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Complaints & Reviews

Fraud and cheating!

GE Care Credit issued credit in my name to an ex-wife of mine. Candace Browder and I had been divorced for 15...

My account was closed!

After paying my account off in full, I was about to buy a watch. I called to see if I could get an increase. After going through several automated menus, I reached the 'credit' department. The person asked me a few questions, then hung up. I called back [again after navigating through numerous sub menus] and was told my account was locked out. I was told I would receive a letter indicating what steps I would need to re-activate my account. Subsequently, I received a letter indicating what steps I would need to take. I sent in the required information. That was a month ago. My account is still locked and I have not received any correspondence or acknowledgment of my letter.

Basically, there is no customer support. The only option is to send a letter to a PO Box in Texas. There is no phone# to call and lodge a complaint. The associates that you do speak to aren't authorized to give any type of answers. I have had an account with GE Money for over 5 years. Overall, I would rate their customer service at -10. Having dealt with numerous banks and credit card companies, I would say GE Money is on par with Aspire Visa [on par as in same poor level of accessibility]. If you have a problem, you are out of luck.

  • Ed
    edjeana grant Mar 01, 2008

    Ge money bank is a fraud. I have had a jc penneys account approved and then closed out after i paid it out due to them finding out i had filed bankruptcy and this account was never apart of the bankruptcy. Then i received a letter on today about another account i paid off and i haven't been using it and they tell me that they are going to close it due to non use and my previous credit history. My take is why approve me for credit and then take it away. Also, my son cosigned for one of these accounts and his credit is messed up because the bankrupty account is showing up and he never was a part of the bankruptcy. I am demanding that all accounts with GE money bank be deleted from my credit bureau and his too.

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  • Ma
    Marjorie Greene Nov 30, 2008

    I had an account with Queen City Appliances in Charlotte, NC. The account was through GE Money. I bought a washer/dryer and paid it off. I received a letter in November stating that my account was closed.

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  • Ma
    Mad Hadder Feb 25, 2009

    I had a account payed in full, in good standing GE MONEY BANK close at there request, had another account SAMS CLUB<AVENUE credit limits drop to nothing ... These accounts all in good standing, i am closing these accounts today... They are runing peoples credit...

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Terrible experience!

I received a bill for my membership to Sam's club. I did not want to renew it, do sent a letter to GE Money indicating I would not be renewing my membership and cancel my account. The fee was 40.00. A month later I received a letter confirming cancellation and informing me my balance was Zero. Within 2 months they reported to the credit bureau a 40.00 delinquency and reflected it as a "charge off'". I challenged the issue through my crediting reporting agency, who questioned GE. Their response was "it's accurate". No change on my credit report. I then sent a letter directly to GE and they didn't even have the courtesy to explain the transactions, only sent me copies of the statements, one reflecting the 40.00 and they other zero. So, do they expect me to pay for something I didn't want and told me so. It's still on my credit report as delinquent.

  • Cl
    Clamiity Jun 07, 2014

    To save yourself "Stress" go on the web & see all the settlements, judgements & claims against GE Money Bank GE Capital Retail Money Bank GE Capital Retail Bank also they are changing there name for the fourth time. This name is Synchrony Bank they have not even changed to the new name & they already have to pay millions in judgements & claims. What a joke.

    Whatever you do don't believe them when they say they are Sorry they are not sorry if they truly were sorry they would have no judgements against them, yet under every name change they have done all the same Dark Criminal activities over and over & over & it continues to this day. All their statements which show concern are just very shallow.

    Crooks the lot of them go to you tube put ge capital retail pay pal you will see exactly what they think of customers who post complaints.

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  • Cl
    Clamiity Jun 07, 2014

    Please go to you tube view a clip that shows you exactly what they really think of customers who post complaints. Type in GE Capital Retail Pay Pal. You will know it is the right clip by the green snakes. I don't know how these people that work for these corporations sleep at night. I hope people go to prison.

    They DON'T CARE! They just want to shut you up so you will not post complaints & make them look bad which they are very bad not to mention EVIL.

    The link to you tube


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Terrible experience!

I also have a problem with this company - but my approach is different. It won't do you much good to...

false billing/theft/fraud

Loan companies love late payments and hate online banks. GE Money Bank has solved this problem by simply issuing false billing statements and illegally obstructing the victim's efforts to resolve the 'error'. In my case GE flatly denied receiving a payment sent them online by direct deposit from a reputable bank.
I opened a credit card with GE in Dec. 06 with 0% interest on transfers for one year. I programed my bank to automatically pay them online every month and the first payment was received and credited correctly by GE's computers. On the very next statement, GE declared that no payment was received in January 07 and immediately hiked the interest from 0 to 24.99%. (All subsequent payments were processed correctly.) I called GE (twice) to report the "billing error", the second time with the confirmation codes in hand. GE customer service flatly refused to accept my call. I asked them to do a elementary computer search which could find the 'lost' payment in five minutes. I was told "That is strictly against company policy. You must submit a written letter with a bank transcript." I sent a letter and it was ignored, as I knew it would be. The moment that GE refused my call I knew the billing statement was a lie. (I know enough of computers to know that online banks don't make mistakes.) I trust that you know how a 'letter runaround scam' works. and I refuse to play this sucker game any further. I did some investigating that confirms my suspicion of fraud. The FBI told me that GE could have used the codes to find the 'lost' deposits in ten minutes. My bank informant explained that GE needed neither codes nor transcript to fix my account. GE has records of the money they received from my bank account and are refusing to consult those records, demanding a transcript under false pretenses.
On examining the evidence (I have documents) there is virtually no doubt that GE issued a false billing statement with the intent to steal, breach a contract under false pretenses and defame my character. (Their dishonest customer service policy removes all any doubt that the false statement might be an 'error'.) But note this: GE's obstruction of my report may be more than an "unfair billing practice": it is probably a criminal act. Most states (if not all) have laws about "misplaced funds", such as a check that is cashed but not properly credited to an account. The law obliges an honest company to restore a misplaced fund to its rightful owner by any means necessary, whether he complains or not. Any company who willfully interferes with such a report by a client with the intent to pocket the money is guilty of obstruction and theft. That is clearly GE's motive and such a dishonest customer service police shows this company capable of issuing false billing statements. It also shows that my case is not isolated: GE must be doing this to people on a systematic scale, by the hundreds or thousands. GE Money Bank is a criminal operation.
I submitted this case to the Office of Thrift Supervision (Dept. of the Treasury). I don't know their reaction yet.

  • Le
    Lee Phillips Jun 21, 2008

    On 6-21-2008 my husband received a letter from GE Money Bank stating that he owed $6, 424.15 and they was thanking him for his recent phone payment and was requesting an electronic funds transfere and my husband is deaf and does not talk on phone and we have never heard of this bank. Pluse it said it was an attempt to collect a debt. We know this is not true so what are they trying to pull ? I called their Customer Service Dept. and they wanted the acct. number on the letter there was none so then it wanted his SS#. Well guess what. I am calling an attorney because this is fraud and we know we do not owe this.

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  • Tr
    TruthBeTold Mar 14, 2009

    Bank of American is doing the same thing. My wife and I both opened separate credit card accounts with BOA for 0% interest for 12 months. You know the accounts that are for some university or cruise line or some other name but it is really BOA.

    I also talked to two friends and found out they had gotten the same deal as well. We paid off higher interests loans and consolidated balances. Their first statement was received about 14 days before the first payment was due and they immediately mailed the payment. The checks were deposited six days later.

    The second billing statement, however, never came. I called on our accounts anyway and made a payment on the phone so it would not be late. I also mailed a check anyway to the same address since I did not get a statement. Sure enough BOA said they got the payment late even though I had sent it 10 days prior to the due date. Essentially the day I should have received the statement.

    A very obvious situation showed up because this happened on all four separate accounts at the same time. So we did a little experiment.

    Over the last three years I have closed some accounts and then opened new accounts and guess what the second statement never arrives and BOA kicks the rate up. I have a bank line of credit so I can pay off the accounts and close it then open another one a few weeks later and it has happened six times. So BOA is running a scam and deceiving the American public.

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  • No
    None Jan 15, 2008

    Ok you big dummie.. Sears is not owned by GE Money bank. Sheesh. !

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Returned check fee due to input error!

On 12/16/07, I attempted to make an online payment using GE Money's web site, paying the balance in full roughly one month prior to the end of the promotional period. In noticing the payment did not clear my checking account on 12/19, I contacted the Customer Service area and spoke with a representative. In reviewing the payment information, he indicated that (per his records) the ABA routing data was correct, but per his file, I had inadvertently (or had I?) input an incorrect digit in my account number. He indicated that he would make a note of the input error in the file, and did NOT indicate that a fee would be assessed. He also offered to make the payment for a fee ($15) over the phone, but he confirmed that the payment did not have to be received until mid January to avoid finance charges, so I opted instead to use a statement I had and mail a check in, which I did immediately following my conversation, still with WEEKS to go before expiration of the promotional period.

On 12/20 the above referenced account was assessed a $29.00 Returned Check Fee related to the attempted online payment, despite my having spoken to them on the 19th.

As the information to post a correct entry was provided to GE Money Bank on the 19th, AND I expressed a willingness to have the correct transaction processed at that time (but not for an additional fee), I have been attempting to contact the customer service area to reverse the $29.00 fee upon receipt of my check for the ORIGINAL balance (pre $29 charge) to clear the account balance. At this time I am still trying to make contact with GE Money Bank, but based on others' complaints, I hold little hope for a satisfactory resolution. It appears that they thrive on making it difficult for customers making on time payments in full, and interestingly, afford customers no way to reach customer service online via email, instead forcing interminable waits on their "customer (non) service" line.

I am even wondering whether I actually made an input error, or if GE Money Bank intentionally created the error to generate a return item fee (and possibly finance charges and late fees had I not noticed the error until receipt of my bank statement in January).

  • An
    Anne-Marie Thompson Dec 29, 2007

    This same type of error recently happened to me. I had sent an online payment well before it was due, and received an e-mail saying that it was cleared. On my next bill, I had a returned check fee and late fee. I had my bank information SAVED on the website and sent it in just like every other month, and they claim it was my error. I called their customer service number, and I could not get someone who spoke fluent English. They just kept reading the prompts they are supposed to read when they hear certain phrases. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they refused, kept interrupting me, and eventually hung up on me. I know that the reversed payment was GE's "mistake."

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  • Jo
    John A. Doggett Feb 06, 2008

    I, too, was charged for a late payment sent from my bank although I made the payment within the bank's suggested deadline to reach GE on time. GE could not give me any information to explain why they did not credit my payment.

    I didn't know that so many people had these kinds of problems with this company.

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  • Al
    alex cassulo Mar 22, 2008

    This happened when i whent to pay off and account 4 years ago and i gave the numbers toa indian on the phone. They are still demanding intrest latefee and bad check fees, as well as an over the phone charge that they never said anything about to the tune of 900.00.

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  • Je
    Jeff Jordan Sep 16, 2008

    I saw your post on the board - I am going through the same thing now. I made a small payment a couple of week’s before the payment was due to avoid interest and then went in to pay it all off a week before. The payment section auto-filled in the account information with **** for the first 4 characters. I assumed it did it that way on purpose. Submitted payment. Never cleared. Checked back in about 8 days and had fees, interest and they blamed me. Do you recall if yours auto-filled in too? Wondering if system is set up to deceive. I cannot go check because my account is locked out for sending a bad check and fraud department is all over me (even though payment was corrected and made same day I found out it was wrong).

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  • Vo
    Von Oct 15, 2008

    I too paid off an account with Ge Money Bank for a Rooms To Go and a Care Credit account. The Care Credit pay off check i sent in was submitted fro less than it was written for to the bank. I received a bill from Ge Money for $200.00 plus finance charges. They refused to do anything about it so I called my bank asked them not to resubmit the check and only paid the balance that was not submitted. I refused the finance charges. The Rooms to Go account was paid off I received a letter saying my account was settled for $1000.00 but was actually almost 3000.00. Called they said couldnt find my information and was put on hold and they never came back to the phone. They are scam artists!!!

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  • Sh
    shelbe84 May 31, 2009

    GE Money is a real joke, they call and tell you that your payment is late and need a payment so you give them your debit card number by phone and bye bye money you never paid them. Then the phone calls start at 8:00am and run thru 10:00pm 7 days a week. If you pick up your phone you're the bad person, oh and then you can't understand a dang thing they say gr...
    Now they state that your debit card is no good, but you can watch them take $1.01 from it 6 times in one night. I mean what the dang, Scam artist is right. How do i turn them in, I've had it with them...

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  • Ga
    GaryM812 Feb 01, 2010

    I had the same exact problems. Mine included a complaint about the actual transaction being fraudulant. I filed complaints with (1st) GE Moneybank where they sided with the crooked merchant, (2nd) a BBB complaint where they did not enforce my rights, finally 3rd I sued that merchant (A Dentist) in small claims court, I won that case, got paid and now still having many problems settling with GE Moneybank. I cannot get the fair interest reversal and this is one big nightmare. Does anyone in this country regulate banks anymore???
    I'd love to hear from an attorney who can go after these creeps asap. Help! Help!

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  • St
    Steve from LA Jun 19, 2010

    I paid in full on the day it was due and they said it was 2hrs. late so they charged me $39 for a $0 balance for 2 hrs late according to them. Then they changed my billing to e-bill. I received an e-mail from them stating I had a statement arrive. I never checked because it was $0 balance. Another month I get another e-mail.

    One day a paper bill comes in and it is from World Market. I happen to open it and I am 60 days late with alte fees and penalties on a $0 balance. It totaled around $96. I have never been a day late on my accounts and this shows up.

    My credit limits to everyine has been lowered due to the recent delinquencies. n My Home Depot went from $9000 limit to $600. I am getting credit servce letters. They suck!

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Applied interest to paid off account!

I paid off a one year interest free account. This month I had another statement arrive reflecting the...

Did not receive 1st bill etc

• December 2006: In response to an ad for a free exam, I called Dr. Donald M Fox’s office (915 Court St, Clearwater, FL) to make an appointment for my daughter. Debbie Fox answered the phone and urged me to come in right away even though I told her I wanted to make the appointment for January after daughter’s 12th birthday.
• At the “free exam”, Dr. Fox examined daughter and presented a report. Debbie explained the report; she stated my daughter would need an expansion retainer then braces to correct her teeth and that it would take 18-24 months.
• Debbie asked about insurance. I explained that I am a low income customer and my children were covered under the State of Florida Healthy Kids/CompDent Plan and that I had checked to see that Dr. Fox was on the list of approved providers. Debbie said that treatment isn’t covered by CompDent, however, their office would give us a 25% discount. She said the “free exam” was now a “consultation” which is not free. She charged $198.75 which I paid in full by check. She referred me to Care Credit by GE Money Services to cover the treatment cost. I told her I’d like to get an estimate from more than one credit company.
• That afternoon, I applied for two credit accounts and was approved by both companies. Debbie was notified of the approval and called me right away to come in and sign paperwork for CareCredit. I told her I wanted to use Capitol One because it had a lower interest rate. She told me that she was not happy with that bank or their terms and encouraged me to go with CareCredit by GE Money Services because they are easier for her to work with. I was reluctant, but agreed to do what she wanted because she was so adamant.
• Debbie explained the total cost for treatment was $6,420, but Dr. Fox would honor a 25% discount since I was a low-income customer. That brought the fee to $4,815, but then she added on $433.00 (not sure for what – can’t read her handwriting) so the total was $5,248.00 which they charged my account in full right away January 11, 2007 even though I had not received services yet.
• In mid-February I received a phone call from the CareCredit GE Money Bank collections department, notifying me that my account was past due. I told the customer service representative that the account was brand new and couldn’t possibly be late. I had not used the account yet and I had not yet received a statement. She verified my address, etc. I continued to receive phone calls from CareCredit collections dept over the next few weeks. I told them I still hadn’t received a statement and asked if I could view the statement online. They said I was not allowed to create an online id to view my statement since the account was in default. I worried it wasn’t really them, but a phishing scam so I refused to pay via telephone.
• Eventually, I received my first statement. It was dated March 3, 2007. The account was delinquent and overlimit (with fees). Furthermore, my interest rate went up from 11.9% to 28.990%. I tried resolving the issue via letters and phone calls, but had to give in and pay what they demanded for fear of reporting to a credit agency.
• Meanwhile, daughter received an expansion retainer February 26. That is the only service we’ve received from Dr. Fox. A $5,248.00 upper expansion retainer.
• I have written letters, made phone calls and sent extra payments to Care Credit. They refuse to lower the interest rate or acknowledge the first statement was not received by me.
• Recently, I called to complain again and beg for a lower APR. I asked to speak to a supervisor, Kim, who asked me what does “being a single working low-income mother” have to do with my “delinquent account”. I explained to her that this account is unfairly expensive to those who can’t afford it most. Furthermore, it is common sense that a person in my situation has very limited time to deal with even this type of injustice. Dr. Fox’s office knew I was a low-income single mother with no support and it was reflected on my GE Care Credit application. The GE Money Bank account representative working with Donald and Debbie Fox was fully aware.
• My account is not in default, nor has it ever been in default according to my records and the credit agency records. I did not receive statements in a timely manner, I was not allowed to sign up for an online account right away. When I did, I signed up for the automatic payment…which conveniently never happens. Furthermore, I’ve sent way more than the minimum payments even though I cannot afford it, in an effort to reduce the amount of unfair finance charges.
• Most importantly, it was not clear to me, the low-income consumer applying for a loan to cover a necessity for my child, that a payment received 1 minute past the due date would result in a 28.99% APR that lasts the life of the account. I agreed to accept this loan on the basis of an 11.99% APR and a fixed payment of $138.00 per month for 4 years. My credit reports correctly show this account has never been 30 days late.

  • Ca
    CAROL May 13, 2008

    I agreed to sign up with Care Credit through GE to be able to get dental work done. When you call them some of their employees are very rude on the phone.
    They don't want to listen to what you have to say. They are only interested in saying in what they have to say. Some of them really have attitudes.
    I wish I never had to use them and have closed my accounts but still have to pay what I owe. I would not recommend them. Too bad because so many
    people need medical care that they can't afford. Stay away from this company.

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  • Ba
    bajaskier May 13, 2008

    Read all the other comments on these scammers. I recommend you pay them off in-full immediately with a certified check; borrow the money if you have to. Any long-term relationship with these shitheads will cost you way more than you intially borrowed. There are several class-action lawsuits that have been filed and/or are pending. You may wish to see if there is one in your area. I have sued them as well...no results as of yet.

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  • Ed
    Edna King-Miller May 26, 2008

    I had almost the same problem. I signed up for CareCredit thinking I could opt for the longest payment period and the lowest payment. Within a few months, I found out that the higher my balance, the higher my payments went. I stopped going to the dentist, and sometime later I stopped paying my account, and turned it over to a Consumer Counseling Agency. Payments to CareCredit/GEMoney started in January. GE Money is still charging me finance charges and late fees which exceed the payment. Not only that, they have not acknowledged the change of payee. For some reason, they are also crediting my account with $20 less than the payment sent to them. My counselor asked me for a contact name and fax number so he could contact them directly. Unfortunately, this information is not listed anywhere on my statement. I had previously written to GE Money asking for clarification and acknowledgement of the change of payee. This was over a month ago, and I have not received a response of any kind from them. As of my current statement, my account balance is $600+ higher than when I turned it over to CCC. I told them if they continue to charge finance charges, and refusing to work with the counseling agency, I will simply stop all payments altogether, and they won't get anything. My counselor is currently working on making contact with a live person, and getting this straightened out. I'm 76 years old, low income, and chances are I will be dead before they get all their money, so I don't know what they hope to achieve by stonewalling. It's a very stressful situation for me right now.

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  • Ju
    jules Aug 29, 2008

    I completely agree with the other negative comments on CareCredit through GE. They are rip offs. I had them set up my account to do auto pay through my checking account. He argued with me that it needed to be set up 2 days after the due date, but I wouldn't be charged a late fee. EVery month I get a late fee charge and they say they won't refund and they can't change the date. They hung up on me 4 times today. They are dangerous, do not have anything to do with them. I wish they didn't have my financial info, there's no telling what they will do with it. Go to the bank or anywhere else to get a loan, because these people will rip you off every way they can.

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  • Ba
    BARBARA CRANFORD Sep 16, 2008

    I got this credit card 14 months ago to have some eye surgery done as 18 months same as cash. My first
    payment I sent them an electronic payment. I received an email saying they received the payment.
    After that I finally got a statement in the mail, they said they did not receive this payment . I called them and after much grief they said they would take off the late fees. I am paying my account off early
    today so I called to get the payoff. Of course there was a 1.50 late fee and they said I had a 29.00 returned
    check fee from my first payment. Funny thing that has never been listed on my statement. I am paying the 1.50 because the highest level employee I spoke with said she could not take that off my account. She
    advised she did not have to give me her last name . This will be the best 1.50 I have ever paid knowing I
    will never use this company again.

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  • Su
    Sue Sep 18, 2008

    I am so angry at these ****. I opened the account for my husband for a hair transplant. At the time my identity was stolen and I was dealing with the creditors so I was very paranoid about any charges I didn't recognized. That's when they started billing me and when I called the company they told me I had opened the account in Ohio for Dental work. I live in California so I immediately took it as another case of fraud. I put in the fraud report and was hesitant to pay the debt. This went on for two months until finally the clinic where my husband got the procedure done called me to question as to why I had put in the dispute...I called Care Credit again and I told them about the confusion they cause and they told me that they would take care of it since this had happened before. So to make a long story short they charged me the interest that they were suppose to waive for 15 months and they reported to the credit bureaus the late fees. When I called to complained the supervisor made me feel so stupid and told me it was my fault and that I should have anticipated the charges... So now I'm stuck with $43 of interest every month and a 60 day late fee on my credit report.
    Is there anything I can do??? Help!!!

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  • La
    Laurie Oct 01, 2008

    Ge Money Bank – Violates Fair Credit Billing Act

    FTC fair credit billing act


    File a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission so they can go after them

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  • Da
    DanielK Jun 20, 2009

    I have Care Credit. It was pushed to me by my dentist as well. I signed up for paperless online payments, and you would think they would invest some of that money we give them to improve their online payment process. However, their website does not even work sometimes if you want to pay your bills online. I go online to pay one day, their system completely stopped working for like 3 days. Then I became late for my payment, and my APR jumped from like 4% to 24%. Because of that, my balance has not reduced although I have been paying like $150 a month for 2 years already. I'm still making payments because I do not have time to deal with them right now. But I will make sure I get my money back.

    Sadly, I kept getting collections calls although I had paid the bill. They have the most ignorant robots working for them in the collections. I do not spend a minute explaining to them. It's plain waste of time. I suggest everyone deals with banks like this with persistence. I'd rather spend a dime dealing with greedy banks like this to get my penny back. Capital One is no better. It is in their best interest that we are late so they can make more money by hiking the APR and charging us late fees.

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  • Je
    jetretry02009 Sep 18, 2010

    yes, call again and ask to be transfered to a superviser. advise them that you understand it was a mixup, however it has now affected your credit report. nicely explain that you didnt pay because you were in the middle of a fraud case and didnt realize these charges were not part of the fraud because you didnt recognice the name or location of the charges. Ask if they can please remove the bad mark from your credit. if not, go online to the 3 major credit beaurus you get to pull your credit once for free per year from all 3 buearus. Dispute online the negative marks. explain why, the credit buearu will be able to fix it. infact they should be the first place you checked. The truth is, i understand it was a mix up, on the other hand though it wasnt a GE error either. That, combined with the fact that 99 percent of the time we arent able to change something thats been directly place on your credit report because we arent the credit beauru. so they arent lying if they tell you that they cant do it

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Stolen Money/Fraud

My mother has had a insurance policy thru her JC penny's credit card. She has made the payments for the insurance faithfully for years. In July my parents had to file for brankrupcy. She re-affirmed the JC penny's account and continued to made the payments for the insurance. Come to find out JC Penny's closed her account without notice and instead of re-laying the payment to the insurance company they just credited it to a closed account. She had made two payments toteled and none were sent to cover her insurance policy. Now her accident insurance has lasped and she is not covered even thuogh she has paid. The insurance company states that they want a double payment to re-instate her policy and JC penny's through GE money Bank just give her the run around on the refund of the payments she did make. Why did JC Penny's cash her checks in the first place if the account was closed?

Late Fees and More Late Fees

I just found out how unethical GE Money Bank is. I purchased a DRpower grader though Country Home Products about a year ago, approximately 6 months after the 6 month free trial, I started receiving phone calls from GE Money stating that I was behind in my payments. I stated that this was impossible, because all my monthly payments where made on time every month though my bank online.

To make a long story short.. I was told by GEMB that I was not paying off the purchase quick enough and that the had raised my payment from $30 to $84 a month. As of today, I'm $384 behind in late fees. It will be a cold day in hell before I give GEMB anymore money, I will be contacting my attorney to see what recourse I have to put a stop to this rip-off.

One of the reasons I purchased the DRpower grader, was the advertisement on Country Home Products website **Flexibility to make low monthly payments or pay in full. (see below)

I will never do business with GEMB again!!!


DR Credit Card
Make No Payments / Pay No Interest for 6 Months
Pay for your order with DR Credit and you won't have to make any payments or pay any interest for 6 months!
Make No Payments for 6 Months (with $300 minimum order)
Pay in full at that time and you’ll avoid all interest charges too!
**Flexibility to make low monthly payments or pay in full
No money down
No annual fee
No prepayment penalties
No application fee
**source http://www.drpower.com/ContentPages/CSTM_DRCredit.aspx

  • Jo
    John Kelly Feb 28, 2008

    This organization is involved in sharp practice, which in the case of a promotional loan I took out involved charging an APR of 35% - which includes interest on accumulated late charges.

    It will be a cold day in hell before I use this organization again and my company will be refinancing our GE Capital lease programs with another lender (up for renewal, lttle do they know).

    They may be up $600 from me personally, but they're down an order of magnitude more from the above.

    Further, I will never do business with GE again to the extent that it is possible to buy alternative light bulbs, washing machines etc etc.

    I cannot begin to express the contempt that this organization should be held in.

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Bate and switch tactics!

GE Money Bank d/b/a Care Credit Cards has quite a bate and switch going. They tell you all about deferred...

Fake late fee/fake promo period

Similar to others, first billing had a late fee and finance charge. Three phone calls, unable to reach supervisor, finally reached supervisor who had an attitude.

Care Credit is GE Money and GE Money is owned by GE. I have emailed them at https://www.ge.com/contact/contact_form.html
as I suggest we all do. Maybe when GE gets enough email about their rogue company, they may be inclined to at the very least to correct complaints coming to their email.

GE Money Bank should be ashamed of itself!

I mailed payments for my account on November 3rd. I have always made payments on time and usually made more...

Cheating, lying swindlers!

Good God! I thought I was the only one that had a horrible experience with these ###. It's like this. I...

Paypal Credit Card

Ge MoneyBank has turned over a debt of 1311.00 to this company NCO collection agency. I have only had the paypal credit card for a few monthas and have eben trying to pay. I guess trying doesn't count. The minmum payments increased and they charged me $50 late fess this past month. I took out a cash advancne ,big mistake, to help save our house which increased the bill. They harass you over the phone a well .I read all terms. They closed my Paypal Credit card and I cant' use it. It didnt expire until July of 2008. Sure I ran a little behind but doesn't everyone at times? I received no warning this would happen.

  • Ga
    GABRIEL LEDESMA Jul 02, 2008

    I Also had paypal credit for maybe a month or two, i made a purchase and sent a payment via email and the payment never made it! the money went to my account but not all of it. I am discusted and outraged by the way GEmoney Bank conducts their buisness and i hope this goes out and people notice and make a deal of it big enough so it catches attention and this company is brought back .

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  • Br
    Brandi Sep 01, 2008

    I also had a paypal credit accout for 2 months I closed my account because every payment was late no matter when I sent it. I even got a conformation number on my last payment. They charged me a returned check fee and never processed my payment. I found out on the next bill that said I had all of these problems and I called them they said I didn't have enough numbers on my checking account.I am still wondering how I got a conformation number but I did. So my check was never charged I got them to waive the returned check fee because there was no returned check. but they want to charge me a late fee and I refuse to pay the late fee (I did pay the account in full just not the late fee) so now they have turned me over to collection NCO who call all hours and paypal charges me a new late fee every month.I think we are up to 200.00 now what ###s.

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Poor customer service/liars

Recently on 10/6/07 I was in my local Belk store & as they always do, I was asked if I'd like to open a Belk charge to save on my purchases. I was making a large purchase so said OK. I got my temporary card# and the cashier said oh I'm sorry and withdrew it advising I would get a letter of explanation in the mail. I got that letter yesteray, 10/20/07. It directed me to contact GE Money Bank, apparently the backer for the Belk CC. No number was give and the reason given for declination was UNABLE TO VERIFY IDENITY. Well, having never seen this I called Belk who could not believe there was no ph# for GE Money Bank, after reading their complaints on line I see why. Belk though called them while I was on the line, they put a rep on the line who was nice & said he'd try to get this approved & that they had attempted to call me on the home ph# 3 time to verify my identity. I told them I was at work & have an answ mach & no messg left. Asked why they didnt call the other 2 #s one of which is my cell & w/me all the time. He said there were no other #s on the application. I told him I was looking at my application & indeed all 3 #s were there. I asked how he confirmed someone called me and he said b/c it was written on my file. I told him if anyone called they didnt leave a message and could we verify it now, he went to a supervisor & put him on the phone, a guy NAMED ERIC. He sounded more like one of those bill collectors...you know the type you hear about on the tv ads....he said he WAS NOT GOING TO APPROVE IT NOW BECAUSE I DIDNT ANSWER THE FIRST 3 TIMES THEY TRIED TO CALL. For goodness sake, I work during the day....I will write a long letter to Belk on Monday and suggest they look on this webiste (complainsboard.com) and perhaps look to another vendor to handle their credit cards. Thank goodness they didnt approve me so I didnt get hooked up with these sheisters and liars.....

  • No
    None Jan 15, 2008

    You stupid person. There is a phone number 1-800-669-6550 why dont you try researching before you go and post showing your ignorance. If they couldn't verify who you were it was probably a typographical error by the 6.00 an hour cashier who was filling out the application. You are unbelieveable! If GE doesn't get the information correctly from the store, they can't process your information. GE doesn't want your business anyway. They're a billion ( Thats right! ) BILLON dollar company. Quityerbitchen

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  • Pa
    palomares Apr 15, 2008

    Money was taken out of my account, without my permision, now I want that money back, my refund because nobody allow them such of thing.

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  • Pa
    palomares Apr 15, 2008

    How many comments i need send to get money something that belons to me.

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  • Pa
    palomares Apr 15, 2008

    Recently money was taken from my account $31.98 I just want that money refundable, there was no authorization for this action.

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  • Ro
    Robbinhood Jul 29, 2010

    Yes agreed Ge Money demonstates unethical and ruthless business practice

    The evidence speaks for itself

    Check out this site for detailed info on GE Money's track record

    ASIC acts on GE Money’s insurance and debt collection practices

    GE Money’s consumer complaints mount

    ASIC helps Australian consumers understand new credit laws

    The more consumers that can access reliable information in a timely manner to better

    Consumers should be able to research finance companies first before making a decision to apply for a finance product.

    If consumers can see that GE Money products have distinct disadvantages, that the customer service is poor, the interest rates higher, and the debt collection process is very aggressive and damaging for the consumer it is more likely that consumers will not take up GE Money products.

    Loss of business for GE Money and lower profits will really make an impact against GE Money

    Hit GE Money financially and make a difference

    Spread the word about GE Money complaints

    GE Money’s consumer complaints mount

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Raising finance charge when payments on time

I have had a ge money bank care credit account for 2 years now, i have made payments for those 2 years and...

Paid off act. but they refuse to acknowledge it

This is regarding: GE Money Bank
P.O. Box 960061
Orlando, FL 32896

I have bank documentation (cancelled check) that I paid off my account in full on July 15, 2007 ($203.93). I received a statement on Aug. 8 reflecting my previous balance ($203.93 plus a $29 late fee. I called the company upon receiving the statement & was told to mail a copy of it to them. I mailed a copy of the check on Aug. 6. I received yet another statement on Sept. 17 again reflecting the original balance owed plus another $29 late fee. I called the company on Sept. 17 and spoke with someone named Ecarney and told her about mailing my cancelled check. She claimed they had not received it & suggested I fax the cancelled check to "payment research." I did that promptly on Sept. 17. I called on Sept. 20 & spoke with Jeff. He gave me yet another phone number to try to resolve this issue.
I called the number he gave me [protected]) & spoke with Miriam. She said to call back next week and that I could not talk to anyone in the "payment research" dept. Everything was done by fax. Meanwhile, another letter came in the mail dated Sept. 23 saying my acct. was deliquent. I called yet again on Sept. 25 at 2:30 p.m. & Jessica put me in touch with her supervisor, Robert. He claimed it could take up to 30 days to solve this dispute and in the mean time, nothing could be done.
The company called me at home on Sept. 28 at 6:10 p.m. I spoke with Dwayne and he said he would let "payment research" know about the problem. I received yet another statement on Oct. 14 claiming I owe them a balance of $316.69. I called the company on Oct. 14 & asked to speak with a supervisor. I spoke with someone who identified herself as Jenny Brown and she indicated the number I had faxed the information to on Sept. 17 was incorrect. She gave me yet another number [protected]). I have not yet faxed anything to this number because I don't know if this one is correct. I filed a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) on Oct. 15 (ref. # [protected]). I have called GE Money many times regarding this matter, but they will not investigate it. Instead, they keep sending me letters & statements saying I owe them money and I have not paid them. I feel like this company is not taking me seriously and not researching this mistake. I do not want my credit ruined for this.

  • Br
    brandon Oct 27, 2007

    My wife ran up a nice $1100 bill for care credit and I took her accounts over since she is not able to balance finances, after blindly paying for a year, I noticed my balance is $800 at anywhere between $25 and $40 a month.

    Little did I know they were charging this huge % rate when I'm use to 2 - 6%.

    All of my wifes cards are in my name because of my high credit rating. I found these posts because I am on another PC and decided to check the account. Each time it takes a good 5 minutes searching google to find where to pay.

    I feel for everyone here as I have yet to have all the disappointing harassing calls or erroneous bills. I assume the monthly statements are sent from a different department or company which no one actually can contact. Each time we call the company and connect to someone (random around the world), that person has no idea where these statements originate from nor has any control over automated payment system.

    Someone on here needs to take up a collection of numbers so when another person has a problem, they can fax all 26 numbers and call all 65 numbers to get the issue resolved that day.

    I would much rather call them and let them tell me to fax it in where I reply "I did, to 26 fax numbers, so find it, fix it and call me back!"

    This truly is a poor excuse for a company. I didnt realize paypal and Walmart used them, I do have a walmart card now but forget paypal. Too many daily transactions for me to pay huge fees on.

    **Dont forget - they have a Monthly Auto debit feature on the site, so you can setup your bank account and have it drafted out. Another way for you to claim its not your fault if the payments late.** Like that "Quityerbitchen" guy says, most of these errors are brought on by us not failing to understand that this company is a 19th century joke of a company with underpaid dropouts and a huge artificial intelligent computer system running the accounts to systematically take over the world. Once we all know this, then yes... we will know to fax 26 numbers and call 65 next time. Or perhaps just review the terms and conditions next time before we enter into dept with a company.

    Good luck to you and everyone else.

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  • Ka
    karen Aug 11, 2008

    I am wondering what GE Money Bank's website is. I have 2 accounts with this company. The companies are Select Comfort and Don Reid Ford, requesting assistance from anyone who knows how I can contact this company through their website.

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  • Me
    Meshell1981 Feb 24, 2017

    GE is now under Synchrony Financial: https://www.mysynchrony.com/mysyf/carecredit-login.html

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Are they too big or just TOO BAD

I financed a Tempur- Pedic mattress from Rooms To Go with interest free payments to be made to GE Money Bank. GEMB issued a credit card to me with my name shown incorrectly on the card. I have made THREE attempts (since 9/17/07)to get GEs error corrected and I can't even get a response. I canceled the card and have yet to elicit a response from them.

Are they too big or just TOO BAD...


  • Ba
    Barbra R. Bednar Apr 15, 2008

    Whose going to be the person that can initiate a class action suite against GE Bank? There are hundreds of complaints on the internet about this companys inability to do proper business and taking advantage of all us little people! Yes, I am one of them. I'm currently unemployed and cannot meet my monthly payments with this company and for the past three months have been trying to lower my monthly payment so that I can. All I'm getting is a big bunch of lies, runarounds, late fees and headaches just trying to make a smaller payment until I can get some work. My dentist: Dr. Bradley Hylan was wonderful in treating me!!! However his wife Susan Hylan has not been co-operative in helping me with my situation, since she hooked me up with GE MoneyBank. I was under the impression that I was getting assistance directly from my dentist and the monthly payment would be affordable until my work situation would get better. Susan Hylan never explained anything to me or my sister who was with me at the time and now is being harassed at her job as a teacher for my bill! Still trying to get Susan to help me to NO AVAIL!!! If anyother person or persons can afford to retain a lawyer regarding all of the wrongs GE Money Bank is inflicting on the common people please count me in as one of them! This company needs to be shown you cannot continue to treat people like they are nothing but a payment and a late fee!!!

    Somebody out there please help us before we all lose our minds or die!

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