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Clay Cooley Auto Group reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jul 14, 2008. The latest review Repair Service, Customer Service and Leadership was posted on Mar 24, 2021. The latest complaint Worst Service was resolved on Oct 05, 2010. Clay Cooley Auto Group has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 21 reviews. Clay Cooley Auto Group has resolved 5 complaints.

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+1 469 845 9700 (Chevrolet Galleria)
+1 469 351 0319 (Clay Cooley Chevrolet)
+1 972 721 4500 (Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram & Clay Cooley Fleet)
+1 972 722 6365 (Clay Cooley Genesis)
+1 972 866 4303 (Clay Cooley Hyundai of Rockwall)
+1 469 480 8700 (Clay Cooley Kia)
+1 817 754 7100 (Clay Cooley Mitsubishi - Arlington)
+1 972 528 0497 (Clay Cooley Nissan)
+1 972 528 0282 (Clay Cooley Nissan Galleria)
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1251 E Airport Fwy
Irving, Texas
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Chevrolet Galleria
4747 LBJ Freeway Dallas, TX 75244 US

Clay Cooley Chevrolet
1251 East Airport Freeway Irving, TX 75062 US

Clay Cooley Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram & Clay Cooley Fleet
1261 E Airport Freeway Irving, TX 75062 US

Clay Cooley Genesis
1540 I-30 Frontage Rd Rockwall, TX 75087 US

Clay Cooley Hyundai of Rockwall
1540 I-30 East Rockwall, TX 75087 US

Clay Cooley Kia
1247 E Airport Fwy Irving, TX 75062 US

Clay Cooley Mitsubishi - Arlington
1500 W Interstate 20 Arlington, TX 76017 US

Clay Cooley Nissan
39690 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy South Dallas, TX 75237 US

Clay Cooley Nissan Galleria
4707 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Dallas, TX 75244 US

Clay Cooley Nissan of Irving
1500 E Airport Fwy Irving, TX 75062 US

Clay Cooley Volkswagen of Park Cities
5555 Lemmon Avenue Dallas, TX 75209 US

Clay Cooley Volkswagen of Richardson
300 N Central Expressway Richardson, TX 75080 US

Clay Cooley Auto Group Complaints & Reviews

Clay Cooley Auto GroupRepair Service, Customer Service and Leadership

I bought a new 2021 car and within 8 days the vehicle had broken down and sprayed coolant on my wife while driving. I had the car towed immediately and requested they honor their replacement family guarantee. Two weeks have passed and I have not received one call from anyone there about the vehicle or my request for a replacement. I have left multiple messages, and called numerous times and still received no updates or call backs. On my last call I was transferred 3 times and ended up getting my call merged with another buyer who was on hold. I have received rude customer service on multiple inquires and can not seem to find anyone who is willing to help. this has been the worst buying experience and the staff continues to offer no answers.

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    Clay Cooley Auto GroupBait and switch on new car

    Advertised two cars with 5 miles as new. Confirmed the details and price but when I got to the Hyundai mesquite dealership they told me that those 2 cars were "service" cars with 5, 000 miles on each. Offered to sell me a new one for $4, 000 more but when I complained, they blamed their marketing person. Wanted to meet in the middle but only dropped by $1, 000.

    Very shady practices. Would not go back.

    So much for the promise that if they can't beat the price they'll give you the car. They can't even match their own price !!

    Complete con.

    Bait and switch on new car

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      Dec 15, 2020

      Clay Cooley — Finance games and lazy reception

      1st: They slip in some warranty items with funny names and lie about it when you ask saying, "no, the...

      Oct 13, 2020

      Clay Cooley Auto Group — My brakes

      I came in on 9/29 to get my brakes done. The tech said all good had to return on 10/12 for more brake work it...

      Clay Cooley Park Cities VWService department

      Just felt you should know that I will never enter your dealership again due to the extremely poor service department. 10/09/2020 I took my rline convertaible in for service. The service manager I got did not introduce himself and refused to look at my problem, which is under warranty. I will not recommend your dealership due to the rude service manager who spoke to me.

      Never again! I refuse to be treated like a peon.

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        Jan 15, 2020

        Clay Cooley Auto Group — salesmanship

        Allowed me to leave the lot making 2 car payments that they knew I was unable to make. I take responsibility...

        Nov 25, 2019

        Clay Cooley Auto Group — service or the lack of it!

        On monday, november 25, at approximately 7:45 am, I brought my vehicle to clay cooley nissan for service. I...

        Oct 26, 2019

        Clay Cooley Auto Group — overall experience as well

        Spoke to internet manager Chris Carter who insisted I come in because he could assist me with a trade. The...

        Clay Cooley Auto Groupused car(s) purchased at clay cooley chevrolet in irving

        I have filed complaints with CarGuru, BBB, and the State Attorney General's office regarding this matter. I took those actions only after trying to work this out with the dealership and getting nowhere.
        On 9/14 I worked out a deal with Augustine Gomez to trade in my Mercedes E400 coupe for a Nissan Maxima sedan and $4K. The additional cash was due to the imbalance in value between the two cars. I had an appointment to keep, so I told Augustine that I would be back later that day or when they opened the following morning. The used car manager, Ron, tried to get me to stay and finish the deal, saying he could cut the check immediately and get me on my way. But I had no choice. I had to leave. I was there the next morning at 9:00am. The Maxima was ready for delivery. Augustine and I started the paperwork. I quickly noticed the terms had changed. The $4K difference had disappeared and now I would have money owed to the dealership. I asked to see Ron. He was not there. I was now dealing with Mike, and his opinion was that I had been mistaken. Now the deal was off and I should have left. They offered other vehicles that were of noticeably less value. I repeatedly said no. Then they offered a used Impala. The car had readily visible issues and defects that need repair and attention. I told them, I would make the deal if they would give me a loaner car and repair all of the issues that existed on the Impala. Mike said No. His position was that I had to take the car that day, and I could bring it back sometime in the future for service. I took the car. When I got home, I started inspecting the car more closely and realized there were more problems with the car than we originally discussed. I called Augustine immediately the next business day and said I changed my mind and the Impala was in no condition to be delivered as a used car. He said to bring it in the next morning. I was there at 9:00am. I pointed out all of the problems I had found. I asked everyone to allow me to speak to a General Manager or Clay Cooley. They said No. I again asked for my original car and cancelling the deal. They refused. At that point, they offered a loaner car and they would turn the Impala over to their Service Dept. I didn't want the car. It had too many problems. I asked again to speak with the GM. The Finance Manager came out to speak with me. I went over the entire experience with him again. When I told him that Clay Cooley sold a car that had not been fully serviced, had not been inspected, and had not been detailed, he replied that can't be true. We (Clay Cooley) put every used car through an extensive 171 point inspection before they are allowed on the lot. I said to him, "Not this car". He said I was wrong, and he went to get the inspection sheet evidence. He never returned. There was no paperwork. Mike still would not consider/allow the deal to be cancelled. But, he offered an alternative. There was another Maxima that was not as well equipped or valuable as the one I had originally agreed to purchase. But, if I decided on that car, I would forfeit the $4K that was part of the original deal. I was in a corner, and had no negotiating power. I test drove the car. The vehicle made a loud low pitched sound when accelerating to cruising speed. I mentioned it to Augustine during the drive. He didn't hear it. I said it could be the road, but I believe it's in the car. He said everything seemed fine to him. I took the car home. The next day I drove the car and the low pitched sound was still there. I drove straight to Nissan of Fort Worth. They took the car and called me a few hours later. The car was unsafe to drive. The wheel hub assemblies and bearings on the right side were damaged. Continued driving could have easily resulted in an accident. I once again contacted Augustine with the information. I want to come to an agreement with Clay Cooley. You have sold me two cars in one week. Neither of which did I actually want. The first car was dirty, damaged, unserviced, and uninspected. Yet, your internal procedures allowed your used car staff to push it towards a senior customer, assuring him everything would be taken care of at a later date. Then you replace that vehicle with one that has serious/dangerous mechanical damage that is audible to a senior customer with limited hearing, and verified/repaired by a different dealership's service department.
        Can we go back to square 1 and do this right?

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          • Updated by Larry Hinkle · Sep 25, 2018

            I have received confirmation from all 3 agencies noted in my complaint (CarGurus, BBB, Texas AG Office).

          Clay Cooley Mitsubishi in Arlington, Texas — used car sales abuses

          I purchased a 2016 F150 from them on 4/26/18. I traded in a 2016 Jeep Renegade. that had an outstanding loan...

          Clay Cooley Galleria of Chevrolet Dallassales

          Worst experience ever at the Galleria Chevrolet location! I drove from FT.Hood/Killeen TX (+160miles) to buy a 2014 sonic rs and Tiffany assured me the last 3 days that the car was there and that if it was sold they would let me know. The day prior Tiffany called to confirm that I was still driving up there and that the Sonic was still there. At abound 920am Friday someone called me to confirm that I will be there by 1045 and that the Sonic was there. Soon I step through the door I ask for Veronica? Met with her, I sat down while she went to look for the keys. She comes back saying she couldn't find it and that she would check with the service department for the keys but said alex would start the paperwork. alex confirm that the car was sold the night prior and said they had another sonic in stock, a little higher in price in an LT model. I stopped him short and asked if it was a 6 Speed Manual and he said, no it was an automatic. I firmly said I wanted a 6speed manual. He said he'll be right back to look around and I told him that there was only 2 in the state. So I waited about 5min. While waiting I called Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet in FT. Worth about their 2016 Sonic RS and they still had it, so I hung up the phone and left the dealer. Alex and the other chick was at the front desk with other people talking next to the front door.

          PS: The 2014 Sonic RS had 54k mile, at $10, 998? which was roughly $1k over NADA price of non Certified Pre-Owned (CPO). No pictures asked if pics could be sent to my phone day prior, none was texted to my phone.
          If you're going to have a sales person in a professional environment, shouldn't hire a female with a tattoo of lips between her breasts. My fault, I should've realized that's a sign of a hood rat working for ratty business.

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            Clay Cooley Automotive — Poor service

            I am the owner of a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro, purchased brand new from Clay Coley Chevrolet. I left work early...

            Clay Cooley Automotive — Fraud

            On June 14, 2014 I went out to Clay Cooley of Irving, Texas and traded in the 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt that I...

            Clay Cooley Auto GroupWaste of Time

            Clay Cooley is the worst place to purchase a vehicle, they tell you they can help you even if you have bad credit or no credit. I went in to do a trade in the offered me close to nothing on my trade in and still wanted $4000.00 down. I explained I did not want to put any money down and that I lived far away and DID NOT want to drive all the way out there if they were going to just say they couldnt help me, still they asked me to come in and they would get me into a vehicle WRONG!!! The guy that helped me did not offer any other solutions all he said was " how much you got to put down " once I said nothing his whole attidude changed and made it seem like he did not need my business. I would not recommend Clay Cooley to my worst enemy!

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              Clay CooleyWorst service department

              I admit I have never dealt with Clay Cooley ever, except for seeing him on TV, I read what other people write and say about dealers but always try and form my own opinion. In short, I would never return to Clay Cooley's service department for as much as putting air in my tires... absolutely horrendous.

              I have owned nothing but Nissans, quality product, and whilst I have only purchased Nissans from two dealerships (Jerry's Nissan - now Southwest Nissan in Weatherford) and Don Davis Nissan in Arlington (lifetime customer) I have used service departments at several (for convenience, ie work etc). Every dealership has been professional and their service department extremely knowledgable, these dealers include the aforementioned as well as Grubbs Nissan in Bedford and West Loop Nissan (aka Thornhill Nissan) in Fort Worth. Clay Cooleys service department, inept.

              Here's what happened. I drive a brand new 2011 Nissan Titan SV, love it, but it doesn't have the Homelink mirror installed. Not a problem when I purchased it from Don Davis (and this is how honest they are), buy one, whether from them or elsewhere and it can be installed very easily, the SV is pre-wired. OK, sounds good, so I get on ebay and find a dealership in Arizona which is selling some discounted. I email them prior to purchase to confirm it will fit my truck, they asked for my VIN number, which I provided, they confirmed it would fit, and it arrives a few days later. That Saturday I decide to drive to Clay Cooley Nissan, they are a little closer to my house than Don Davis, to find out how much they would charge to install it. Ok, the service guy when he walks out and is quite professional, asks me what I need and I explain about the mirror install. He looks confused (first warning sign btw). He then says, and I quote, um, let me ask my manager. He walks off and leaves me standing in the service bay. About 10 minutes passes, he comes back and explains he doesn't know whether it will fit my truck, they would need it for a day to check, then make sure they didn't need to order parts including a new harness, reprogramming the computer to accept the mirror, and it would cost quite a few hundred dollars!. Needless to say, I was a little shocked given what other dealers had told me and a friend of mine as the 2011 Nissan Titan SV which has it installed'. I asked the guy whether he could find this information out with the VIN number, he said no (Second warning sign now)|. So I leave;. I call Don Davis, their response, sure, bring it in, we'll have it done in an hour, . So I head down there with my mirror (and harness which comes with the mirror incidently) and less than an hour later, I am driving out with my newly installed working homelink mirror..

              Clay Cooleys service department based on this are one of two things, either completely clueless about the product they purport to service, or they pick and choose what they want to service, . Either way, I wouldn't take my truck there ever! I'll drive to Arlington to Don Davis!

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                Clay CooleyLiars, don't trust them

                I went to them expecting to buy a car the salesmen called me and said you have been approved for a brand new car, Well i went to go too see CLAY and got nothing but a run around for 6hrs at the end of all the turmoil with dealing with them they tried to show and sell me junk i felt like telling the salesman CARLO GIOIA too kiss my ::::: but i gracefully left before i did that all i can say about Clay Cooley is they try to take advantage of people who they feel are desperate pitiful.

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                  • Ca
                    Calvin Terry Feb 12, 2014
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    I recently traded my 2012 Nissan Max in on a 2014 Nissan Max. December 2, 2013. The account on the 2012 stayed open for 2 months, I realized that I had mailed a payment in on the 2012 Nissan and bought it to the attention of Clay Cooley Nissan and Nissan company. The customer service representative told me that I had an over payment that of 1, 518.18 that would be refunded to me however when I informed Clay Cooley finance section about it they contacted Nissan and requested that the overpayment be sent to them. I was told to contact my bank and get a copy of my account showing payment had been processed the account of my monthly payment was $718.90 which was processed on December 6, 2013. I don't know where the remaining balance of $799.28 come from but my main concern is the payment I made and wasn't a part of my new deal. They drag there feet on everything even telling you to come back for a copy of your contract you'll get it but it will take awhile it's not with all the contract preparers there are a couple good one's but the boss in finance seem to have a very unconcerned attitude and will not answer phone calls most of the time.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Clay Cooley — Worst Service

                  Traded our truck in over a month ago and Clay Cooley has yet to send the payoff to GMAC/Ally. We have been so...

                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Clay Cooley Motors IzuzuShady dealership

                  Bought a good car for a good price. Salesman was very nice. I messed up by not looking at the engine but found out later that their was no air filter in there. That does not pass inspection. A car at a dealership cannot be sold if it could not pass inspection but I'm the one who didn't check so thats my bad. But the fact that they sold me it knowing there was no air filter brings me to look down on the dealership. They're doing their thing trying to make easy money by ripping people off and if they can get away with it, good for them but it will come back to them so how. It might not be so pretty in the future. Some other shady stuff went on too.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Clay Cooley — Auto Swindlers

                    Purchased my car in July 2007 after speaking with sales rep. via phone calls for a few weeks. Was told I...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Clay CooleyNightmare

                    My husband and I recently went to Clay Cooley in Marietta Oklahoma after speaking to them on the phone and going through the whole review process and them saying my husband was approved. We had a 900.00 down payment and we were trading in a 99 F250 4x4, they said they were giving us 5200.00 for it! Ok, great, well, when we sat there all day LITERALLY all day, they said that we aren't approved and the only way they could do it was if we had someone to buy it for us and then just let us make the payments, ok well my parents said ok. We come back the next day with my parents and sign all the papers, give them all the info and leave in our 06 Isuzu. Well, then I start getting calls saying it needs to be returned because they couldn't get it financed. I said NO they said they would try another finance co., ok then they didn't get that one through either. It needed to be returned... I said ok I need my 900 & the truck back. They wont do it. We are going to be out everything, we have 5 kids, jobs, bills??? Do not think so. So we still have the Isuzu and are probably going to be in trouble for theft but they totally messed us around. Clay Cooley is nothing but a joke and a nightmare.

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                      • Lo
                        lovescars62 Jul 14, 2009
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Shame on you!!! You falsified your information. You were not truthful about your credit. You would not return the vehicle and put thousands of miles it. You lied on several occasions about returning the vehicle and kept it for several months. Your lucky the dealer didn't put you in jail!!! don't hide behind your children...Pay your bills on time so you can qualify for a vehicle and I hope you don't teach your kids the way you behaved!

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