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unethical sales practices

As one of the millions of hurting Americans who are either unemployed or receiving minimum pay, I feel it i...

outsourced customer issues

I took my Checy Trailblazer in for a repair, when done I found out I paid List price for the part. A part available at GM parts was $224.00 The deleare charged me almost $450.00!.
When I tried to go thru customers relations, I had a person from anpother country telling me tough luck, they do not have to do anything, They would not tell me if the dealership even charged within GM corporation guidlines?
I was then told that she is the final person, no other will help me. And although no one would claim they over charged me, they offered me a 25% discount on a repair I needed. Yes it was and idiler pully they wanted just under $200.00 to fix. I would save 25%!!! So I did what any real american would do.. went to the part store and for $19.99 purchased the part and put it on myself.. 15 minutes!

Bottom line is, no reason to ever be loyal to GM.. We bailed them out, and they outsource customer relations! The have no regard, have no backbone and let dealerships do whatever they want! after 2 generations of GM and my third new one, it will be my last! Thank you GM for showing me you are anything but an american company!

water links in spare tire well

We purchased a 2007 Chevy Equinox SUV on March 1, 2010 from Carmax. Around the end of May, 2010 we started noticing a odor in the vehicle. We tried airing the vehicle out on very hot days. This did not help. We then realized the smell was coming from the rear. I took the vehicle to Rizza Chevrolet in Broadview, IL on June 21, 2010. They found standing water in the spare tire well of the vehicle. Apparently, when the vehicle was being driven. The water would travel through the floor of the vehicle and soaked through the padding beneath the carpet of the SUV. Rizza stated that the water was coming in through the seams in the spare tire well of the vehicle. This is a manufacturing problem. I was told the spare tire was covered in mildew. I called Chevy Headquarters on June 22, 2010 @ 12:15pm CST, [protected]. I explained the situation to a gentlemen named Pat. I was given a Service Registration #71-[protected] and informed that they would contact Rizza Chevrolet and assign this to a District Specialist. On June 23, 2010, Pat from Chevy Headquarters in Kentucky [protected] called and mentioned that Robert Mendoza @ Rizza Chevrolet was playing phone tag. He stated that the District Manager would be contacting Rizza and myself tomorrow. There has been numerous telephone calls from June 21st to June 29, 2010 regarding this issue. I was finally informed on June 29, 2010 @ 5:17pm CST by a Stephen from Chevy Headquarters [protected] ext. 11029. GMC can't do anything. They only cover the vehicle for 3 years or 36, 000 miles which ever comes first. This is there final decision. They don't know if the previous owner was involved in a accident or if the windows had been broken or not. They will not cover this. I told Stephen that the mechanic at Rizza Chevrolet stated that the vehicle had not been in a accident. Rizza had removed everything in the rear of the vehicle. I mentioned that the Operations Manager from CarMax had looked the vehicle over at Rizza Chevrolet and agreed with the mechanic. This should be paid by Chevy. This is a manufacturing issue. How can CarMax be held accountable for this issue? Neither one of us built this vehicle.

I am very disappointed in gm

I own a 2006 Chevy Equinox Lt. It has now started to give me problems because I can start it and shut it off and it doesn't want to start and it starts hard. I took it to the garage and they put it on the machine and the part inside the fuel pump is not letting gas stay and then it doesn't want to start. Now they have told me that it will cost me between $600 and $900 hundred dollars just for the fuel pump and then another $500 to $900 hundred dollars to install because a number of parts have to be removed to get to it. Now I want to know why this is so expensive to replace. I really like this suv and I'm really thinking about another one, but if parts for this is going to be that expensive I will have to rethink this. I do my oil changes and all other maintance that is done regularly. So I am very disappointed in GM. This is crazy so please help me.

poor service

I've been working on cars since 1964 and I have to depend on the parts people to get me the GM parts I...

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gm won't honor a warranty for a chevy aveo I own

GM won't honor a warranty for a chevy aveo i own. The timing belt broke, and they told me it was a...

buying this car was the worst mistake I have ever made

On Oct 19, 2009 I bought a new Silverado 1500. Worst mistake I ever made. On 10/30/09 I had to take it back to the dealer for sqeealing belts and brakes. They couldn't find anything. On 1/12/2010 I took it in for dashboard and lights dimming while driving. Couldn't find anything again but told me it was the alternator charging up. 2/8/10 took it in for the "bowtie" emblem peeling. They replaced it. 4/7/10 took in again for "bowtie" peeling again. Replaced again. 4/20/10 right rear shock went out while hauling nothing. Replaced the shock. 4/26/10 engine light came on. Took to dealer and they found it was the "fuel tank pressure sensor". They replaced it. 4/27/10 took to Chevy body shop to get the "orange peel" finish rubbed out. They had the vehicle 26 hours and did NOT give me a loaner. Left buffer swirl marks all over the tailgate. Took back 5/5/10 to have it buffed out again. Took back to the dealer twice for the On Star reading wrong. On Star would say my left front tire was low when the right front was completely flat. On 2/8/10 I had the tires filled with Nitrogen. 36 lbs pressure to be exact. A few days later the On Star read that one tire had 36 lbs, one had 37, one had 38, and one had 39. Took to dealer, they checked with their guage and they all read 36 lbs of pressure. I talked to Janice (my district rep) 6 times. Every time she told me that there had to be something GM could do to compensate me for the problems. All 6 times, she called me back the next day and said ' I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do". GM can't sell a quality vehicle or back the ones they do sell.

  • Os
    oscar m Jan 14, 2013

    my 2007 its worst usin a quart of oil between oil changes or in less ten 3000 miles oil light comes up with less then 53000 miles
    good luck to enyone that has a 5.3 vortec with active fuel managment

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auto repairs and warranty

In 2008 I bought a 2007 Chevy Aveo with 1700 miles on it. At 62000 miles, the timing belt broke. The dealer told me that the belt is a maintenance item that should have been replaced at 60000 miles, so I would have to pay it myself. I spoke to GM, who told me the same thing. I filed a complaint with BBB, which got a response from Yvonne of GM, who told me the same thing, except she added that had I been a considered a loyal GM customer, they would have probably honored it. the car is worth $3000, I owe $5000, and the repairs cost $2500. I am now without a car, can't afford to fix it, but still making payments and paying insurance. I told GM that, and they just repeated what they had told me before...they don't care and as long as they have their money, they have no further use for me, and have no desire to help me.

  • No
    notdeadyett Jan 13, 2011

    I am so sorry you had the unfortunate experience of having anything to do with GM.

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promise of free nav updates for first three years

I purchased a 2010 Chev Traverse this year in my deal I was promised 3 free years of Nav system updates. I contacted GM and they told me they were sorry but had discontinued these free updates. They want $199 for an updated Nav disc. How can you promise someone this and decide you are just going to discontinue this program. This cannot be legal. Is there anyone else with this problem a class action suit needs to be started GM needs to honor their promise to all the people who purchase a chev car with a nav system and promised these free updates for three years. Lets get organized and get our promised updates.

  • An
    answeringyourquestions Oct 13, 2010

    Who told you that you were going to have free upgrades? Was that in your contract? If its in your contract then you can talk legal, if not then sorry bub

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wheel hubs

My 2006 Pontiac Torrent was brought in at the end of October 2009 to have wheel hubs changed at 36000 km on the vehicle. We only had one month remaining on the full warranty. They told us that the wheel hubs had 100 000km warranty on them, but what they failed to tell us was that they are only warrantied if vehicle still has full warranty. The wheel hubs failed after less then 5000km.The technician at are local GM dealer said that they where diffective. After two weeks of fighting with GM they still will not take responsiblity for deffetive parts. My wife and I have been GM customers for all of our adult life(7 GM vehicles) and we were in the process of trading in are Torrent for another GM vehicle, but not anymore, we are no longer going to purchase any GM vehicles and going to try and convince anybody else to do the same.

paint coming off

I have a 2003 Express van with 97, 000 miles, the paint is coming off on the top of vehicle, the GM body shop told me it is a manufatures defect, GM will not do anything about it, they said it is the weather in your area, this paint on the sides is perfect condition, The place where i live is Arizona so we do not have any problem with weater, My freind has a 1994 chevy and the paint still looks like new. I f you have a GM product that the paint is coming off, please report it before they go broke again, now would you buy another GM product ?

  • An
    answeringyourquestions Oct 13, 2010

    Youre out of warranty?? Tough :)

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  • Ze
    Zestar Corporation Aug 15, 2011

    Ask for the durability data. Consumers have been winning repaints on new and pre-owned vehicles across the country. Recent small claims court victories inlcude $4500 in Massachusetts and $5500 in California.

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opel astra peeling headlights

I own an Opel Astra and from the time the vehicle was 2 years old the coating on the headlights has begun peeling off. The vehicle was in for its 3 year service and I was told that the headlight covers will not be replaced under warranty as it is considered as bodywork.

The dealer has noted that this is a problem with the Astra model, that multiple complaints have been received about this issue and has even shown me another vehicle with the same problem.

After complaining to their Customer Care Department I was instructed to take the vehicle back to Thorp Plumstead. There the Service Manager took some photos of the problem and submitted them to GMSA. The official response from GMSA is that the parts will not be replaced as they have been buffed and due to the use of solvents in polish.


If you are thinking of buying a vehicle from GMSA rather save yourself problems down the line and choose something else. The funny thing is that I was going to buy their top of the line Astra and give this car to my partner. Now I’ll rather spend my money on an Audi or VW.

The official bulleting reads as follows:


The purpose of this Bulletin is to remind all Dealership personnel that solvents must not be used to clean surfaces of plastic components.

The investigation of plastic components with signs of cracking, crazing or deterioration of the surface areas has shown the cause to be the application of solvents such as petrol. The use of substances, such as petrol, induces stresses in the surface of the plastic material and may lead to damage of the part being cleaned.

The photograph below shows the result of cleaning a headlamp lens with petrol. Localised damage has been promoted in the area of the headlamp beam due to the headlamp having been on, whilst the solvent was applied.

Although this example demonstrates the result of worst possible conditions with the light on while the solvent was applied, a similar effect can be caused by the application of any other solvent.

The cleaning of any plastic surface should be carried out using only water and detergent.

Under no circumstances should solvents be applied to a plastic surface. Damage resulting from contamination by solvent is not covered by warranty.

  • Yl
    ylekhram Jan 29, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good day, could anyone please assist or guide me on the fflg matter:

    I have been frauded by one of your employees from the GM city deep branch and im trying to get hold of him from last year may, he uses your company name as a reference to service vehicles outside of work, however i only have his name as thiruvasan chetty, i have made numerous calls to GM city deep, they have told me they cannot give the phone to him as i needed to speak to him urgently regarding his address whereby i could send him a lawyers letter due to the fact that a summon cannot be delivered to a work place, I also had spoken to his manager: Tony who have promised that if I do not send the police to his branch he would get thiruvasan to return the car and the cash, so I have at that time asked the detective that was in charge to hold back, however after a while tony said no I should arrest thiruvasan, this point of time it was to late and the detective was not interested in helping me any further, please could you give me some kind of assistance as he does not answer my calls and i do not have any sort of transport to go to him, he had taken my car last year may for a service i had paid him R5000 cash and after that he had disappeared, i have found my car very badly damaged and no service or any sort of repairs done, in a farm area in november in kempton park, i send this email to you out of desperation as i do not have any cash to solve this matter legally, as the police could not assist and said it was a civil matter, i have just recently moved up to johannesburg from durban and do not know much people around here that could assist me, i am looking forward to your assistance,

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2008 pontiac grand prix gxp

Went to dealer this morning for oil change. Was advised I needed rear brakes, pads were down to rotors and rotor was rusted. Refused to have them do the work in that the hit me with a $420.00 brake bill 4 months ago, just for front pads and resurfaced rotors at 14, 000 miles. Went to Vespia and told them I needed rear brakes. After they pulled the wheels, they came back and asked why I was there, the brakes still have over 50% left and the rotors are fine. They also said the wheels had not been removed in that they needed a hammer to break the wheels free from the hubs. Went back to Salerno Pontiac to complain and they could care less. Admitted they did not pull the wheels, but looked through the rim. Stated they didn't say what they did and tried to cover themselves. Service manager just sat there lied through her teeth and giggled and laughed. Now I'm starting to think I didn't need the front brakes they sold me 4 months ago. Never again will I use this dealer for ANYTHING!

no spare parts available

I've been trying for 3 months now to get a Left front shock absorber for my 2006 Chevy spark. No one in Pretoria keeps stock of this part, and the GM Dealers expect me to pay for this part before they will order it !
After receiving the wrong part on two occasions, I am reluctant to part with my money for a part wich I havent even seen yet.
How can GM South Africa sell a car without having common spares availble, and then expect their clients to fund them for a part they should have had in stock in the first place ?
All I expect, is that they should order the part, call me when they do have it in stock, and I will go in to their store and buy the part if it is correct, is that so unreasonable ?

  • Ma
    Martin Basson Jan 28, 2010

    I agree that the after sale service at GM is absolutely pathetic. My girlfriend bought a Corsa light three years ago in Boksburg, brand new and only travels to work and home. With only 36000km on the clock, the warranty has expired and we now have continuos probles with vehicle. GM refuses to show us the proof of all the service history inspections and what was done on the vehicle. Another GM dealer did a diagnostic test and told us that the Boksburg GM dealer never changed the feul filter nore the air filter which we now belief is the result of the damages to our Corsa lite. I approached the service manager at the GM dealership in Boksburg to abtain the service history documentation and proof what had been done on the vehicle. To my surprise i was told that i can not see the jobcards and inspection sheets and was asked to leave the GM premisses.
    I am now dealing with GM South Africa and told that a GM representitave would have called me back on the day of my complaint. A day later and still no call. Taking the legal route now and involving the media and the Consumer board is the only way to go.
    Dealerships like this should be exposed.

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maintenance plan

I bought a Izuzu KB200 at General Motors Benoni in 2007 with Dealer Maint of R8129.34 and Shortfall Cover of R2805.48. Shorty after words they closed down and were liquidated between two branches of which they say my file is with the accountant and can't access it. I have reported this with General motors Isando, the finance lady at general motors honeydew that said she will get this resolved and with general motors SA and no one seems to respond. I still have the original invoice for my vehicle if they do not recognized the service they sold me I would like my money back with interest.

2008 chevy trail blazer

I purchased a 2008 Trail Blazer 3 months after I purchased the Chevy service Eng. Light came on and the Trail Bazer starting running ruff. Took in to have checked. They say its fixed but the next day it came on again. After taking the car it several time they said the computer was bad. They ordered the computer in April the part shows upm in August after complaining about the wait, guess what The next day the light came back on. I have took this car 13 times to 3 different Dealers For the same problem and parts falling of the car. (door panels, Seat controler, scrubing under driver side, and body trim. It is almost Decmber and General Motors Has done nothing but cost me Time adn money. I WILL NEVER OWN A GM PRODUCT AGAIN!

Oh by the way 3 Chevy Dealers in my area have shut down Who is the Dumb A holes That Bailed this Sorry Company Out Whith My Tax Dollarss Thank U one Pissed of custmer Todd

  • Na
    nani5 Feb 16, 2010


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  • Ch
    chryslerrules Jul 31, 2010

    In 2005 I bought a 05 Trailblazer and a 05 Rendezvous. They were both horrible LEMONS. The Trail Blazer engine light was ALWAYS on which I had the problem a couple cars back on a 97 Blazer. First snow storm in pa the 4x4 in the Trailblazer went out at least the Rendezvous got us around in the winter months without complaint UNTIL I was on my way home from work going up a steep hill when it was snow covered and the front wheels let loose and instead of the power going to the back wheels like it should I get a ding ding ding AWD DISABLE WARNING. It had 2 faulty wheel bearings that needed replaced. The trailblazer had 3 fuel pumps in one year. GM customer care was RUDE and UNCARING the only thing they offered was a discount on a new GM vehicle. No thanks. The Rendezvous had a total of 32 problems in one year and the Trailblazer had about 30 problems but unlike the Rendezvous that had a decent a/c the trailblazer needed 2 condensors. I travel alot and my cars get a 30, 000 miles a year put on them and GM acted like the only reason I had problems was that I drove to much. Are you serious? Both of them are gone I traded them both in on the same day at my local Chrysler Dealership for a 2008 Pacifica and a 2008 Grand Cherokee. Both have had ZERO problems and I love them so much. As for GM they will NEVER get another dime from me. At least when I called chrysler with a question about the Pacifica's Navigation they treated me with respect.

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aib bags

On October 23, 2009 my son was driving his 1997 Cavalier on the highway at 55mph when the passenger side airbag deployed. This cause damage to the dash and the windshield. We ended up having the car towed, could not see to drive with broken windshield. I called GM about the deployment, they wanted to inspect the vehicle. Cost of towing was 95.00, new windshield 325.00, estimate to fix dash and replace airbag is almost $2000.00. Took 4 days to get new windshield, meanwhile car was sitting in the rain with broken windshield. ( he waswithout a car for 7days) After getting the windshield replaced my son drives over 35 miles away to drop the car off at a GM dealership for the inspection. (another 5 days without a car) After the inspection I get a call from GM stating that the deploymment was caused by the sensor under the passenger seat getting wet, hello, of couse there was water in the car, 4 days of rain + broken windshield= WET! The car is also a convertible. At this time they offer to buy back the car for $1, 631.00 (less than the blue book value). My son decides this is the best option since he is now afraid to drive the car, drivers side could deploy at ant time. They didn't fix anything, just inspected it. We start the ball rolling with GM. Four days leter another call from GM, seems they just noticed that the car was purchased for $900.00 (my daughter-in-law gave my son an awesome deal on his first car, they're family) they "cannot pay more than the purchase price for the car so the offer is now $900.00. No compensation for the towing bill, the cost of the new windshield, or the cost of gas forpick up or delivery to the dealership, direct results of what they admitted was a defect in the sensor. My son has put over a thousand dollars into this car since the purchase, radiator, window motors, new tires, coil packs, thermostat, egr valve, plugs and other parts. This is their defect, my son could have lost his life andthey won't do anything if he doesn't accept their $900.00 offer. This family will never purchase another GM vehicle ever and the remaing ones we have will be sold. I will not do business with a company who has no regard for their customers. This experience has proven to me that GM does not stand behind their products nor do they care who gets hurt as a result of their neglegence.

  • An
    answeringyourquestions Oct 13, 2010

    If you knew the windshield was cracked, why didnt you have it replaced?? Sounds like someone had a problem and wants to blame it on someone else. Its a 1997, its an OLD car and it wasnt defective that something external (such as rain) caused this to happen. If the windshield wasnt leaking to begin with this wouldnt have happended. Next time youll fix your car and you might avoid the death of anyone else who drives it.. dont blame GM for your lack of maint. How could your son lose his life if the side airbag went out? Stop being melodramatic and stop [censor]in!!! You dont deserve compensation for something you couldve avoided... HAHA!

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never buy again

I have 05 montana, cluster went out and was replaced under warranty. I got the van back and kids wanted to watch movie. No sound came out of speakers and a code rse off showed up on radio. Called dealer back and cheduled an appointment to get it fixed. This went on for over a year and each time I was told they were in touch with gm tech support and they were close to fixing the problem. Over 25 trips to the dealer and no fix. Called customer support a couple months into it and was told that they called dealer and dealer was taking care of problem so my file was closed. The dealer stopped answering my calls cuz they finally closed the dealership. Called cust. Supprot again to see what to do and now that dealer is out of business I cant prove itwas gms fault. Called again and told them to research and if the dealer was in contact with tech support there should be recods and also since I contacted cust. Support before again records are there. Gmcalled back and told me they found records and to start things off I needed to pay for a diagnostic, so much to my dsigust I did. Customer support called me back and said district support taking over my file. They called me and said they are going to review my case and will call me back. Well they did and told me a new radio will cost me $550 plus dollars and as always told me "sorry for the inconvenience". Gm has us bail them out and says f u back? This must be true cuz I told them I wont ever buy another gm, nor will my 4 kids, my 2 sisters, 1 brother, parents close friends... And anyone else tired of gm not making right wrongs they caused. All for $550 dollars which is a lot for me but nothing to gm. They are willing to lose that many future sales for $550. Not too smart. I would not be pissed if th radio problem was my fault, but since it wasnt I am.

after srvice and tecnical competency

I had my Chev Lumina seviced resently and reqested they fix an alarm indicatating a problem with the engine. It is now aproxsemitly at the dealer for repairs 4 months. They orderd the parts incoretly, and have consulted their so called engineers.

My GM costemer complaint no is [protected]

Any assistance will be apreasiated, [protected]@Angloplat.com

I am astonished that GM absolute lack of intrest and competency.

The car is Austrialian made based on the Holden.

dangerous tire valve stems

Our leased 2007 Chevrolet Equinox includes a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with aluminum tire valve stems made in China via Dill. 3 have oxidized and crumbled in the past year. The CSR I spoke with at GM (Deloris x2677) never heard of this defect. However, the Ministry of Transportation has had "numerous complaints" and are investigating.

In the meantime, we have to drive our Equinox with little time-bombs on our tired. Any Grade 8 metal shop student knows that untreated aluminum oxidizes and becomes BRITTLE!

Why does GM continue to replace this defected part with the same defected part? Do customers have to crash and die first? Like the Ford/Bridgestone cover-up in the 90's?

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