anyhow, so here I was – getting calls from someone who they made sure spoke Arabic, because they thought her name sounds South East Asian – she’ll cave and come running to us and beg for forgiveness. And we’ll be the ruthless creatures we are and run to the courts and file a case.

So the Arabic speaking scarecrow starts to call, he claims he has a brother who is a CID, who will help him prosecute this case quickly. And in between all his threats he finds the time to flirt too, sometimes also plays the good cop routine, and then like every other ignorant fool in UAE inquires about my nationality and age. Well- I guess this time your charms or lack thereof didn’t work. I’m here miles and miles away. Go ahead- file your case. Here is a news flash for you! You can’t file a case on someone who isn’t in the country. What part of that, does your pea-size brain not comprehend?

I didn’t walk away and not try and fulfill my obligations. I sent someone to you to pay the loan on my behalf after I left. In fact, he’s been at your offices everyday of October and now November BEGGING you to take the money. But you insist you don’t want it.

You can either take the settlement amount you’re being offered or you will get ZERO. Do you know what ZERO is? Nothing. Zilch. Squat. Null. Clearly if you were smart you’d accept something over nothing. Or at least I thought. Silly me. I have not known any other bank to reject money or give a customer such a hard time for wanting to pay their debt.

He’s tried to talk to every Tom, Dick and Harry or should I say Taha, Dinesh and Hatem in every department and branch he could think of. He goes to the branch, you tell him to go to Dubai Media City- he goes there, they deny HSBC even has a collections department and you send him back to the branch who then question him about who at DMC told him to come there- it's ridiculous. He’s repeated his attempts to get you to understand that he too will be leaving the country and then there will be no one to pay off this account. And each and every time he’s approached you, you’ve given him the run around, played mind games or pretended you weren’t available to answer your phone or meet. Every new person he’s spoken to takes the account info and says they will surely get back to him and will sort this out. And then vanishes into thin air. It’s almost like you’ve harassed him for wanting to pay. Yesterday, he sat outside the office of Paddy Padmanabhan (Chief Credit Officer) for 2 ½ hours and you didn’t even have the decency in you to tell him that Paddy dear was too busy spending HSBC’s money on ‘lunches’ and would not return for the rest of the day - why is it that incompetency and inconsideration come so easy to the workforce of this nation?

Suraj, Team Leader and Atif Nazir, Collections Coordinator what a disgrace you guys are! Is this how you collect? Your lack of work ethic is mind boggling. How many times have you been asked for a break down of the account and payments? Do you do anything besides sit in your insignificant cubicles everyday sipping on chai and make false promises to deliver? I wonder how’d they feel if they found out that you ACTALLY told a customer who was willing to settle with you that they should not bother paying it if they were leaving the country and you actually even took it a step further and asked them why they wanted to pay and should ‘just leave it’.

Ahmed Ismail, Regional Collections Manager you are your employer’s worst enemy. Clearly, you’re only working for your own earnings not the bank’s. What are you a Regional Collections Manager for if you can’t even make any decisions? Everyday, you turn us away saying you’re still deciding, never giving us a straight answer if you ever do both to answer. And frankly, with the way you’ve been behaving I think you might just be right- why should I bother paying you when you clearly don’t want the money?

And it seems the stupidity doesn’t end with HSBC in Dubai . When attempts were made to contact the UK Collections office, assuming that perhaps their brains might be a tad bigger than Dubai peas, they too started giving us the run-around. They too decided corporate lunches and not answering phones was a better route to take.

So, you know what? I’ve done all I could to try and pay you. In fact, I’ve gone above and beyond and I’m as frustrated with trying as your collection agents are with their jobs. You win- I won’t pay. This is what you wanted after all. Go ahead, do your victory dance, as you fall into loss after loss.

To the rest of you residents struggling to pay your loans, or thinking about defaulting- go ahead. HSBC doesn’t want your money. Run away- they couldn’t care less. And if you really insist on clearing you’re conscious give the money to the flood victims in Pakistan or the earthquake victims in Indonesia- at least they’ll appreciate it.

I took out the loan to pay for wedding expenses. So I guess, thanks HSBC for the all- expense-paid-one-helluva’-lifetime-experience. It’s way better than the measly coffee mug I got for opening an account with Hate Seeing Bleased Customers.

Oct 07, 2010 4:50 am EDT

I have never in my life been treated like I have by HSBC Middle East, there is no customer service there is no interaction between departments I have been ping ponged from one department to another dealing with HSBC Dubai although my branch is in Bahrain, this stemming from a error they created that they would not admit to and would not rectify... advice to all get your debt paid off speak to another financial institution possibly consolidate your debt get your salary transferred to a new bank do not deal with this bank the unseen draconian policies is something out of the dark ages close your accounts they are the worst bank by far... The worlds local bank- is in another galaxy, when you need there help or service. Cancel your accounts and leave thats my advice to all.

Feb 26, 2010 3:39 pm EST

People, I am quite shocked you are still banking with HSBC after all this... You need to go stop doing business with them if you have so many issues and try some other bank rather than cribbing.

I am not sure if you have expierenced service from any other bank in this region. Once you will, i am sure you will change all the comments above. the reason i say this is i have expiernced other banks and i think HSBC is far better compared to most of the banks here. Then again, one should understand mistake happens, am sure it happens in your respective business as well. especially when a bank is dealing with such huge customers. I remember one instance recently with a friend of mine, he did not get one of the doc, went on shouting at the bank ( not hsbc this time ), later when his application was retrieved, he had mentioned his PO box but not the emirate. The reason i say this is, there are times when we do mistakes as well and shout and swear at the bank.

Nevertheless, If you have such issues with HSBC, try another bank ... Look at a bank where they have small number of customers, then hopefully you will not have these issues - the only risk you need to take is, your hard earned money may just disappear..

Sep 05, 2018 9:04 am EDT
Replying to comment of Vajan

Basically you are right. They are a bunch of crooks and get away with whatever they want as there is no complaint mechanism like in countries like Singapore and UK.

Feb 21, 2010 3:12 am EST

I totally agree that HSBC is the worst ###ed up bank in UAE. I always paid my credit card bills on time. I always paid my loan on time. But, this is something they don't like . because if all customers pay on time, then how the ### they will be able to charge late charges !

They blocked my credit card and canceled it. They charged me 100 AED . they told me that my salary does not meet the minimum requirement which is newly set to 20, 000AED. What the ### is that. First, I was not informed about this before . Second, who employee on UAE whose salary is 20, 000 would ever buy on credit !

Not only that, just one month ago. They again deducted another 150AED from my credit account for this ###ed up card. And they charged me another 150 AED late charges. In totall, they made me pay up to 450AED on this virtual internet card whose limit is only 2000AED.

For all UAE employees whose is banking with HSBC. Be carefull with these guys and change your bank immediatly

Feb 20, 2010 2:05 am EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Poor service is the least you could describe this bank. On more serious issue, thieving is better way to describe this bank. Just a note, I have been an HSBC customer worldwide for over 21 years. It is the first time in my life I open a bank account in a new country with another bank.
Left UAE after closing my account, credit cards…. I was surprised that the account was still open after 4 months and I was charged for almost 800AED = 220USD for a credit card transaction! When querying about it, they said it was in the pipeline for 4 months, but what was this mystery transaction, no one knows. After months of wrangling, I paid it off through bank transfer and requested via, IB email, fax, and phone calls to close the account. No one listens and no one closed the account. I was charged every month AED100 for status account which I closed and signed for closure while being in Dubai 9 months ago.
Total spending on this ridiculous issue: AED 3600 in international calls and unknown credit card charges. Am I happy? What do you think?
Called today and raised the third complaint. They responded after hearing my story: “we will TRY to get back to you within three days.” Try!
If I were you, do not open a bank account with HSBC or any UAE related bank. Swiss bank branch in UAE will do. HSBC thinks they would help Dubai economy recover on tricks like the one I am in now! By the way, I have a friend who is also facing the same situation, the only difference is that he does not give a toss and will not pay them a penny. From my end, I came in peace and want to leave this country same way. Will they let me do that? Definitely not.

Nov 22, 2009 2:22 am EST

Me and my company also having very bad experience with HSBC UAE. Do anybody know, is there any powerful & justiciable authority (Centre Bank, Financial Ombudsman or Attorney) to investigate and resolve the disputes and issues. If any one know please forward us.

Jul 15, 2009 10:04 am EDT

Anyone been called by aggressive debt collectors from a UAE bank and feel harassed? Want to tell a journalist your story? If so, email me at

Jul 01, 2009 10:08 am EDT

Shame on HSBC ! Thats my comment. I took a personal loan and the Bank since Dec 2008 is under a stange habit of deducting my EMI twice a month ! What a shame. I would have wasted good 100-125 hours on their phone banking no. I even visited teh branch thrice with a complete assurance that the problem will not recurr again but...

The Bank even refuses to reverse the 2nd debit and at the same time they acknowledge yes the 2nd debit is wrong. How shameful.


Jun 08, 2009 6:22 am EDT

I have only been in Dubai for a short period, but I have experienced nothing but sheer incompetence from HSBC to date. They offer a lot of promise but, in my case, have failed to deliver on every count.

I chose HSBC because they are an international giant, and a recognised brand name. I have been waiting for a credit card for over a month now - having completed the correct form under the supervision of a member of their direct sales team, and promised that my new credit card would be with me within 4-5 working days, it has now been over a month of being forced to chase every single person with whom I have spoken trying to unravel the bureaucratic nightmare that has been unleashed. Forms filled out incorrectly, applications denied, chased, promises made, broken, more chasing, ignored phone calls - this pattern has continued for a month and I am sick of it. I have never experienced such appalling customer service before. Having been PROMISED (again) that my card would be with me on Sunday (yesterday), a phone call today revealed that it has not yet been confirmed and would take 2 more days minimum. If I didn't need this credit card for a trip abroad I would leave HSBC immediately.

I will be leaving them as soon as I return, and I have transfered my salary to another (probably local) bank.

Shame on you HSBC - I hope this post enlightens many more potential customers who are bought by your empty promises.

Apr 29, 2009 7:21 am EDT

I agreee HSBC is the worst bank..I'm waiting for my credit card statement every month but they didn't sending this to me..I don't even know what are those amounts they are charging on my account..hope soon they upgrade their service so that they can accomodate their customer.

Apr 24, 2009 4:30 am EDT

thanks..nice guy! :-)
I agree with u...HSBC ROCKS!


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