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GE Money Bank / Late fee charge - scam!

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Due date 1/13/07 - called to make payment by phone was advised needed checking acct. nmbr. and there would be a 15.00 chg. or could pay online to avoid fee. Went to computer to pay online where payment would not be late, did not take check book with me, they do not accept credit cards. Had paid online before - auto input for routing nmbr. but did not auto input acct nmbr. Went online on my bank and sent payment in that way, printing receipt - Received bill on 27th, charged a late fee of 29.00 - called and spoke with Mike #1187 and he advised me since they did not have payment in by 5pm on the 13th a late fee applied. I advised him I had receipt that it was paid before 5pm on 13th - he said since it was not on their website it did not count that I should have pd the 15fee it would have been cheaper - or pd sooner and it would not have been late, I thanked him for his advice on how to manage my busy schedule but payment was sent on time.

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  • Ta
      12th of Feb, 2007
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    I have a Care Credit card from my lasik with a billing cycle of the 6th. I made 2 payments in the month of January. One on the 3rd, 3 days before the payment was due, and one on the 5th for February. The payment on the third was fine. Unfortunately, since they received the 2nd payment on the 5th, I got charged a late payment fee for February because the payment was 1 day before the end of the billing cycle. I have never had a late payment fee because a payment was 1 day EARLY! Luckily, I sent March's on the 7th of February. $30.50 is what I was charged because they received a payment 1 day early.

    So, I call... And the representative on the phone will not do anything, so I speak to a Supervisor named Dawn. She then says this isn't the first time I've received a late payment charge so there is nothing she can do for me. Apparently, I sent October's payment out on time (9/15) but November's payment was sent out on 10/05. Again. Me and my early payments. So now I'm up to $61.00. Luckily again, December's payment went out on 11/07.

    I've not ever been delinquent with my payments. I prefer to pay early as opposed to late. Since September, I have made 9 payments to GE Money Bank. All of them at least triple the payment due. Does anyone else feel that this is ridiculous? Is it even legal?

    To me, this is preposterous. Even worse so, was how rudely I was treated on the phone by the representative and her supervisor. The supervisor hung up on me! I'm a good consumer. I pay my bills and I pay them well before the due date. I hate getting ripped off by Credit Card companies. Apparently if you're not going to be paying the extreme amounts of interest on your card, they need to get money from you somehow so they'll invent ways.

  • Pe
      5th of Mar, 2007
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    I had two accounts with GE Money Bank. One of them had a zero balance, the other was in a 6 month no interest period. The payment due date was the 14th of each month. On 12/26 an online payment was mailed from my credit union to the bank. The payment did not post until the 15th, which caused a late charge and the 0% period to expire. I called the bank and demanded the late payment be removed and 0% reinstated. As a "courtesy" they did. The very next month, I submitted the payment on the 26th, which arrived and was posted on the 31st. Amazing that it took only 5 days this time, but 20 the last. However, this time, they posted it to the account with a zero balance causing another late fee and the 0% period to expire again. I was advised they could not remove the late payment again as it "was not their fault" it was posted to the wrong account and that I should have been more careful with my payments. This company continues to create scams to make money however they can.

  • Sh
      15th of May, 2007
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    I have been trying to resolve my account with JC Pennys since early April. I sent the balance of my account long before the due date & it was not posted until after a late fee was charged & I got a collection call demanding payment. After ordering much more, I then sent a check for $1067.70 to close that one on 03/23/2007. It was not posted to my account until 04/10/2007 (after late fees). I returned some items that did not work totaling $401.16. Of that, they sent me only $311.09. I contend that they still owe me money for all the late fees & the remainder of the returned merchandise.

    Would appreciate it if you could help me with this matter.

  • Tn
      26th of Sep, 2007
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    To the orignal poster :

    You paid late. Period. End of Story. That's how the cookie crumbles. There is a service charge whenver you make a payment via phone no matter who you deal with, what planet are you from?

    ~ What don't you get, if you pay late, you're getting charged a fee!!! How hard is it to pay your bill on time. This company LOANED YOUUUUUU money. Pay them back and quityer[censored]en.

    They don't run the postal service, no one does, so if you sent your payment in the mail, and it didnt make it till after the due date, here's a choice, start walking it in to a payment location. We live in technically advanced times, there's always somewhere you can walk in a payment to.

    Stop relying on the mail and using it for an excuse when your payment is due on the 1st, don't mail it on the 31st and expect it to get there on time.

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