H & R Blockbloomfield, ct park avenue manager

We made an appointment and was taken aback by the "Manager" that took 2 hours to do pretty much nothing and asked us to come back at a later date because she was too tired to continue processing our return. Throughout those two hours she had to ask her colleague various questions and had to receive assistance to go from screen to screen and asking questions tax preparers should already know.
This was last Friday. Today is Monday. I went back on Saturday she had not started our tax preparation until today. She called me asking questions I answered on Friday. Without finishing our return she tells me we make too much money and probably would not receive any money back. She was laid back and rude. This information and situation is important and she could not have cared less.
I am filing a complaint any and everywhere I can because is the Manager and the protocol is to contact her.
H & R Block charges way too much money for our return to not be filed SEVERAL days later and for a manager to treat my husband and myself as if we are interrupting her nap. She asked the receptionist several times how many appointments did she have the next day and seemed overwhelmed, confused and dated on information she would be abreast of. It was a terrible experience. We are going back to Liberty Tax. H & R Block was our place up until 2010. I see why I waited so long to return.

Feb 09, 2015

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