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Be prepared for 12-24 hour layovers... you read that right. It won't be on your itinerary but you will have it because a bus is always breaking down, running late, whatever which causes you to miss all of you connecting buses and wait a day before the next connecting bus on your route is coming through. Plan to have motel room money ready. I did not, and had to sleep on the floor of the bus station (well tried to but it didn't happen with the constant worry of being robbed as I was traveling alone.) My itinerary said 18 hours trip. Actual was 72.
Customer support at all the stations was poor and very rude. They had zero concern for your well being or safety (they all had a "not my problem, I'm only here for the paycheck" attitude)
When I called to file a complaint and request some sort of accommodation for this trip turning into my worst nightmare, I was informed that inless my layover is minimum of 24 hours (at one time, not total) then they do not offer motel accommodation. (Elderly and those traveling with children... keep that in mind!) You are expected to sleep sitting up in a chair or lay out on the dirty floor surrounded by others like sardines.
I wouldn't even give greyhound 1 star but I had to here. This was my first and last time traveling via bus thanks to this horrendous experience. I truly hope that Greyhound Corporate reads this and takes it seriously. My heart was saddened looking around your bus stations at all the people sleeping on top of each other like a Nazis concentration camp. Sorry to put it harsh... but it was my first thought to comparison.

Aug 07, 2018
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      Aug 19, 2018

    DEALING with Greyhound is like having conversations w/3rd world countries
    On the phone, I called 4 x info. was given wrong info, pricing & locations.

    On the bus, seat sticky and floor had partial food from person sitting there before me.

    A simple trip from Phila to Atlantic City, had to go in person to get my ticket on the phone, not 1 person spoke decent English or understood. I am saying Phila. & man repeats back Wilmington De.

    I was told bus runs every hour coming back to Phila. I went to the station by 2pm, next bus was 5 37pm.
    Had to buy a ticket to come back on NJ Transit

    Now I have a Greyhound ticket for a return I never used & the thought of going back to 10th & Filbert station which had street people, drunks & beggars + Greyhound employees rude & talked to each other. Place a disgrace..obviously Greyhound doesn't care.

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      Aug 19, 2018

    @Char Wilson Wish I knew how to get n employee @ Greyhound who cares

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