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Hero Honda / Bad customer care

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I purchased a bike (CBZ Extreme) on March 15, 2007, but now there is a rust on the swingarm of the bike. When approached service department (Hero Honda) they referred me to the sales department. Now, both of them say nothing can be done about the rust. I can't imagine a 3-1/2-month bike get a rust. Now they are saying they will not get it rectified and asking me to get it rectified by myself. This really pissed me off. I'm planning to take them to the consumer court for this.

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  • Dr
      20th of Sep, 2007
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    I to agree with mr manoj i am also facing the same problem today i am your loyal costumer. I had hero honda splendor bike for last 8 years. I had purchased it from creative motors. They were excellent in their service and customer care. I use to stay in andheri and so it was nearer to me.

    This time i booked super splender from auto link (borivali). These are the problem i faced till today.

    1) When i visited the office for booking only one person was handling the office. He was the sole person doing the job of explaining about the bike, answering the question of the customer. And doing the paper work. So u can know how much justice he was doing with the work.

    2) Mr mahesh booked a bike for me, super splender he promised me to give some accessories along with the bike.

    3) He had my visiting card and told me that soon he will contact me for the delivery of the bike. He also noted the contact details on the booking form.

    4) After about a week when no one called up, i called up to find about the status of the bike. I was told by some one that the number had not yet come ans as soon they get the no. They will contact me.

    5) Two days passed and today morning i contacted the office. Mr sandesh picked up the phone and when i inquired he told me that the bike was ready for delivery since last 2 days and that i did not contact them.

    6) I told him that the autolikn person waere suppose to contact me if the bike was ready. He reacted saying that they didi not have my contact details. I told him that the details were filled up on the booking form and my visiting card was attached to the form so this was a stupid reason to tell that my contact no. Was not there.

    7) Then i asked him if the bike is ready with the accessories that were promised the person told me that mr mahesh knows about it and he is on vacation and so i am not authorized to give the accessories and u will have to pay for it.

    8) I told him to contact mahesh who had done the booking for me and confirm about it, he said that he did not have mr mahesh contact details (is it not strange that the office does no have the contact details of the person who is working with them. There is no coordination in the office regarding promises that were made and the details are not conveyed to the other person who is handling his job).

    9) I told him that i want to speak with the owner and he said that the owner was on vacation and he is the only person handling the office. I asked him to give the contact details of the owner and he straight away denied. Telling me that i should talk to him and he the person handling the office right now.

    10) I asked him if he is going to give the bike with the accessories promised he sad that if i have to take the delivery today then i will have to pay for the accessories or i will have to wait till mahesh if back to work and talk with him (this means that they are trying to do mischief with the customer by promising to give the accessories and at the time of the delivery the person who has promised is on leave)

    11) The office is not handeled in the professionla way and no respect given to the customer. The person is rude in talk and is less bothered to hear the customers point of view.

    I would like u to take strong action against this dealer as i being customer feel that i have been cheated and neglected. My experience with creative was good and satisfying.

    regards dr kamlakar
    M 9869175155

  • An
      21st of Dec, 2007
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    I purchased a bike (CBZ Extreme) on March 11 Feb, 2007, but now there is a rust on the swingarm of the bike. When approached service department (Hero Honda) they referred me to the sales department. Now, both of them say nothing can be done about the rust. I can't imagine a 3-1/2-month bike get a rust. Now they are saying they will not get it rectified and asking me to get it rectified by myself. This really pissed me off.

  • Kr
      31st of Mar, 2008
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    I want to check my bike servicing status. Please give to me contact preson phone number.

  • De
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    Dear Team,

    my name is Dev, working with The Airtel, My own CBZ Xtreme Req no-DL3S BE 8249 (Nov 2007) model i need to complain about a service station in Devine Auto Noida Sector 58 OPP Khora Colony, i had gone to give the bike for routine servicing. when i have send my bike for servicing that was 5th service before that there is no problem with my bike. after 5th routine servicing i have found problem with both soccer's & chain also, after 2 days i got a call from Devine Auto for a feedback about my bike sevcing i communicate the same problem msg to the executive who called me for taking a feedback. then executive says that pls come with your bike at Devine auto, when i visited for problem resolution at service station again but they were not able to rectify the problem as on that time there is some senior person Mr Rakesh/Raj kumar was not there, after waiting 2-3 hours they request me to come again 2mrow or any other day on that day the same person was also not available. i got 3 times the same call from devine auto but never got any resolution regarding my soccer problem in my bike

    after 4-5 days i again visited at Devine auto but after waiting of 1-2 hours, they again requested that pls come 2mrow. in between this time my 6th routine service also come. then i have again give my bike for servicing at same service station. and give the all feedback regarding my complaint before submit my bike for servicing. but
    problem not rectify as per hero honda executive my soccer's problem can not be rectify as one soccer has been physically band in an accident. i communicate him that there is no problem related accident as problem was coming only after 5th servicing before that there is no complaint in my bike but the same sr person was not able to rectify the problem then i also meet with showroom manager he committed my that he will called me up with the solution but now 4 days left but i didn't got any call or any resolution from hero honda executive/manager.

    i want to share one think more in the service register my bike no was also wrong in 5th service the no. was DL3S BE 8743 BUT MY BIKE NUMBER IS DL3S BE- 8249.


    pls help me to rectify my problem as the showroom manager was also not able to help me out.
    i also inform to mr manager that problem was after servcing before that there is no problem with my bike its working very fine.

    pls help me to rectify my soccer's problem in my bike
    Thnx & Rgds
    CSD(Network Operation's)
    Bharti Airtel Ltd.

  • De
      15th of Jul, 2008
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    I purchased a hero honda passion plus from rohan motors bhubaneswar on oct07 but i am sorry to say the service lable you provide is not up to the mark it not expected from a company like hero honda your dealers are leting you down if this goes on people will loose faith in the company .From the day I have purchased the bike i am not at all satisfied with the service provided by rohan motors bhubaneswar which is in orissa sorry to inform you that since my last two free sevicing i am sorry to say that the dealer of yours are very poor in service, today it was height i gave my bike for for 4th service at 10am when i went to the service station they gave me a bill of Rs 20 but where as i have clearly told them to change my engine oil as per my per my knowledge go it is mandatory to change oil after every 2000-2500km if people working does'nt know when to change engine the engine oil it shows the level of your experties, but till patiently i asked obout the engine oil condition and i told them that i have told for the engine oil because its almost 2200km but the guy seating in the counter argued with me that you dont need a oil change but finally when i went to the mechanic he said i have changed the oil, then i was charged Rs 142 more so how can i know my engine oil was really changed or the people over their were hiding their inefficiency and finally when i got the the bike sorry to sy that neither its was properly washed and nor i feth it was seviced and when again i went to the workshop manager he told that u can come tommorow and we will washyour bike free of cost so this is how you dealers are .sorry to say is this the sevice level/fact of a company like hero honda sorry to say the company wont last long.

  • Na
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    i have purched hunk bike from mamama motor on 7 august. from begining there is missing problem but no body is giving any response, i have gone for this problem 8 to 9 times, By faciny this problem i have sold this byke and purched New TVS APACHE RTR 160 C.c, I am satisfied from this vehicle very much also there is no promlem related to vehicle and Service centre.


    Narendre Jain

    Airtel Branch Manager


  • Pa
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    i got servised my hunk in MANGAL MOTERS Motihari East Champaran Bihar. i am member of HHPP. my issue is it was my 5th free service and no points given to me and told me we will not give points to free service. engine oil capacity of hunk is 1200 ml. after adding adding 900 ml they told we don't have loose 300 ml you can get it from out side.
    the way of talking of workship maneger was so rude. when i told them i'll complain against you, they said no one can do any thing from hero honda you can compalin. plz do the needful as soon as possibe

  • An
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    I met with an accident while riding my Passion Plus bike (DL7SAP 4622) on 19/10/2008. I gave my bike to KHANNA AUTOMOBILES, A-8&9, GULAB BAGH, NAWADA, NEW DELHI-110059, PHONE +91-1125335522, +91-1125335533. I have following complaints:

    1. I gave bike for repair on 21/10/08. But even after 10 days, I did not get any status update from the service centre. When I called there then too no information was available.

    2. After waiting for more than 2 weeks for an update from the service centre, I visted them on 8th Nov. There the supervisor, Arun Srivastav told me that the suveyer had already visited and the work was under progress. I asked for the estimate and he plainly told me that I will get all the details when I make the final payments. After much argument he told me that the final bill shall be around 13000 to 14000.
    Why wasn't I intimated when the bike was surveyed? Why was I not told about the estimated expenditure?
    There was a total lack of transparency throughout.

    3. 13-Nov-2008: I wanted to know if my bike was repaired. No one picked the call. I had to again goto the service centre. There the supervisor Mr Srivastav told me that the bike was ready to be taken home. Again, I was amused that why was I not intimated by phone if it was complete. But the worst was yet to come.

    The total bill mentioned was Rs12, 056. I didn't have that much cash available with me. So, I told them that I wished to pay with credit card and the suprevisor flatly said no. According to him only they only accept cash.

    Then I had to return to my place and arrange for the cash. When I reached there again around 12:30 PM with the cash and paid the bills, the bike was finally delivered. The engine of the bike was covered in dust. When I asked them to clean they said that it can be cleaned while servicing. My bike was there for repair so, it can't be cleaned (this was told by Ravi). I opened the oil tank and it the petrol was barely visible. I told them that as per the job card, the tank was full when I gave the bike for repair. A long argument took place. They then poured one litre of petrol and then asked me to leave. I firmly told them that I was not going to leave until my petrol tank was filled as per the measurement shown in the service book. A long argument took place I was offered free service next time which I refused. The supervisor was using foul language all this time to the person (ravi) who had taken the measurement of petrol in the tank. I asked to see the manager and I was told that Mr Arun was the boss here by Ravi. When I again made them clear that I was not taking the bike before petrol was filled as per, they told me that it was lunch time I will have to wait. Again after waiting for another one hour, finally Ravi, went to the petrol station and got my bike filled with petrol equal to the measurement. Now, it was turn of the supervisor, Mr Arun Srivastav - he came up with the logic that since the bikes tank was replaced and there is no way that last one and half litres of petrol can be taken out, so he removed another two litres of petrol from the bike. It was aroun 4:00 pm that I decided not to argue again. At the last moment, I think someone from management took notice of it. He told Srivastav to comply with the rules and as per him I should get petrol as per recorded in the Job book. But, once Srivastav came out of cabin, he didnot offered to return the two litres of petrol that he took out. I was too tired to agian start any argument.

    It was an irritating and humiliating experience for me at the Khanna Automobiles. The supervisor Mr Arun Srivastav had no etiquette of talking. And it was such disgusting to see how the workers and supervisor's were cheating on customers.

  • Yo
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    Hello Friend,
    Waht was your experience about Hero Honda customer care? Because I am also facing several problems regarding my Bikes services.
    My rear suspension has got problem, and they are not doing anything to it. when I leave the bike for servicing they just do something and say the bike is ready, but still I face same problem, I am not getting 100% result out of them.
    Have you taken them to customer court? or what you have done to rectify your problem, please advice.
    my cell no is 9890180088.

  • Ra
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    me 30.06.2007 ko hero honda plus liya but abhi tak mera gari ka no nahi aya . me pupri agency se 30.06.2007 ko runjhun kumari c/o rakesh kumar mishra ke nam se gari liya tha mera email id he muche iske liya karbai karna he

  • Go
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    The Manager
    Customer care

    Sub: Frustration from Hero Honda Servicing

    I m a customer of Hero Honda from last 7th yrs and I am having a HERO HONDA Splendor which is bearing Reg.UANo.UA08A9265
    I am very frustrated with the service of your network at Hridwar all the time my bike serviced at the authorized workshop M/s U.P. Automobiles, unfortunately I was not having the time for servicing and I called at workshop pl. pick my bike and get the service and list of required work in bike had been provided to attended guy, I got my bike after serviced, I was shocked totally 3rd class service has done all lubricated area was lubricated with waste oil (Black oil) Drive chain also lubricated with that I know very well that this type of oil is working as cutting oil, it can be damaged my drive chain and its happened .
    Rear brake shoes not changed while that has to be changed according my demand, servicing bill also not provided at the time of delivery, and extra mark is also appeared on fuel tank color found damaged like peel off, which was not earlier and bike had checked by the guys by picking up from my office. There was oil leaking of engine oil. Which was noticed in Hero Honda office at Dehradun and I got assurance to resolve my complaint. my bike’s handling was very rough someone turned the bike on side stand

    I told at the workshop (U.P. Automobiles) also but office staff has taken my problem casually. I got repaired my bike from another place. My bike has run 500 K.M. after servicing the chain adjusters not tighten, those were found loose and drive chain got slack ness and abnormal noise is coming from chain.

    So, kindly checked my bike thoroughly by Hero Honda Service Engineers and resolve my complaint and replace the fuel tank as soon as possible which paint& lacquer coating has been damaged at the workshop. If company will ignore my complaint, you Know better then me the consumer forum is always open for the consumer.

    With hope for better service will be provided by you. If not then my next letter will be legal Notice

    Thanking you

    Gopeshwar Nath Sharma
    Contact No. 09897626642
    Cc: Hero Honda Office Dehradun, cc: Regional office Delhi, Cc: Head Office Delhi, cc: U.P. Automobiles, Haridwar

  • Ni
      10th of Oct, 2009
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    i had purchase a karizma bike on jan 2009. and 2 week ago my bike got damage due to an acciedent, i had asking for a claim since 1 week and more . but there are no spare parts in the agency. and when i am asking when it will be available, there is no response for the company side .i am very much unsatisfied with the work of the agancey . it is pathatic that spare parts is not avilable in the company itself .

  • Ro
      16th of Oct, 2009
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    I have booked my new vech. Pasisson plus sopke F.B.K. in your Delareship N.K. Kusamgar & Co. in Nagpur Dated on 5/10/09, by amount 1000/- they told me that i will give you the bicke on Dhanteras Festival. When I have the vech. they did not told me that when you will not finanace from Kusamgar finanace we will not give you the bicke. I have finanace from H.D.F.C. Bank. The onwer of the Delarship N.K. Kusumgar & Co. is seing that when you will finanace from my company than i will give the bicke, otherwise you have to cancelled the finanace other bank. The onwer is heressing me and other costumers, in there showroom Mr. Kusumgar is seating in there mainget and seing finanace customers like this. Hero Honda largest manifucturing company of India we can't expect from your Dilarship. We hope you will take some action soon. Thank You.

  • Sa
      8th of Feb, 2010
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    Dear Sir
    My family is hero Honda customer from last 25years and we never face any problem regarding services related to our bike. We are fully satisfied with the service which we get in Sriganganagar Surya Motors but now days from last 3 month I m facing my problems at Jaipur service centre i.e. at Supreme Motors .On the date 3rd November I met with an small accident and my cbz with chassis number 05f41c00372 and engine number 05f41m01446 has some damaged and I get replaced some parts like right step holder etc. After one month of the part replaced there is a crack on the holder and I went to supreme motors for the claim that time they ask me to come other day and assure me that it will be replaced. After few days I went again and they said your claim is accepted and that part will be changed but bring bike in the early morning. But at that day I had to leave for Ganganagar so I ask for the time of one week and they said ok. So today i went again for the change in early morning and they refuse to do so. I felt that the part they have changed is duplicate and brought from the local market. Even I know the shop from where the supreme motors workers bring the parts of the motorcycle. I m requesting you to please get changed the part as soon as possible otherwise I have to visit consumer court. And one more problem I am facing from supreme motor is that I have given my passport for renewal on 7th November 2009 and till now I had not get any query regarding that. I have even talked with the customer executive named Mr. Wasim regarding the passport service and regarding the part I have talked with Mr. Vivek but not satisfied with any of them and has no result till now. At last again I am requesting to have a strict action against supreme motors as there service force Hero Honda customers to switch to local mechanic or to buy another bike. Please send my passport as soon as possible and the right step holder to be get replaced otherwise it will be break while driving and rider or me should met with the accident and all blame will be Hero Honda Companies and they will have to pay for all other loss which will be due to an accident.

    Thanks and Regards!
    Sawish Khurana/Nikhil Khurana

  • Sa
      20th of Feb, 2010
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    dear sir,
    I am talking frm trivandrum kerala . i purchased a karizma zmr white 1 day back(19-02-10).i rode it from the showroom(cheran automobiles kaimanam trivandrum kerala )as soon as i reached my home 5 kilometers away the battry drained to zero .
    self start didnt work.The bike was dead just after 10 minutes from purchasing.the display wont work, horn wont work, the bike completly dead.there was no way for starting the bike.after purchasing a bike for 1 lakh how wcan i afford this .sir i request u either replace my battery or take necessary actions to prove what caused the battery to drain so fast in a 1 day old ZMR
    so please take necessary actions for the above mentioned cause and please help me in this situation
    thanking you,
    yours faithfully
    sanjay govind
    HERO HONDA showroom address

    ph 0471 2494026, 0471 2494027
    FAX 0471 2494218

  • Ut
      23rd of Mar, 2010
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    Respected sir,
    it has inform to u, my bike creat overflow problem for the date of puchase.many time inform subdiller & also many time servicing but problem is still there, two to three time bike kept after servicing, every time attanded but overflow problem is still there. he says that many time service engg not come in nagda till nov-09.
    so plz do need ful regarding problem.

    pls give me exact schedule which time service engg come in nagda, accourding ur schedule, i reshedule my plan to check my bike pls give me exact time & schedule for awablity of u r service engg.
    Date of servicing after purchase
    job order no cupen no
    23/09/08 1463 032610
    28/01/09 2532 032610
    20/05/09 3585 032610
    26/07/09 4082 032610
    28/02/10 2232
    Bike running presently-- 8000km
    Date of purchase: 25/08/08
    model-splender, NXG(BLACK)
    ENG NO-HA12EB89HO3396
    CHA NO- MBLHA12ED89H04446
    PH NO- 2527481

    uttam minda
    Grasim industris Ltd, Nagda
    mob no- 09827506895
    phon no-07366256456

  • Al
      7th of Apr, 2010
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    sir why are you not given that the splendoe Plus Special Edition Spares Especily Red Block

  • Sr
      29th of Jun, 2010
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    I purchased a herohonda eXtreme on 29th March 2010. I am also facing the same problem(rust on the swingarm of the bike).
    Very poor performance.
    I am not moving beyond 50-55, but the mileage of the bike 30-35.
    When I approached to the hero honda service center, they are saying that there is nothing to do.
    I am also planning to put a case in consumer court.
    Can you plz guide me regarding this.

  • Vi
      12th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    The Manager
    Customer care

    Dear Sir,
    I believes in Hero Honda bikes compare to other bikes in the market.
    Just before 1 n 1/2 month before (on 30 th June) my younger brother booked Passion plus bike in Karad. (Maharashtra) The dealer told that time bike will get whithin 15 days.Now its almost 1 n 1/2 month passed away (3 times late)
    Now a days lots of companies are in the Automobile field. So "ON TIME DELIVERY" plays a major roll in the industry area to expand business. I heard many of peoples are suffering by this problems If the company is not serious about their Deliveries then it will harm their business also. I note down below Booking name & My mail I.D. as well as the Name & address of Dealer
    Anticipating favorable response.

    Booking Name- Sharad Pandurang Kadam
    My mail I.D. -

    ANU AGENCIES Karad ANUJA, 382,
    Maharashtra - 415110

  • Pa
      16th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I purchased a Hero Honda Bike - Glamour, chassis no 06165 and engine no 06893, on 11.11.2010 it was having abnormal sound from engine so I handed it over to Spectra Auto Service centre, Turbhe, Navi-Mumbai on 9.12.2010 to attend the problem. 8 days have already passed but there is no response so far from their side. I am finding difficulties without my bike. Even after requesting several times no early solution has been given, Shri Mane the manager has been contacted but there has been no specific outcome, please advice the concerned to give delivery as soon as possible.
    Parimal Chatterjee.

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