Hondahonda refuse to replace breaks

When I purchased my 2007 Honda CIvic 1.8 EXI 2nd Hand from Honda Northcliff, it was categorically stated that the brakes would be changed to new brakes. I bought the car 19th of August 2009.

Roughly 2 months later, I took the car for a service to Honda Midrand, and they told me the break pads were all worn and needed to be replaced.

Obviously the brakes were not replaced when I purchased the vehicle, as confirmed by Honda Northcliff. I went to Honda Northcliff on Sunday 18th October, and the salesman there said I should come to service at 7 on monday and they would sort it out for me.

I took my car there today at 7, and had to wait till 8 before anyone with authority came. At that stage they took me to work, and then I was phoned, with Collin the manager there saying they cannot replace my breaks because the car has done 12000kms since purchase. The MAIN POINT IS THAT THE BREAKS WERE SUPPOSED TO BE BRAND NEW FROM PURCHASE!!! Brakes do not only last 12000KMS!! 2 Months!!! Eugene, the original dealer who dealt with me no longer works there either

They are sitting with my car and not doing anything, even tough they were meant to change my breaks from purchase!

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