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As of today 9/19/2017, I feel very uncomfortable about service I had on my 2012 Chevy Cruze, the service was done at Webb Chevy located in Oaklawn Illinois. I took my vehicle into their service shop on Monday morning, but I didn't have it serviced that day, because they were swamped due to the strike, so I made an appointment for Saturday 9/16 at 9:30, meanwhile I explained to them that it was my battery, which they put in my vehicle around the summer of "2015" it came with a 30 month warranty. The service man asked if I was sure that it was the battery and I explained to him that I was having the same problems that lead to the battery replacement in "2015". I called Webb Chevy before Saturday and a service man told me my battery was changed in May of 2015, which left me with 4 months of warranty. Well on Friday 9/15 my battery began leaking acid and smelling terrible, and on Saturday 9/16 my appointment date I called onstar for tow service, and when the tow truck arrived I insisted on a jump, because I only had 8 minutes til my appointment, I made to my appointment and the service guy at the desk kept denying that I had my battery serviced in May of 2015, he asked me if I still had the receipt, I grew angry and told him that I was sure that it was serviced then and that I was told over the phone by someone in their department, he then have me papers to sign and told me they'd phone me when everything was figured out. I left and went to get ready for work, on my way to work about an hour later Webb Chevy called and said my vehicle was ready, and they changed my battery. However I'm very uncomfortable, because they didn't give me any paperwork and the manager in the service department claims that they couldn't give me paperwork, because they have to put the old corroded battery on a tester first, it sounds like nonsense, ando I'm very uncomfortable about the whole thing, plus the battery in my car now is totally different from the lady two, both the original and the one they replaced it with. Inot conclusion my discomfort lead me to writing a complaint, in hopes for accurate paperwork, because it's rare to have your vehicle serviced and receive no paperwork.

Sep 16, 2017

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