Google / personal information is not personal

Theodore, AL, United States
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Google, white pages and other social media is not so private snd that's a grave concern to me like it should be for you and your family! I find that if you wanna know where a person stays, work, eat or live all you have to do is input their information into the system and to me that's not fair and I request that my name as well as all information that pertains to me Melinda Bendolph be remove from all site's especially google and white pages for the safe and fear of me, I have deleted my Facebook account as well as the google account and need your help to delete me from any website! with that begin said it would be reasonable if I was allowed to delete it on my own without having to pay for my personal information! I look forward to a quick response and that my name be removed from any unwanted sites that's online free of charge as well as respect and the privacy to myself as well as unwanted people I have no association to!

Dec 30, 2014

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