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Hi Support,

Yesterday I called 084 1234 at 16:03 to add 3GB of data to my account, I spent in total 58min on the phone and guess what, My 3GB was still not loaded.

This is appalling, I dealt with Glocell a year ago when my phone was stolen and there was an issue with blacklisting my phone which took 5 weeks, just to blacklist my phone, 5 weeks, let that sink in.
While that is sinking in, yesterday every time I called someone would answer and then put me on hold and just leave the call there on hold or my call would get answered and that it would be muted for the remainder of the call.

Eventually I spoke to Nokhuthula who said there is a problem with the system and she will load my 3GB shortly. Guess what? It’s almost 20hours later and still no 3GB of data loaded.

How are these call centre agents measured, I mean surely the PABX detects who is abusing the system, No pride is taken in any of the work done by Glocell and it seems as though management has a don’t care attitude which is worse than the agents, it is truly pathetic, Calls being dropped, systems not working, incompetent employees.

If Glocell was wondering why most customers are so irate when their calls finally get answered (if at all) it is because it takes an hour to get through to support (after 10 Calls) with the IVR repeating the same thing over and over and over telling the caller about the email option and the website and when you eventually get through, the Service is not poor it is non-existent.

I spent a good number of years in the call centre industry and I know the ins and outs but this is surely the most pathetic inefficient service I have received from any Service Provider ever.

I have attached my call times for yesterday and surely somebody should be held accountable, if not there is no way Glocell will grow neither will the individuals which are meant to give customer service, if you are not able to take a simple call and assist a customer with a simple query how will u grow in any other industry. I understand Call Centre is frustrating but if it’s done properly and customers are kept happy then the employees will be happy as a result.

The management is poor at Glocell its actually sad.

Please see my details below and I expect a call from somebody with authority immediately

Zunaid Paulse


Feb 02, 2017

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