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Heb charges.20 cents to make change. I asked for a roll of quarters in exchange for ten $1.00 bills. The cashier was hesistant to inform me that there was a.20 cent charge for any change requests. The interesting thing is... Heb charges tax on the.20 cents change request fee... Therefore it is.22 cents to make change. When I asked them why are they doing that.. The response was "the bank charges heb to get change." after thinking about the answer (the day after)... It dawned on me.. Heb has a credit union!!!


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      Nov 26, 2014

    Heb may have a credit union but that is not their bank. Wells Fargo is. You are being charged because you are trying to use heb like a bank. They are not a bank therefore you are being charged for a service. The bank charges heb for all the coins rolled for them and heb goes through hundreds of rolls a day. If you want a roll of change go to a bank where they will probably charge as well.

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