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credit card settlement

I have settled this M/C from HSBC under Direct Merchants Bank in April, 2005 when this account was w/West Asset Management & I used a settlement agency. After then, this account went to four or more different collection agencies or collection attorneys. Nelson & Kennard deliberately dropped a court summons w/my ex-landlord from a house where I have not lived in four years. The attorney that I hired had this court case dismissed w/prejudice at the plaintiff attorney's request on March 2009. After this, this account showed up again at Mitchell N Hick's law office in May 2009. I took a look at my credit report in August and I found out that HSBC had sold my account since the settlement

  • Updated by sk707 · Sep 28, 2018

    HSBC was the same company that had the lowest credit card ratings before selling its interests to Capital One. I can see the reasons why.

  • Sk
    sk707 Jan 21, 2011

    Thanks for your advice. I should have done as notified. I had my attorney contact Hick's law office and everything was closed after then. I would have sued HSBC if I had the chance

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scam and cheating

I am currently having a problem with Boyles Distinctive Furniture (of Hickory, NC) and their credit card company HSBC Retail Services (HSBC Bank Nevada, N. A of Los Vegas).

Back in Jan-2007, I place a large furniture order with Boyles. I signed up for their 6 month, 0% plan with the lump-sum due on 16-Jul-2007.

Most of the items were delivered to me with no problems. However, when they delivered my new dining room table it was severely damaged and they took it back with them. Two months went by, they claimed they were trying to fix the table; finally they delivered a new table on 16-Jun-2007 (over 5 months after I had placed my order). I let this delay slide as I was very happy with all the furniture and the price I paid.

I mailed my payment for the lump-sum several days prior to the 16-Jul due date (the remittance address is a P.O. box in California so it would have taken one to two days for my payment to have been received).

On 7-Aug-2007, I received a bill in the mail for $1, 729.50 of "Billed Deferred Finance Charges." I called the credit card company and they said that they did not receive my payment until 20-Jul-2007 and therefore the charges were valid. They also said that "as a courtesy" they would waive 75% of these charges if I paid the balance of $432.38 within 10 days. I told them that my payment was mailed prior to the due date and that it's not fair to charge me any finance charges. I also brought up the problem I had with the dining room table. They said they "are just the credit card company" and that I should call the retailer (by the way, my credit card shows only the retailer's name on it). The date stamped on the back of my canceled check is 20-Jul-2007. I have reviewed my cardholder agreement and there is no mention of having to send payment in earlier than the due date.

So then I called Boyles and spoke to their customer service and accounting departments. They said that the finance charges were not their responsibility and that I had to work that out with their credit card company. When I brought up the problems with the dining room table (for which I had received no consideration) they said "that issue was rectified when you accepted delivery of the dining room table on 16-Jun-2007." The Boyles customer service representative was extremely rude; during most of the telephone conversation she was yelling...I told her: "Do not yell at me, lady" -- her reply was "I'm not hollerin' at ya."

I think it is only fair for the $1, 729.50 of erroneous finance charges to be reversed. Boyle should also give me some consideration for the long delay in delivering the dining room table; 50% of purchase price would be fair.

  • Co
    Consumer Rights Advocate Mar 25, 2011

    Ewww...doesn't this this [censor] Maggie have any thing else to do but post [censor]y comments on this site? I thought this site was established to vent complaints and receive helpful advise from other members.

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  • Co
    Consumer Rights Advocate Apr 01, 2011

    How stupid and hateful can you be, Maggie? Do not attempt to communicate with me again.

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  • Co
    Consumer Rights Advocate May 06, 2011

    any sensible person who reads your posts would agree that you are very troubled. please do us all a favor and find a different venue for your lunatic ranting. perhaps you could try quietly talking to yourself in the mirror. good luck.

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  • Co
    Consumer Rights Advocate May 26, 2011

    wow...isn't she *brilliant*

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marketing calls

Please boycott all cardit cards from HSBC India. They are the most unprofessional lot when it comes to customer privacy I reveoved unnecessary marleting calls from them even after registering for" do not call" as well as getting assurance from their call centre twice that there won't be any further calls from the bank.

Another issue is the lack of ethics and trust they show in their customers, They always promise call backs from seniors but they never call.

See my complaint below. Any emails to their head- Rajneesh Bahl have heeded no responses. I guess they are just sitting on customer issues all the time.

As per Clause "Protection of consumer right" clause of credit card operations:

"The bank / NBFC shall be liable to compensate the complainant for the loss of his time, expenses, financial loss as well as for the harassment and mental anguish suffered by him for the fault of the bank and where the grievance has not been redressed in time."

I hereby seek compensation from HSBC for the loss of my time, telephone expenses, financial loss as well as for the harassment and mental anguish suffered for the fault of the bank and where the grievance has not been redressed in time.

I hereby also seek compenation for the breakage of trust by the bank since many committments were not kept to call me back for resolving my complaint.

Finally, I need a personal verbal and written apology from "HSBC Head of India".

horrible credit card company

Although all payments for 3 1/2 years were on time or early with most of the payments above the minimum, one month my payment was received 1 day late. They bumped my Finance Charges to 19.99% and charged a late fee too.

I've tried to explain this was a one time error and less than 24 hrs late, but they would not reduce the finance charges down from the 19.99% despite my excellent payment record.

These crooks got me once but they won't get me again. I'm paying off the card and shredding it. I'm also sharing with every family member, coworker and friend how HSBC treats customers, especially during these economic challenged times.

HSBC - You are liars, thieves and ruthless ###.

  • Uc
    ucme Apr 08, 2010

    I have the same problem. I had been over paid them and on time. Just because that i missed one month payment due to me mistaking places it somewhere that i couldn't fine it. They send it to collection or the creditor. So now i have one 30 days late on my credit report. But now that i wanted to buy a house and my agent pull down my report, they see that i have one 30 days late. I am losing my chance to own a house. An't that a ###IN ###.

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  • Ad
    Adolfo M Feb 23, 2011

    My ongoing experience with HSBC Retail Services
    I purchased 3 Yamaha motorcylcles:
    The initial balance with HSBC Reatil Services, for two Yamahas, as of August 2007, was $2, 500; now, on 02/23/2011 is $1, 900. The payment due in January was: $422 with a letter stating "Your account is seriously past due...we must demand that you pay your account balance in full."
    The initial balance for the other Yamaha motorcycle was $4, 800, as of August 2008; now, on o1/31/2011 is $4, 600 and the payment due on February 23, 2011 is $260.
    I really want to know what are their limits under the Law? They can charge so much for "Late Charges" and "Interest Charges", but those amounts seem to me an abusive way of doing business.
    HSBC is clearly not acting or looking upon the interest of both, the customer and their credit/loan business. It is time for them to adapt good credit practices, like many other credit card companies.
    It is TIME for the AUTHORITIES to step in and enforce a better approach to business. HSBC is the worse credit company I ever dealt with. Everything started with a late payment (a holiday delayed the payment; and then confusing charges, like the ones stated). Why should we pay for their trickery? The LAW has to get rid of these types of companies or enforce a better approach to business (WHO ELSE?). HSBC is of no help.

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charges without pre-information

Dear Sir,

I have below complaint with HSBC bank, G.K. I Branch New Delhi.
1. I maintain a salary account with Zero balance facility with above bank branch from November 2008. The account was open by them by reference from my employer ATICO OVERSEAS LTD.
2. Till 7th September 2009 they treated above account as salary account with Zero balance facility but on 8th September they debited my account for INR 1103/- as a levy for non-maintained of Average quarterly balance of INR 100000/- per quarter.
3. Due to above effect since balance in my account went below the amount for which one of my cheque was issued- it bounced & they further debited & charged me INR 303.30
4. When I contacted their call centre & Nodal office in Chennai – first they asked to liaise with my HR dept. –which I did but according to him –till date he has not received any communication from HSBC about the removal of our company from the waiver list.
5. I presume that it is duty of HSBC bank to inform us about if there is any change in status of the account. Since November 2008 till August 2009 - every month my account has been credited with salary. So, it was treated as Salary account by HSBC as they did not levy any charges for non-maintained of Average quarterly balance of INR 100000/- per quarter.
6. A letter was sent by HSBC to me on 2nd of September about the charge without mention of change of status of account, however they have charged me for quarter – April- May –June 2009—it is total breach of contract as a customer. I should have been informed on onset of the quarter from which above change was done and not at the end of it as it .

This is arbitral and total mistake of HSBC part & hence, request you to take this issue with HSBC bank and credit INR 1103/-(for charges of non-maintenance of quarterly balance) + INR 303.30 (Cheque returned due to charged above & balance gone below the cheque amount)= Total INR 1406.30

Also, penalty of INR 5000/- must be imposed as non-adherence to banking norms so that it can be a lesson for them in future.

Thanking you
Janak Prasad

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scam charges

Back in July extended by cell Phone through Tracfone for a month through lifeline value plan, come August the charge to my card shows up by which of course I never made any charges to Airtel. Airtelcallhome not Tracfone, Immediately dispute the charge as I had already cancelled it but I had two charges on the bill 1 for $5.30 another $212.00 comes Sept bank and GM credit card Co. reversed the charges. think that was the end of it, no way comes Nov. to my surprise whats on my credit card the charge of $212.00 which they now say I made so I disputed that charge again since then and fighting with them over it and going to consumer protection they called me 12/27 and said that the charge sticks so I'm going to keep up writing reports till something gives. do not get a GM flex card...

real state rare procedures

How much time HSBC take to recover the money of properties when people left to pay their mortgages? More than two years to sell a property of $37, 000.00, is too much time. The HSCB (Panamá) has a property that acquired through seized it to the owner. I knew about this property (#62199) from a friend that lives in the building, so I call the bank to know what to do to acquire it. When I asked for it they told me that it is not on the list of properties, finally they said that it was sold. If the property was seized in march 6, 2007 and legally acquired by the bank in August 2007. After more than two years, ¿Why the bank still pay the quote of maintenance of the building? If the bank sold it, ¿Why still appears HSBC as the owner? I checked it in www.registro-publico.gob.pa If someone bought the apartment, ¿Why didn’t pay it yet? This let me think that someone inside the bank has personal interest on it, but when is going to pay it? It’s suppose the bank must be optimizing the returns on financial assets through prudent practices. As client of the Bank I hope you check the way these operations are doing.

$50 refund

I received my statement from the Brick indicating that I had over paid by $50.00. On the statement it...

access amount charged to credit card

Dear Sir,

Ref to your mail - Reference Number [protected]- dated 27.08.2009 by Abu Tahir - Customer Service Executive
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. I request you to please check my account from last year. I have some problems which have to be resolve from your side.

1) Your service is very poor and no executives have knowledge to handle queries of Customers.

2) As per my bill I have paid Rs. 10000/- in June itself. If my intension was wrong not to pay you money then I would not pay this amount also.

3) At the time of issueing a card your executive told that their wont be any annual fee but in the month of July 2009, you charged Rs. 3000/- to my account. After that i stopped paying the bills. I immediately call custmoer care but they havent responded to my query.

4) Your all executives are hopeless. They literally gives me miss call on my mobile and also different executives call me by which i have to tell this problem to every one. and also the query doesnt solved yet.

5) Because I havent paid the bill you have charged me more interest and late payment fees.

6) I request you to give my case to one of Executive which will solve this issue. As i want pay the reasonable amount and Close my account.

7) I talked to Customer care they told to contact Collection Department. And your Collection Department told to contact Custmer care. My request is to reverse the unwanted amount you have charged and close my account as I’m ready to pay remaing amount.

8) Your Collection Department is threatning me from following numbers.
[protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]

9) I’m filing complaint against them, in consumer forum and police also.

Finally I’m requesting you to settle my accounts and close. Solve my issue as early as possble.


Harshal Ramteke

defrauding auto loan customers

Isn't there a law firm out there where we can file a class action law suit???!!!

Everyone should file a complaint with the state's attorney general's office and the insurance commissioner!!

The complaints i've read so far regarding hsbc auto finance and the liability insurance they charge to their auto loan customers through balboa insurance is very similar to the problem i've been having with hsbc. hsbc is totally inept, and I beleive they are trying to defraud consumers by not crediting off the insurance premiums when an auto loan customer such as myself, has obtained his/her own private auto insurance policy. (I believe that hsbc is hoping that people are naive, give up and will just pay it! balboa insurance won't help you... they will send back to hsbc and hsbc will send you back balboa insurance. it the perfect example of getting the run around!)

I lapsed in my auto insurance from may 2007 through nov 2007. on or about dec. 7, 2007 I purchased and still maintain a comprehensive auto insurance policy through geico.in may 2007, hsbc charged my account $950.00 for auto insurance through balboa insurance co. for a policy effective; april 2007-april 2008. hsbc has a many times acknowedged the existence of my geico policy, and insists that they have credited my account for the months I had aquired my own policy through geico. the credit to my account should entail the months of dec. 2007-april 2008; $400.00 plus interest charged over the past two years.

As mandated by law, I wrote hsbc a formal letter of dispute describing the reason for the dispute, requested a comprehensive reconciliation of my account so I could see where they had "supposedly" credited me for the months I had my own insurance policy, and enclosed a check for the amount I believe I owe on the account. I beleive i've paid this loan in full and i'm waiting for hsbc to send the title to my vehicle.

Hsbc in response sends me a (2) page computer generated, "print screen" reconciliation of my account. one of the line items on reconciliation states; "insurance credit" $0.00. yes.. that's right... the insurance credit on my account said, zero! to this day hsbc insists that somehow there has been a credit applied for the unused balboa policy but they cannot show me where it is!!! last week the manager i've been working with at hsbc said she had gone through my account and swears that I owe the balance, but she can not produce anything to prove to me that the company indeed credited my account!! it's ludicrous! the law states that the burden of proof that a debt is owed is on the creditor. the creditor must prove that debtor owes said balance.

Yesterday, a law firm/collection agencey contacted me yesterday. I told the gentleman I would pay the remaining $400.00 balance on my account if hsbc can prove they credited my account for insurance charged to my account from dec.2007-april 2008. the gentleman was taken back, and said he would contact hsbc.

  • Ke
    keith webb Oct 03, 2009

    Take them to Civil Court and they would have to produce paperwork showing that you actually owe the debt. Do can do this on your own, do not need representation. If, not than you will win, make sure you have your ducks in a row. Also have it removed from your credit report 9 out 10 it's been reported

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  • Ji
    J insurance Mar 18, 2010

    with the insurance, you are billed the total amount of insurance...
    lets say you were billed 1200 for a years insurance. and you got insurance after 4 months. so you were charged 400 for that lapse.

    The way you are billed is not the same for the months you are covered. when you are billed you get charged almost 1-2 months after coverage was placed for defaulting your loan. Then the charges themselves do not equal 400 for what you paid. Henceforth you are still going to be paying the insurance charges until the said 400 is paid for.

    once insurance is verified if there are any remaining balances you would still have to pay.

    If you really wanted some help, ask for your payment history, and check how much of the Balboa insurance you've paid to hsbc, as to how much you were charged...

    Hope this helps

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gm dollars stolen

I held a GM Card issued by HSBC for over 10 years. I never had a late payment. I had accrued over $5, 000 in "GM Dollars". HSBC sent me a letter stating that my credit card was being canceled for the sole reason of "lack of use". I would have 3 months to use my GM Dollars (I could only use a $1500/car purchase) and then they would be forfeited. I didn't need 3.3 new GM cars at the time, so that's what they did: My $5, 000+ GM Dollars vanished. I seems to me I lost $5000 and HSBC gained $5000 and I didn't do (and wasn't even accused of doing) anything wrong. How is this not stealing? I'm certain their lawyers figured out a way to make it legal, but its wrong. Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Te
    Ted R 41 Sep 14, 2009

    My experience very similar. Cardholder since 1992 with $20K credit line, perfect payment record but only $700+ worthless points accumulated and never used. Letter received this weekend stating credit line being cut to $1200, reference Equifax report as reason. Called credit supervisor who admitted letter in error, "Corporate decision to reduce all credit lines across the board." Have perfect credit, 819 FICO, no need for tiny credit lines so cancelled account on the spot, empty apology notwithstanding. Having been in banking/finance over 30 years gave credit supervisor advice to find other work, since handwriting is on the wall for HSBC regarding solvency when they take such actions.

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  • Sa
    Sandy Isenberg Oct 25, 2011

    Cardholder since the card came out. Dropped it almost a year ago. Never had a problem using card. Some months I put close to 10, 000.00 on it. Had 3, 000.00 on it towards a new car-Went to get one and said it was no good. Even got a statement the next month telling me to buy a new car with my earnings. Mailed it back to them, closed account and did not buy the car.

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  • Wm
    W.M. Fla. Jan 15, 2018

    I Just purchased a new car. have had 5, 081.49 credit towards buying it. Dealer only allowed 1, 500. Called Capital one and they said that the 5, 081.49 is not actually U.S. Dollars even though the amount is proceeded with $5.081.49.
    And then said the remaining dollars are worth $300. This issue needs a Class action suite. So let's get everyone on board for this.

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balance transfer - hassles and harassments

The history of my case goes like this.

I requested for a balance transfer from HSBC towards my CITIBANK credit card in the month of November-2008.

The request was raised on Nov-04-2008 (as per the statement) for an amount of 22, 000.00 INR for six months plan.

The same amount was debited (along with the processing fee and the eligible taxes) onto my card.

The check for the mentioned amount was issued in the name of my CITI card as per HSBC updates, but the amount never got credited to my CITI account.

Still, as a faithful customer, I made 2 consecutive payments of 2K each, hoping that amount would be credited to CITI account.

As a result of my sincerity, I was being charged by both, HSBC and CITI, so I made the payment of total outstanding on CITI and I stopped making further payments on HSBC, as the amount in question was never used by me. I made several calls to HSBC reporting the situation, but all in vain. Pissed off with the situation, I stopped ma, king calls, hoping that after some 3 or 6 months, the check would automatically get cancelled, and HSBC will have their money with them. Meanwhile, I kept getting calls from their collections department who kept asking for payment towards the outstanding, on which even a fat interest had accrued. I again took time and pain in explaining the situation to them to which they assured me of appropriate response and resolution.

Now, after almost 9 months of this torture, I'm being tortured even worse by HSBC's recovery department, who (some guy named Tarun) are threatening me of legal actions, in case I fail to pay the sum.
So, in summary, I'm being traumatized to pay a hefty sum of around 17K as the settlement amount, post which, I'll be issued a settlement letter, and will be barred from any further relationship with the bank ever in future.

For me, the total comes almost close to 22K (as I've already paid 4K), which I've never used, and, I'm deemed guilty and punished 'no future relationship' (though it should be reverse instead) without even utilizing a single penny.

I would like to mention that I’m sick of the pathetic and ridiculous services of HSBC's multiple departments (customer care, collections, recovery), and I'm strongly going to publicize the bad treatment that I've been subjected to by HSBC.

I'd request all the people to think atleast a 100 times before getting lured into any of the HSBC's credit card services and products as I myself have had enough tortures and harrassments for all my life times.

terrible customer service

What do you expect from a foreign bank, wow these guys are unbelievable. I am a high net worth individual and I was repeatedly treated like one of the many cheap suits you can see walking around their head office in Vancouver.

Their securities department (stock brokerage) had no clue what they were doing. Their fees are astronomically high and their advisors are less knowledgable than your local mom and pop financial planner. They underperformed the market every single year I was with them and tried to lie about the performance to trick me. They pretend to have a global advantage but really they have absolutely nothing. Its the only thing they can say about themselves because they are inferior to the other big 5 banks in every aspect. Their track record globally is atrocious, look at their mutual funds performance. Yikes! Come to think of it, HSBC Securities canada is just a slapped together motley crew formed by prior failed independant dinky brokerages. They have no proper trade desk or analyst department! Just a couple of washed up advisors praying for the cheesy bankers to send them clients in return for the hockey games and lunches they send them to with your commissions.

I was told rudely that I was flat out wrong about their credit card policies when they charged me an annual fee on a "no annual fee" card. I was left completely unsatisfied and rudely delt with by someone that sounded like they were speaking jibberish with their mouth full of food. The manager talked to me like I was a child and talked down on me in that dreaded fashion that we have all come to recognize as typical old fashioned stuck up banker behavior. I swear they have the worst case of small paycheck syndrome out of all the banks in this country, and that is saying alot since their peer group doesnt have a great reputaion to begin with. The list of complaints goes on and on...

They will never do well in this country because of their stuck up attitude and complete inability to understand north american customer service. They boast about their "global reach" and "international expertise" but really that is absolutely worthless I have an easier time travelling with my TD account than I do with crappy HSBC, the only thing they are doing on a global scale is dissapointing customers and ripping people off. I hope their financial results dont have a global reach because they are completely floundering in Canada and the US and losing themselves a ton of money annually in the process. Keep it up guys, Moores would not be in business without you.

  • Ca
    Carla2913 Sep 15, 2009

    The absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I closed an account in 2007. In 2008 I received a bill for a yearly maintenance fee of $39.00. They claimed I never closed the account, but I did. Because it was only $39.00, I paid it and demanded they close the account. I wrote a letter and sent back my cut up credit card. So then this year, I received a notice that I now owed them over $300. I was being billed yet another $39.00 on a closed account, I had moved and changed jobs so i never received a bill or notice. They had added compounding monthly late payments, account fees & credit protection fees. I could not believe what I was seeing. When I called I got the usual Indian girl who called herself "Amy". I could not understand a word she said and she could not grasp what I was telling her. After 40 mins on the phone with her I demanded to speak with an American in America. She claimed she understood the situation and would take care of it. As a result of this issue my credit rating went down 100 points. This has still not been resolved and I don't know how long it will take to regain my good credit rating. The worst part is... they DO NOT care what they do to people. Very sad. Horrible company to do business with.

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We have 2 vehicles financed thru HSBC Auto. During the winter 2008 we decided to garage the truck to save money. Although the truck was covered under my homeowner's ins., HSBC said we had to pay for their ins. thru Balboa. So we did. On Feb. 22, 2009 the ins. on the car cancelled and I went ONE week without ins. -an oops on my part! I called SafeAuto & got ins. on BOTH the car & the truck. Our policy began Mar. 1, 2009. During that one week of ins. lapse, HSBC/Balboa charged me ins. on the car as well. I had SafeAuto fax Balboa & HSBC both AND I myself have faxed the required ins. info. since Mar. 2009, we have ONLY paid our required truck & car payments. We continue to be charged for insurance and because we refuse to pay for it, have received countless collection phone calls and even a repo letter. We have changed ins. companies to State Farm & they have sent required documentation to both HSBC & Balboa as well. Our agent is frustrated with them as well. I pay our auto payments thru the HSBC Auto website and it shows on my statement page that I have insurance. it lists the companies I have been insured with. HSBC tells me that the issue needs to be resolved with Balboa. BALBOA doesn't work for ME, BALBOA works for HSBC. This has been an ongoing issue since Mar. 2009. Why is it that HSBC says, "Yes, we have received proof that you have proper insurance but you need to clear it up with OUR outside insurance company before we remove any charges to your account. AND in the meantime, we will call you every hour and send you repo notices until you pay the charges Balboa says you owe even tho WE (HSBC) know you don't." ???? Early Aug. 2009 We FINALLY received a "refund" for charges on the account for the car, which was $116. HSBC refuses to send us that money & applied it directly to the principal of the loan. THAT ALONE IS BULL! Since we paid that money when we didn't need to to begin with, that money needs to come back to us to let us decide how we want to spent it, right??? In the meantime, we are still being charged for insurance on the truck. We refuse to pay any money towards the insurance so HSBC is applying our payment toward the insurance & then PARTIAL payment to the monthly payment, resulting in them saying we are PAST DUE with the full amount of our truck payment. HSBC & BALBOA are worthless for each other. They can't seem to work together & get their ducks in a row for THEIR customers.

  • Ji
    J insurance Mar 18, 2010

    if at anytime you remove insurance on your vehicles full coverage without prior notifying hsbc, you can get placed with insurance. homeowners insurance does not include collision, which is one of the requirements of your loan. therefore you get charged for the insurance. But with the insurance, you are billed the total amount of insurance...
    lets say you were billed 1200 for a years insurance. and you got insurance after 4 months. so you were charged 400 for that lapse.

    The way you are billed is not the same for the months you are covered. when you are billed you get charged almost 1-2 months after coverage was placed for defaulting your loan. Then the charges themselves do not equal 400 for what you paid. Henceforth you are still going to be paying the insurance charges until the said 400 is paid for.

    once insurance is verified if there are any remaining balances you would still have to pay.

    If you really wanted some help, ask for your payment history, and check how much of the Balboa insurance you've paid to hsbc, as to how much you were charged...

    Hope this helps

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customer service

HSBC customer service department is in India and we wonder were all the jobs have gone... Belive me you will care when you have to call to work out a payment and you can't understand their accent and after the 3rd call they tell you that you never called in the 1st place and you start all over again. Time to realize that the jobs that Americans want are the stay in the air condition building with ties and sport coats making a decent living not the ones that require you to be in the kitchen washing dishes or in a car wash. Do not use HSBC unless you want more jobs to go to India. If they want our money they will have to invest it in AMERICA...

mentally harassment from hsbc bank

It’s really a mental harassment from hsbc bank…

Let me explain why…

I have a primary credit card (* 8537) with hsbc bank from last one and half year. I was shopping with that primary card any paying the bills as usual. last year april/may (not sure about the month) I got shocked when I open the bill statement received from hsbc bank. I got a bill statement of rs.75000/- from hsbc bank. immediately I called hsbc customer care and informed the same. they said, on your name one more card (add on card) got released to your address. I asked about the courier details, went to the courier office, and got the details from the courier office. but the bank has given wrong address and courier had delivered it to same address (not my address). that stupid fellow (recipient of the card) received the card and purchased what ever he waned and billed around rs.75000/- with in 4 days of time. but the bill statement sent to my address.

But I did not get any call from hsbc bank regarding that add on card. and did not get even sms or a call after billed rs.75000/-.

Finally the bank customer care people (nandini/meena – from chennai branch) told that we will investigate the case and asked me to send one hand written statement about the issue. I did the same and sent a hand written fax to nandini and meena. after few days I got a call from one person (tushar – from bangalore branch) and told me that, “ we are investigating the case and will close this as soon as possible. if you get any bill statement please ignore. if anybody comes for bill collection please inform them tushar is investigating on that so please contact him ”. after few days the collection department came to my home for the bill collection, I told the same as tushar told me. this happened continues 2 months and after that no body has come for the collection. I thought may be case has been closed. but still I am getting the bill statements.

Now, I applied for a personal loan (this is my first loan in my career) they enquired and rejected my application since this amount details has been updated in cibil credit history. you know, in future also I cannot get any loan or related things from any bank regarding this bad credit history.

So, last week I called the hsbc customer care and asked about the status of my case and about the credit history.

They said that card had closed. but still I did not get any letter from hsbc regarding the issue. I had sent a hand written fax last year june (2008), so its one year completed but still no response from hsbc bank.

I called bangalore branch as well as chennai branch customer care department. but they are really help less. they were telling that we don’t have the details about this issue you contact recovery department and they have given some phone numbers ([protected]-bangalore, [protected]-chennai) but nothing is working and no response from hsbc people…

- sreenivas

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    1mike23 Oct 04, 2010

    Please allow me to introduce myself my name is Michael Mason-Mahon and I am a shareholder of HSBC Plc. I am based in London yet I am a very regular visitor to India.

    At HSBC Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2010 I did address my concerns with the Board of Directors concerning what HSBC has been doing and is doing in India to our customers.

    Please allow me to say that I am very sorry the way HSBC has treated yourself.

    I may be able to help you. I can assure you that I will do all that I can to help you. I have been very successful in the people that I have taken up their cases with HSBC.

    I have been able to deal with complaints, and had all charges removed and had their names removed from CIBIL. they are very happy. Even if you have paid them money, I can assure you that what they did to you and this is my personal belief that their actions are illegal.

    So if you would like to contact me, please send me your complaint in full.

    Kind regards


    Mobile: 0044 7834763544
    E-mail: [email protected]

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ugly service

This is a horrible deplorible company... unacceptable.. their people starting from cashiers to manager...

questionable charges

I have been a cardholder of Red Mastercard for 2 to 3 years now. Last purchase using this card was made in August 2008. However, to my disappointment, after only 2 months of not being able to pay the bill, my account was transferred to the legal collection office of HSBC which is based in Davao. 16, 000 php was the amount that I had to pay last Dec. 2008. Other credit card companies are kinder to their clients. Since then, I have been consistently paying my bill with 2000 php or more a month.

Just when I thought my bill would be so small, a call was made by Mercy of Davao last July 28 using the landline #[protected], informing me that I need to pay 4, 500 php to close the account. She made it sound that it is a good offer by HSBC Head Office who lowered it to such amount from 8000 php. I have not seen my bill statements for a year now. But simple calculations would tell us that it cannot be 8000 php, not even 4500 php. HSBC is not even doing me a favor. I expect the amount to be as low as 3000 including the charges, or zero minus the charges.

I told her to send me my bill statement to my new address or fax it. I want to see the charges, and know how computation was done. However, I haven’t received anything from her since then. I have heard of the settlement offered by HSBC to other clients. They were simply asked to pay for the principal amount. I think the company has profited a lot already from the charges that I have been paying. I hope that this time, the charges are waived, and I only have to pay the principal amount if there still is, considering the payments I have made.

is you family safe with hsbc collection department goons around??

This complaint is regarding the HSBC collections department, Basavanagudi, Bangalore(At least, that is what they claim to be!).

I hold a Credit Card with the HSBC bank and I was unable to pay the dues for around 1.5 months as my nature of job involves extensive travelling, mostly to remote schools in the country. The incident happened yesterday while I'm still away at work at a place in Kerala, where there are no HSBC banks around. My job trip would end in 3 weeks and I would be back at Bangalore in the 2nd Week of August '09.

It all started with Mr.SANTOSH KUMAR, claiming to be the Manager of the HSBC Collections Department, Basavanagudi, Bangalore calling me up yesterday afternoon. He stated that "as it is the month end and they have to meet their target, I have no other choice but to make the payment for this month without fail".
As I was helpless, I told him that I would be able to make the payment once I'm back at Bangalore to which he said that I need to make some other alternative to make the payment. However, I could not arrange for any other alternative mode.

When I gave Mr. Santosh an option to send a person to collect the amount at Kerala, he collected the address details of the place where I was staying. And, I assumed that they would send someone. After this conversation, the calls kept coming in constantly from 4 different numbers(2 official numbers & 2 mobile numbers), one after the other till night, each of the other persons trying to persuade me to make the payment as they had changed their mind about sending a person to collect the money.

To my surprise, I received smses from their Mobile number stating " WE HAVE RECEIVED THE CONTACT DETAILS OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS FROM OUR SKIP TEAM. IN CASE YOU DO NOT ARRANGE FOR THE FUNDS, WE WOULD CALL YOUR FAMILY". [Is this Justified? How can a Bank get in touch with your family members? Isn't it against the RBI Directive?]

However, to my surprise, I received calls today from my parents who live in a different city & my spouse currently working in an other city stating they had received calls from people claiming to be associated with HSBC bank and that they were pressurizing them to make the payment on my behalf.

1. How did the Bank get their contact numbers? Their phone numbers are fairly new & the numbers were never mentioned in any of the bank documents? [I strongly sense my service provider leaking my recent call records to the Bank]
2. Can the Banks call the family members when you are still in touch with them?
3. How can the Banks intimidate, harass your family members?

Please suggest what should I do? I never mentioned that I would not make the payment.

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    23Anonynous Sep 23, 2009

    Hi -

    First of all banks cannot send such SMS's, secondly they cannot call your family members and harass and neither can they harass u, if that is the case ask them to do whatever they want, you have that sms as a proof that they have harassed u, file a police complaint and send a copy to the head office of HSBC . And by the way the same thing had happened to me, they finally said that they will setlle an amount, and when i settled it they said they will issue me a settlement letter in a weeks time but no response after that . Again after 3 months they started calling and I again asked for settlement and this time I told them that i want a settlement letter and then only i will give the money and finally got the settlement letter. So the bottom line is DONT HAVE CREDIT CARDS atleast in INDIA, they are all fake and they try to extract money from you using manpower.

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aggressive debt collection

Does anyone have complaints about aggressive debt collectors working for UAE banks?

Is so, tell a journalist at [protected]@thenational.ae

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    allancullen Jul 15, 2009

    aggresive colection agencys are worse than the cia they are imoral and are a disgrace to humanity i have had letters sent to my home as the bank of scotland are overcharging me for overdrafts that where brougth on by bank of scotland they stole my benifit as it went into sauchehal branch i still receve threatning mail from the persons working on behalf of bank of scotland

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    allancullen Nov 15, 2009


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    allancullen Nov 16, 2009

    this morning i receved letter from westscott debt recovery
    demanding 389pounds from me for there overdraft iregularitise bank chargese that over excede the moral obligetion are not legal and the bank of scotland need to get there house in order

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    allancullen Nov 16, 2009

    when were on the subject of imoralaty a person who responded to my complaint re:aliance and lester overcharging he obveusly dosent have anay morals if he sees members of the human race as ###s it shows the mentality of his upbring and he should shut up if he has nothing positive to say

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