Honda of America / I would never wish this mess of a car on anyone

United States

We purchased a Honda odyssey with 60, 000 miles on it for 13, 000 dollars in 2005. It is a 2000 model. We have spent over 3, 000 dollars in problems with the automatic doors. We started having problems with the transmission at 80, 000 miles after they had extended the warranty to 109, 000 miles because of so many problems with it. We were then instructed it was the engine mount and we fixed it. We have now been through this same thing 3 times. After fixing three engine mounts our car finally registered the transmission problem with a check engine light and now they are telling us we need a new transmission. Because it is so labor intensive to actually check the transmission it was easier for them to tell us that it was the engine mount instead of finding out the real cause for a hard shift. Since they have put us off for so long they are now telling us it is out of warranty and they can do nothing for us. We have now paid for this car twice and Honda is not willing to help us out. We were treated very poorly and after an entire month while they were "reviewing" our case they tell us we shouldn't have bought a used Honda. They will not stand by their cars, they will not treat you with respect and they will not listen to your situation. I will never buy a Honda again. We have now had to get a new catalytic converter, a new transmission, 3 engine mounts and 3, 000 dollars in door motor parts. This is not the make or the model for you or anyone!!! I would never wish this mess of a car on anyone!


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