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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved very poor service

i bought new karizma of hero honda and its rear suspensin is not working propely from the day first.. i complaind many time but the are not able to make it proper the donot do proper servicing...

Anand sagar

  • Ab
    abhinav120 Feb 16, 2010

    i purchased HH Karizma UP 31 k 1528 on 10.01 .2006 from Lakhimpur Kheri (UP) from mosaram auto sales, there service centre was very good & my all problems regarding my bikes were solved at exact time & good manner but from last 2 yrs i have shifted to Lucknow (UP), but here at bright motors (sitapur Road at Mausam bagh) they are giving very poor service & don't took intrest in my bike at all & also, don't service my bike at given time when ever i reach to my bike delivery time i don't got my bike, also some times i found my bike in same condition as i left, & i also saw that there workers took my bike to go to have lunch & i personally saw that, today also i left my bike 11:45 pm they said your bike will be ready at 3:50 pm but when i reached i found my bike in same condition, there was only handle bubbling problem only then also they don"t, so i got cancelled my job card & took my bike back to me . so i am totally fed up from this & in future i am not going to buy any produt of Hero Honda product<br />
    <br />
    Abhinav Kumar Singh<br />
    Mob. No. 9889829969, 9956051698, 9389651607 <br />

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  • Pe
    P E Ajmire Jul 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchase pleasure 2 yrs back from Khamgaon Dist Buldana M.S, during 1st & 2nd free servicing evry thing was right and service was good but after that they have not remove/repair the mentioned fault. They told that the noise can not be removed.
    Outside the showroom, local person is ready to remove the problem of noise. It means that they don't want to give me the service.

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  • Su
    suaid4 Jul 30, 2010

    i bought a karizma in 2008 after 1 and a half year the battery got discharged at night when contacted hero honda service they suggested to replace the battery saying that some battery cells are weak thats why battery was down, immedietly i changed the battery but next day the new battery was totally discharged, again i contacted HH service they said that the rectifier of my bike was heavely heating up, when i went to spares section to purchase a new rectifier, they said its out of stock and it will take 20 days to give rectifier if i place an order... i have tried at many showrooms in karimnagar, ramagundam, warangal, hyderabad . the rectifier was not available any where...my bike is just standing at my house due to poor service of hero honda... I say that" why this ****** people sell these bikes without making spare parts...Hero Honda S***s...

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  • Pl
    PLEAS RESPOND THIS Nov 26, 2010

    am, rinto from kerala i bought a krizma zmr from mega motors, aluva, ernakulam, after one month my bike self not working and then am go the showroom the service man told that battery go down and replace it and he tell me aproximate two week, to replace the battery. sir very bad responce from the showroom supervicer. very very bad service so kindly follow this matter. they don't wash my bike the first service fully oily the body and gave the another service center. pleassssssssssss... give him warning the M.D OF THE DEALERSHIP [ MEGA MOTORS, N.H BY PASS, ALWAYE, ERNAKULAM...

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Resolved major problem with my 2009 accord

Ahmed Salim Elremeily
Dubai – U.A.E
Honda Accord 2009
Mobile : [protected]
E-Mail: [protected]@alshayauae.ae

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you to complain about my Honda accord 2009 car and more than two problems I've faced with the car, the service center and the body shop, (Alrashedya branch) – Dubai – U.A.E.
I am putting this issue up on Web after 15 months of unsuccessful attempt to make Honda UAE to listen to me and to fix the problem I am facing. I bought a Honda Accord in month of November 2008 from Honda UAE. I noticed that there is a squeezing sound coming from the Tires
By the way I’ve Paid more than 27500.00 $ for this car
After less than two month using the car I start hearing a squeeze coming from the brake and when I send the car for the 5000 Km service I complain about that sound and the service advisor says that he will check that and he didn't do anything, and he had done the service only and I toke the car cause it is my only car and I don't have alternative car to use and I was suffering from the rented car so I said maybe I will bring the car back later.
After another couple of months I send the car again to the service of 10000 km and I asked to check the brake sound and I've get a promise that they will do it, when I've received the car back they told me that the brakes beads was changed through the service and the problem is solved.
After two days the problem appears again. And the sound is becoming louder.
But this time I returned the car back to them and complained about the sound and they send a technician for the check and to give a feedback and they called me after that saying that there is some parts need to be changed and they will change it on my cost??! When I asked why on my cost this is a new car and the problem is there since a purchased the car they refuses and I accept to change the parts on my cost, and they charged me for that around 200 $, and they said they replaced something inside the wheels or something like this, and the problem is solved .
After no more than two weeks again the problem appears, and squeezing sound is there, the same story happened again when I send the car to the 15000 km, 20000 and the 25000 km services, I get too many promises and no action is taken,
And now I am using the car with this annoying sound and I don’t know where I will reach
Sometimes I am afraid when I use the brake the car will not stop or I will lose control or any dangerous action may happen,
This was my first problem
My second problem happened when Unfortunately I made an accident like a month ago and I send the car for the body shop, the accident was in the right front corner of the car and I make it clear to the advisor that after the accident the steering wheel was not straight and the balance of the car is not correct, and he promise that for sure that problem will be solved when they fix the car
And I received the car and the body was fixed but the steering problem still there and the steering vibrates and shakes when I drive over 100 km/hour speed, the car is sliding and moving to the left when I release the steering wheel.
Really I don’t know why I started to hate my car and was not expecting this kind of problems with a good car like Honda and I was not expected that kind of customer service from Honda
When I renew my insurance I’ve insisted and pay more money to get the service only inside the agency. But really I feel like it was a big mistake
What I require??
I need the problems to be solved, not more than that,
I’ve contacted you and I wish that I can find a solution with you
I will be waiting for your reply

Ahmed Salim

  • Jo
    John Q. Sep 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with you Ahmed.

    I have also bought a Honda Accord 2009, and though I have never been in an accident, till this moment they were not able to fix the vibration problem as well as some other problems with the brakes. At each service interval I explain to them the problem, they promise to fix it, but as usual, no action is taken.

    The thing with HONDA UAE is that you have no other choice but to take the car once the service is done to avoid any extra payments for the relief car. I think the biggest mistake I have done so far was to buy a car from Honda UAE despite all the warnings I have recieved from friends about their after sale services.

    Hope that someone could listen to our complaints and take some action very soon as such issues have been escalating lately!

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Resolved manufacturing defect of alloy wheel

I had bought Hero Honda Hunk on 13th of march 2009 from Patliputra Automobiles, Exhibition Road Patna.Since i am a new user of bike so i didn"t noticed that there is gas welding done almost 6 inches area around the airfilling nozzle of both the wheels.When i noticed the same bike of my friend and compared it, i came to know of the defect.I went to the showroom but they are not ready to agree on the defect for same.

manufacturing defect of alloy wheel
manufacturing defect of alloy wheel
manufacturing defect of alloy wheel
manufacturing defect of alloy wheel

Resolved irresponsible behaviour/ failure to committment

Dear Madam/Sir,



I am to inform you with pain that I booked Honda City ZX with M/S Sugoi Motors (Unit of Ring Road Honda) Najaf Garh Road, Moti Nagar, New delhi with a commitment for the delivery on 18 Jul 2008, being the wedding anniversary day of my son Saket Mangla. But Sugoi Motors failed to deliver the car on that day inspite of my repeated calls to Mr Sheetal Preet singh, The Manager there. He started avoiding my calls, then I had to visit personally to him on 18 Jul 08 and asked him as to why he was avoiding my calls, his reply was that I was not the only customer, he has got so many other customers too.what a polite reply from a show-room manager? On my request to expedite the delivery, his reply was that he would deliver the car only if he gets the SMS from the bank regarding loan approval. When I told him that I wanted the car for this particular occasion why did not he coordinate with the bank well in time, his reply was that bank takes its own time. Then I requested him to take another cheque of Rs Four Lakh from me as a guarantee for the loan, he declined that offer also as if he was adamant not to deliver the car for this occassion. Inspite of my repeated requests, he never bothered to talk to the bank official to check the current status. If Mr Singh was unable to get the things done from the bank, then why did he commit to deliver the car on 18 Jul 08 at the time of booking. So the very purpose of buying this car was defeated by the callous and negative attitude of Mr Sheetal Partap Singh. Next day again I visited the showroom and I found Mr Karan Kapur sitting in Manager's Chair. I narrated my story to him, then he told me that bank's approval has not been recived yet but he would deliver the car without the approval and he deliverd the car on 20 Jul 08. I want only one clarification that when Mr Karan Kapur can deliver the car without bank's approval why Mr sheetal did not show this coutsey when he knew that I want the car very badly for that occassion. Is it not desirable from a manager?

After taking the delivery on 20 Jul 08 at 1500 hrs when we reached our place we found that one of the side mirrors was not moving when we tried to move it with some strength, it came out. We brought this thing to the notice of Mr Singh, his immediate response was that we will have to pay Rs. 2500/- for the mirror. On our request that we are not supposed to pay as it was a manufacturing defect, his reply was that why did we not check each and every thing before taking the delivery. Then I requested him that its not possible to check each and every part of the vehicle before taking the delivery. He said that since we did not check before taking the delivery, we will have to bear the cost mentioned by him. Immediately I rang up their VP Mr Jain, On his intervention Mr Abid from their workshop approached my son and taken out the mirror from the car. Mr Abid and Ms Dimple told my son to bring the car other day and mirror would be refixed without any paymnet. But next day we received a message from Mr Singh that we will have to pay the cost of the mirror. I am failed to understand why contradictory statements are given by differnt officials of the same show room. Its sheer harassement to a customer. Then I again contacted Mr Jain, after that I received a call from Ms Jasbir CRM of M/S Sugoi Motors telling me that the mirror will be replaced free of cost.

Now comes the question of Transparency. There is no transparency in the allotment of Registration Numbers. These numbers are kept secret from the customers. I requested for two numbers i.e. 3033 or 3060 but Mr Singh declined both the numbers with a plea that both the numbers are on hold by other customers. when I asked him to show me the booking of those cusomers for whom these numbers have been kept on hold he declined that too and alloted me 3045. Had their been transparency I would have got the number of my choice.

let us come to the upkeep of the showroom. Air Conditioners of the lobby were not switched on. It was very humid atmosphere inside the lobby. Thay cannot take an excuse that power was not there as power was very much there. Its my suggestion that Honda Car Show rooms should maintain some standards.

At last my submission is that the Manager of this show room Mr Sheetal Preet Singh is insulting the dignity of the chair where he is sitting. This chair not only repreasents M/S Sugoi Motors, it represents Honda Siel Cars too. His irrisponsible behaviour brings disrepute to M/S Honda Siel Cars. Could you pl look into the matter and request this gentleman to behave in a responsible manner. Show room officials should be strict to their commitment. There should not be contradictory statements of different officials of the same show room. They must maintain some decorum.


V K Mangla
Mobile: [protected]
Tele: [protected], [protected]

Resolved ripooff

Carbone Honda of Utica, NY sold me an '09 Fit 10 months ago. Part of the deal was that they would...

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Resolved non availability of spares

I, R M Dhavale staying at Pune have purchased Passion Pro button start on 25/01/2010. On the next day the vehicles Battery, Starter Relay and Fuse Box was stollen. I have visited the authorised service centre for getting new spares, but they have shown there inability to supply the spares as the same are not being produced/despatched from the factory. Since near about 23 days have passed I am keeping the vehicle in garage and not able to use it. If the company is not able to supply spares in time what is the use of selling the vehicles. Therefore iot is requested that the necessary spares may please be sent to M/s Niksia service centre, Pune Maharashtra

Resolved non receipt of two wheeler noc from icici bank

My name is sriilayraj in 2007 I took a vehicle hero honda passion plus, for icici bank loan no: ltcgp0009442677. I completed my vehicle loan on april 2009, yet I never receive any acknowledge from icici bank till now, if I clear all finance amount installment please send me noc or and send me message and mail me &and also icici branch employees never give proper information, that why I mail you hope you people should cooperate with me and do ur best

  • Ki
    KIRAN Dec 06, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a Hero honda Passion plus customer. I bought it from Cheran Auto Trivandrum,Kerala. During my Second free service they are not willing to take it in the time , so I have to come to the shop three times. My time,money,and everything i have loss. Is this the way a reputed company is.

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  • Sh
    shivukumar Feb 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am shivukumar have taken a passion plus, its having problem, regarding mialeage & vechile is shaking so pls cehek the problem.

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  • Dh
    Dhurjati Mandal Apr 04, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am Dhurjati...I am having a Passion Plus of 2009 model..I am not Satisfy with its mileage..its also vibrate a lot ever in 50km/h...Damm Bike!!!

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Resolved engine valve complaint

Hi team,

Complaint vehicle no: th34 h 0344
Vehicle current kilometers:[protected]

This is selvakummar v. P from erode district, tamilnadu state
I want to complaint about the hero honda showroom (msk motors) which is located in erode, tamilnadu.

I was very much interested and my dream bike is to buy splendour plus (silver color). I was making fight with my dad to buy this bike.

I was bought at 9-3-08 and then first six month valve is griped out so it create noise in bike. Every month I show to service they tightened. At last fourth month they this is company problem so we replace place using warranty.

Complaint :
After one month I showed to him again valve noise is arising service man said its regular noise its no problem.

Now I can ride the bike with valve complaint. Now valve noise was raised heavily. Now I showed to service center [protected]). They didn't give any response for me. Then I said using warranty to replace my bike or engine. Then mechanic said manager will approval for do this work. Then I went see the manger but they was in leave. I spend most of my time for service center problems. So this will create lot of problem and lots of problems for me. As soon as please take any action. So again and again I didn't ride the bike with the valve complaint.

Please provide new bike for me or
Please take action to replace new engine.

At some friend ride it and said "herohonda" they can provide damaged vehicle like that to you (selva). So I was very disappointing about hero honda company and that brand name.

Otherwise you need any proof means I will submit to you. Please take replace my bike. This will helpful for my studies.

Selvakumar v. P
+91 [protected]

Resolved 6 mths in showroom, no parts avail

Dear Sir,
My Hero honda Street is in the showroom for last 7 months. The officer from Delhi had been to Lonavla, viewed my vheicle, and said 30 days tiem period. After that I am just phoning or taking rounds and round to the showroom at Lonavla. Which is agian not in the city, it is away from the city, Mr. Raghvendra Roa had told me to deliver the vhecile to the concerned showroom, after that the vheicle is in the showroom, still they cry for parts not arrived from the delhi. Iam amiling mr. Raghvendra Rao, but no response.

If the company feels WE HAVE MONEY AND OTHER POWER TO SUPRESS CUSTOMERS. You are fooling yourself.
Still requeting you to do the need full at the earilest, and oblige.
Waiting for your response.
Thanking you
Parag Shidhaye

Resolved cheating its customers.

Firstly, this is regarding the faulty in the above said vehicle, and after some time and arguments made, the said distributor do not want to bear any responsibility
My purchase of this honda made honda civic lates model 2009, did not reach its quality and perfection, as how it was suppose to be. I did not enjoy my drive ever since I bought it, having engine noise issu and I consulted even the 'service after sales', at the honda service centre, and I continued facing more and much more trouble. And dismantal the new engine parts. (att photo) it is like honda selling its "rejected" cars and cheating its customers.
Don't buy honda if u need quality car and better service

cheating its customers.

Resolved cheating its customers

Firstly, this is regarding the faulty in the above said vehicle, and after some time and arguments made, the said distributor do not want to bear any responsibility than offering me an extended year of warranty and free service,
My purchase of this HONDA made HONDA CIVIC lates model 2009, did not reach its quality and perfection, as how it was suppose to be. I did not enjoy my drive ever since i bought it, having engine noise issu and i consulted even the 'service after sales', at the HONDA SERVICE CENTRE, and i continued facing more and much more trouble. and dismantal the new engine parts . (att photo) It is like HONDA selling its "rejected" cars and cheating its customers.
dont buy honda if u need quality car and better service

cheating its customers

Resolved removal of colour from petrol tank

i had purchase a splendor+ from sahib automobiles sahibabad on 11 oct 2009. at present, the colour from petrol tank has removed. I had mentioned my problem to the manager of sahib automobiles, but they cant not take any action & also didnot give me the complaont no .so plz solved my problem as soon as possible.
mohit tyagi
701 taga sarai hapur U.P
bike no : up 14ax 9499

Resolved navigation system not accurate

The 2010 Honda Accord Navigation System has accurate milage to destination estimates, but the Time-of-Arrival Estimate is off by about 3 hours / every 500 miles.

Resolved non delivery

I had booked honda activa on 12thseptember 2009 by paying rs.1000/-, with the authorized dealer om saihonda at mindspace, malad west, mumbai. The vehicle was booked in the name of sharmin wadia. I was given a commitment of 45 days for delivery of the vehicle. It is almost 4 months and still I have not got a single call from the dealer regarding the vehicle.

I have been constantly following up with the dealer regarding the vehicle and everytime I get a answer saying, you will surely get a call next week.

I want the company to take some strict action against om sai honda for cheating the customer by giving unnecessary commitments and taking money from them.

Needless to say that the customer has faith in honda's brand name and it is very disappointing for a customer towait for scooter for4 mths and still nt getting any positive response. I have lost interest in buying the vehicle and want compensation from the company for unnecessary helsing the customers money and wasting customer's precious time for waiting forthe vehicle.

Awaiting some response. Request you toget in touch with me on [protected]

  • Va
    Vaibhav07 Jan 29, 2010

    Hey. I booked an Activa in the month of August in Rushabh honda, Nashik and I was promised that I would get the delivery of it in 4 months. but 6 months have passed by and still there is no trace of it. Whenever I call them, they find some or the other excuse.

    Vaibhav Khandelwal

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  • Ni
    nirun Jan 31, 2010

    same problem the vehicle wa booked in december 10 december the delevery date was 10 jan the staffs speck rubbish that there is no vehicle is mysore karnataka heritage honda showroom its a cheeting

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  • Pr
    preeti parate Feb 24, 2010

    I have booked honda activa in the month of january in the tajshree showrom nagpur.i have paid rs 1000/-as booking amount.in the market the name of honda is good but with the delay of the activa delivwery there is big problem in the market.the name of honda is spoil day by day.plz try to give deliveries of the vehicle activa as soon as possible.
    i want reply for the delaying of the activa.what is the reason behind that.

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Resolved vehicle quality

Do not buy honda odyssey's. New 2009 honda odyssey with 5000 miles. Dealer has had to upgrade the transmission software twice and replaced the torque converter one to attempt to eliminate a transmission vibration issue. Steering wheel shakes when moved off center and vibrates at highway speeds. Tires rotated, balanced, etc. Both problems still present with no improvement. Honda regional manager this is a design issue and that all odyssey's will exhibit these issues!!! Both sliding doors rattled severely, now they just squeak. Dealer won't touch the vehicle anymore to prevent lemon law from becoming effective. Drive vehicle on smooth roads and you will notice these issues.

Resolved chassis crack

Dear sir

My self anil bhardwaj I am from bahadurgarh. I have purchased a passion pro bike in feb2009. But from last two month bike's chassis has been cracked. T that time I am facing that problem continue. And when I have told whole these detail to your service center i. E (satvik motor) then his wording was that its only because of your fault.

Sir please resolve this problem as early as posible.

Anil bhardwaj

  • Am
    Amar Deshmukh Jan 16, 2010

    My hero honda frequently making misfires. when this happens I hear some sound from silencer. Since this started happening my bike has not been giving good mileage. It's giving just 45 kmpl.previously it used to give 60 kmpl. Even service center guy could not do anything to this. Could you please provide some solution to this problem?

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Resolved engine problems

My 2006 honda civic has a cracked engine block, and through my research I have discovered that this is an ongoing problem with the honda civic. There was an tsb issued in the number of tsb 08-044, which states that honda is aware of the issue of engine blocks cracking in the civic and they are aware of the problem. However honda will not pay to fix my car and I have to come up with $1600 to fix my car. Honda is offering some assistance, however in my opinion if honda is aware that the engine blocks on the civic are cracking then they should be responsible for fixing the car...

Resolved weak supplay-late delivary

The manager,
Honda motorcycle and scooter india pvt ltd,
Gurgaon dst,

Dear sir,
First I want to thank you for providing such a nice scooter bike to india.

But I feel sorry to say you that, if your production capacity is not enough to supplay the vehical even after waiting period of 80 days then, inform your dealer not to take bookings. And do not make wrong commitments to public. They are not giving the bike free so they cant play with the feelings of cosumers. There are several companies to provide service with satisfaction..!

I am writing from the deep of my heart that the dealers of honda activa are not giving the vehicles to the booked customer which they booked, and selling the allotted vehicles for two three thousand more to other customers who do not book and want the vehicle urgently. When we ask they give only commitments and now they became rude.
I think this is not fair to the booked customer who is waiting for two months for the vehicle.

Please take the matter very serious. This is india sir. Here small matters became big issues if they became torchher. Please take it seriously. Thank you sir..!

Name: - kamlesh sanklecha * mob.:-[protected]/[protected]
Book. Date: -25/09/2009 *book. No.:-bo16777
Booked at:- kaizen honda motors, solapur, mh.-india

Resolved 9 weeks and counting on repairs

October 15 2009 I took my Motorcycle to Streit's Motorsports for Transmission repairs. I was told it would be 2 weeks since the motor had to be removed and split to get to the transmission. I did not call them for 3 weeks so as to not rush them. When I called I was told that their Techs did not feel confident to take on this big job. After a few minutes of shock I called them back. I asked why I had not been called before this and told that. The Service manager said he thought the other person had called me and apologize. I appreciate the Techs not taking on a job they feel their training is not up for. I did call Honda Corp in California and unload about being kept out of the loop on my own bike. I was told they were looking for someone with experience to do the repairs. They sent my bike about 100 miles away to Champion Honda. But Champion was moving into a new building so it would be delayed. Then they needed a transmission jack and had to wait for it to come in. Now week" 9" I get a call from Honda Corp. By the way this is the 4Th person to handle my case. He says they have gotten the special tools and the engine and transmission are apart. Then he says the Tech working on the bike is going on vacation so it will be next year before they get it done. Dec 17 made it NINE weeks. My other transportation is a 1995 Hyundai Accent with 144, 209 miles on it. I live out in the country. Honda refuses to give me a loaner bike. My Gold Wing was 2 years old when it went into the shop. It has a 3 years fender to fender warranty. I have full coverage since it is not paid for. But no loaner bike! I feel Honda is building bikes and selling them without the proper amount of service trained Techs to cover warranted and customer required repairs. This is my 2ND Gold Wing and will be my LAST! I went to Motorcycle Mechanics Inst for a year. Harley pays for a Tech from dealerships to come to a training center. That Tech them goes back and trains the other Techs. Sounds like Honda needs to train more Techs. Sounds like I got a Gold Wing with less than 12, 000 miles for sale!

Resolved malfunctioning

I bought a Honda Unicorn bike on Jun 2009. from the very first day the bike showed a very complex problem, when i start the bike it starts only when choke is applied while acclerating the engine stops, In morning times i need to start the vehicle and need to ride for at least 2-3 kms by putting choke. If I am not putting the choke it will show signs of getting stopped and if I apply accelerator also it is taking time to get the power.If I park the vehicle for some 2 hrs and then start again i have to applie choke for 2-3 kms. Because of this problems the handling of the bike is very difficult in signals and is very dangerous while trying to overtake the other vehicles as I can' t predict whether it will provide the acceleration or not. (Bcoz of this problem i met with an major accident on 24th Aug-09 by Gods grace am Alive.) When said about this problems to the honda people first they were telling like this is the problem with carburetor... already they have cleaned the carburetor but the problem still exists. The bike has done some 2500 km and for the half of the time I have to shuttle between the my office and honda workshop because of the bike problems.

Honda people have no answer for this problem.

If anybody know how to fix the problem plz. let me know, help me.
am trying to lodge a complaint with honda, plz tell me with whome should i contact.