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This person below is a, peadophile and most nasty abusive person so far on google he wants animals kids adults.murdered and hes also a, hacker to like so many on google plus hes is nasty troll peice of human ...well you can guess the last word cant you ...just like veth soch from Victoria Australia troll and abusive and threating ...this person worse then mr soch mr veth soch 43 yo drinker and gives abuse threats to you hes a human horse s..t ...police please need to do something about theses people fast its well out of hand kids adults no one is not safe hackers everywhere now privacy to is brocken on google as google watch you every min of the day so much for private google plus and google platform is. Beeaking the law in.every way ..police so dumb and stupied do see why wonder why we got the law easy take it into your own hands you be the law lol or still monkeys to train lol dumb thick cops are bent crocked or corrupted wonder why no one likes the law hates, cops to see why dont do there job right...

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    This post I did by missake needs to be removed asap

  • Updated by Heartless spirit · May 17, 2017

    Veth soch is not to blame on.this issue full stop ..its mr chow And what u put on about Mathew sanborn aka sepia chow the immortal on googleplus police need to get this mr chow and others who set people up hack into.there ACCOUNTS and steal bank information and pictures etc this person mr chow needs to be behind barrs where [censor] like him belong mr chow and others like him need be caught asap hes a sexual predator and very abusive and hateful to other people..

  • Updated by Heartless spirit · May 18, 2017

    Veth soch had his account hacked like others ok gis account like mine long time back was hacked and abused photos stollen and abuse by hacker as well posts on google plus about veth soch I got wrong ok rest well police know about rest and hackers to so if you on.googleplus you will more likely get hacked to so.many others have and threats of death by hackers them selfs ...

May 17, 2017

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