Ge Money Bank CardAre these guys crooks?


GE Money Bank Card, this is a retailer card called "home source". I am trying to get $3,300.00 credit balance returned to me, Diana Grimes and getting the runaround the statement says for General inquires mail to Ge at po box 981127 El Paso tx [protected], did that made 2 looong phone calls, no money. Letter was returned unopened, they must be psychic. Are these guys crooks???


  • Do
    Don Bittinger Mar 12, 2007

    I have had dealings with GE Money Bank Card, too. When I applied for a line of credit at Discount Tires in California last year, the bill came from GE Money Bank Card. I always paid more than the minimum to quickly pay down the balance.

    Well, 3 months ago, I was 48 hours late on GE receiving my payment, and they charged me a late fee of $ 30.00 for a payment of $ 26.95. What a return on profit.

    I tried to email GE to complain about the grace period, but the emails always bounced back as undeliverable. When I finally got the phone number to complain about the service, I got some dipshit from India on the line telling me there is no grace period.

    What American company like GE sells its customers down the river to some out-of-the-country support person with no compassion and during the Christmas holidays, no less. I can't help it if the U.S. Mail cannot deliver my payment on time. Hell, I mailed it over a week ahead of time.

    To make a long story short, I told that dumb line-card reading Bi**h that I was going to pay off the loan and cancel the card. I worked for GE for 10 years and never have been treated like this before.

    Steamed in Ventura County

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  • Ja
    James Burke Mar 30, 2007

    GE Money Bank just waits to tack on $30 fees. Pay by credit card over the phone $30. Late on monthly payment, fee of $30 plus interest. Try to pay by internet with check and account information is entered correctly, pay $30 for check bouncing. And 24% interest rates.

    This outfit should be working for Tony Soprano.

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  • Jo
    Jorge Fernandes Jul 23, 2007

    ***BOYCOTT ALL GE PRODUCTS*** This is one of the shadiest banks out there. They set you up for failure so that they can take advantage of you. I had very bad experience with these people with $800.00 left on my account I was charged $1200 finance charges when I still had 6 months left on interest free payments. If you are a consumer please avoid doing business with these people. I would also recommend that you stop using all their consumer products.

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  • Bo
    Bob Smith Jan 21, 2008

    Thier customer service SUCKS! They lie to you and give you the run-around if you have an issue. GE Money Bank cares so little for thier customers that they cannot provide real customer service. Many companies including PCRichards and Care Credit use GE Money Bank as thier lender. Be sure to check before you sign up for a card. Is GE behind this company? If it is I would support a boycott of thier products.

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  • Ma
    maria Mar 06, 2008

    Please send me a telephone number where I be able do contact I need a number where i can call. I received a letter from GE money bank. I have never applied for GE money bank my concerm is that someone in using my indentity. Please i need a number wher i can called. Tanyou.

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  • Ji
    Jim Smithers Mar 12, 2008

    My wife and I had a run-in with this bunch of hacks. We mistakenly made an over payment of over $1400.00 and had an awful time getting it back. Customer service was absolutely worthless. They seem to try to make you angrier. to make a long story short, after 4 months they sent a check for a little over $1000.00, $400 dollars short with no explanation. A day later we get a statement (for this GE card that had been cancelled 3 months earlier with a charge of 400 entitled "merchandise charge". They took $400 out of the credit saying the check we wrote was not for the amount that they had credited to our card. Our bank records showed two electronic transfers to GE money for $1400. They were trying to screw us. STAY away from these hacks.

    TO GET FASTER SERVICE AND SATISFACTION: Email the following GE (Corporate) executives. They helped me get the remainder of my money within 4 days of the email! I thank them for their punctual and fair treatment of us.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    I still sold over 200 shares of GE stock I owned and bought Siemens with it as a result of this unnecessary waste of my time.

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  • Bo
    bob carroll Jul 11, 2008

    my son bought a car for $3, 000.00-the dealer got approval for $4, 000.00 and took it all. g. e. nor the dealer will give us a copy of any contract. cannot find out who authorized the transaction.
    these people suck!!!

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  • An
    Andy Jul 31, 2008

    Bought a motorcycle a year ago and was financed at the dealer by GE Money. Delaer said "payments due on the 24th and you have a 10 day grace period. I have never paid outside of that grace period, never received a late fee, always pay a few extra bucks toward the principal and NOW THEY ARE CALLING ME AT WORK ON THE 25TH OF EACH MONTH AND CONTINUING UNTIL THE PAYMENT IS MADE WITHOUT REGARD FOR THE 10 DAYS. The folks are rude, they don't care about you and I would advise everyone to avoid them.

    I am getting rid of this one immediately! If you have financing through them, get rid of it if you can!

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  • Rw
    rwiegal Sep 03, 2008

    Ge money..
    sudenly the due date is moved up 9 days baiting late a payment on due date ..late fees because it takes 5-6 days for them to process.. i have a gas card that was recently taken over by ge intrest rates up 3%
    money ware

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  • Sa
    Sam Oct 07, 2008

    I too have had problems with GE. I have 2 accounts under them from purchasing at Ashley Furniture. It looks like JC Penny has sold their account to them too. This by far is the worst company to deal with. I have been receiving harrassing phone calls all day and night long, as late as midnight!!! They all are from India. I was so upset because I have been effected by Hurricane Ike, and they are constabtly calg me ling me, and driving me CRAZY!!! I don't know what else can be done. If I ever have to make a large purchase through financing, I will ask them what bank they use, because I plan to NEVER deal with GE Money Bank again!!

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  • Da
    dawn Oct 08, 2008

    they try to say i owe 888.00 after i agreed to a settlement offer of 540.00 of which 270.00 as been paid... i now get harassement calls /letters fro the collection company they use, , , ,

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  • Do
    Don't like GE Oct 10, 2008

    I would never use GE Money Line again. They raised my interest rate right after I opened the account; I have never missed a payment in two years, but they won't allow me to use the balance of the line of credit; it's a fraud; it's not a line of credit.

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  • Ba
    bajaskier Oct 10, 2008

    Stay away...stay far, far below:

    a.k.a. GEMB, GE Moneybank, GE Money, CareCredit, Kwik Comfort, JC Penney Credit, others.

    The first thing to do is go to Do a search on CareCredit, GEMB of GE Moneybank. You will notice they have a running scam.

    1) Their offer is for interest free financing if the balance is paid in full after x-months, usually 18-24.

    2) No matter if you mail in your payments, have autopay from your charge card, or direct debit from your bank account, GE will ALWAYS claim they did not receive your payment, or received your payment late. Why? Then they can add late charges! And of course, your last payment is always lost, therefore “you did not pay-off your balance in the predetermined time frame”. Then they try to collect a huge interest payment effective from the inception date.

    3) You cannot contact the company via e-mail; they ignore e-mail.

    4) You cannot get a response via snail mail; they ignore your letters.

    5) If you are willing to sit on hold for 45-60 minutes, and punch in your account number countless times, you may be able to reach a person with a pulse. In most cases, the employees speak/understand English, but are not overly bright.

    6) Said person will claim your payment was not received, or received late.

    In my case, I had electronic records of every payment. I also paid extra every month. When asked that I provide the proof, I faxed copies of the electronic transaction records as well as e-mailed same. Of course, they "never received it" despite the fact that I was holding the FAX confirmation in my hand and looking at the e-mail receipt.

    If you have entered a contract with these scammers, beg, borrow or steal whatever amount of money you owe them. DO NOT PAY INTEREST OR LATE FEES (unless you actually were late). Send a CERTIFIED CHECK, RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED FOR THE AMOUNT YOU CHARGED less any payments already made.
    Write your account # and “Paid in Full” on the check.

    If you did direct debit or credit card payments, close the bank account or cancel the credit card IMMEDIATELY AFTER the check has cleared or the withdrawal is posted. They tend to post charge card debits almost immediately.

    Check for class-action suits in your area; there are many going on nationwide. Save all your evidence if they come after you. However, they won't because they would lose; I am telling you from experience. I threatened them with court and was refunded all interest and late fees.

    Here is a letter another gentlemen sent to CareCredit/GE MoneyBank:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    The purpose of this letter is to file a formal notification of complaint alleging numerous violations of the Consumer Credit Protection Act (15 U.S.C. 1601) on the part of CareCredit, in that CareCredit, aka GE Capital Cons Cardco aka GE Capital Consumer Card Company. GE Capital Consumer Card Co. is a ""creditor"" by definition of 15 U.S.C. 1601-§103-f (Consumer Credit Protection Act) and therefore falls under the federal jurisdiction of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). GE Capital Consumer Card Co. has knowingly and illegally: - made a promotional offer of ""interest-free"" or ""deferred interest"" which, by its actions as enumerated below, it had or has no intentions of fulfilling, said offer falling within the definition of Section 226.2 of CCPA.

    - levied late fees and finance charges when payments were actually received - and deducted from my bank account - PRIOR to the due date, - charged illegal and exorbitant ""account security"" fees without any form of legal disclosure or explanation as to what those charges may be, constituting a ""surcharge"" under sections 103 and section 167 of the Consumer Credit Protection Act (15 U.S.C. 1601), hereinafter referred to as CCPA. - has instituted retroactive ""terms and conditions"" without proper notification, in violation of § 226.7 of the CCPA. - has provided such ""terms and conditions"" in a format that appears to be a third- or fourth-generation unreadable photocopy consisting of print so small and faded as to be illegible, in violation of § 226.5.

    - has made it virtually impossible for customers (clients) to contact them in a timely manner by failing and/or refusing to answer telephone calls for periods of up to 7.5 hours (by placing the customer on hold for such lengths of time) and by failing and/or refusing to provide any means on its web site of contacting CareCredit by email or any other means than an unanswered telephone line. - has acted to quash any meaningful payment inquiries by refusing to provide requested information to the bank upon which payments were drawn, in addition to failing to provide telephone-answering staff as alleged above. DETAILS: Application for the above-referenced account was made under a ""promotional offer"" (Exhibit A - promotional offer), which provided for no interest if the account was paid in full within 48 months.

    This agreement was for the issuance of a ""medical credit card"" issued by GE Capital Consumer Card Co, 5300 Kings Island Drive, Mason, OH 45050, to cover dental (oral surgery) expenses in excess of that which were to be paid by the payee's dental insurance. The debt agreed upon was to be $1, 500.00. The first payment was due September 4, 2004 (Exhibit B - statement of payment due).

    Payment was received via electronic funds transfer on September 2, 3004 and was deducted from the payee's bank account prior to 2 pm the following business day, September 3, 2004 (Exhibit C - email from USBank, formerly and aka Firstar Bank). The minimum payment on the above account is $45 per month. The defendant states that ""payment is due by 5 pm on the due date"" to ""avoid additional finance charges."" Payment was received and cleared well before that time.

    Electronic funds transfer payments through USBank is guaranteed to arrive on the date specificied. This form of payment was chosen specifically to ensure timely receipt of payment, since US Postal Service delivery to and from payee's address is often very unreliable. In four years, I have had no problem with electronic funds transfers reaching their destination late.

    The payee then received on Sept. 13, 2004 a ""late notice"" (which bore no postmark and was, in fact, bulk mailed - Exhibits D-1 and D-2 - envelope and late payment notice) claiming that no payment had been received, when in fact, it had. In addition, the payee was informed that a late fee of $35.00 and an ""account security fee"" of $23.25 had been charged additionally. In a document received Sept. 13, 2004, after the contract was entered into, labelled ""Account Security Debt Cancellation Agreement"" (Exhibit E), there is no mention whatsoever of any ""account security fee"".

    Payee contends that this ""account security fee"" constitutes a hidden and therefore unlawful interest or finance charge, in violation of federal law. On that date, Sept. 13, 2004, payee attempted to call the phone number provided (1-800-333-1071) and was informed by a voice recording that ""due to a high volume of calls"" there would be ""a lengthy wait time"". Payee kept the line open and was on hold for 3 hours 47 minutes before finally giving up, unable to speak to single human being during that time.

    Additionally, the payee contacted the bank (Exhibit F - email) to notify them of the allegation by GE Capital Cons Cardo that no payment had been received, even though existing bank records clearly documented otherwise. USBank aka Firstar Bank responded to the payee on Sept. 14. 2004 (Exhibit G - email) that it was investigating the matter, then followed up with another communication - also Sept. 14, 2004 (Exhibit H - email) that ""GE Capital Cons Cardco will not discuss customer accounts with third parties"" and suggested that the payee call 1-800-333-1071 - the same phone number which GE Capital Cons Cardo will not answer.

    An additional payment of $55.00 was made by the payee and received September 17, 2004 and deducted from the payee's bank account on Sept. 18, 2004 for the payment of $45.00 due October 4, 2004. No statement was received for a November payment, due Nov. 4, 2004; however electronic payment was made and received Sept. 29, 2004 in the amount of $100.00 (Exhibit I - details of USBank transaction printout), even though the payment due was $45.00. For the December payment, due Dec. 4, 2004, an electronic funds transfer in the amount of $100.00 was scheduled to be received Nov. 18, 2004, though the amount due was $45.00.

    On November 12, 2004, payee received a statement from GE Capital Cons Cardco (Exhibit G - statement) claiming no payment was received for October and that a late fee of $35.00 had been assessed, as well as a ""finance charge"" of $106.64 and an ""account security fee"" of $22.38. The payee was also informed that the ""promotional offer"" had expired on an unstated expiration date, in violation of the agreement made and the promotional offer (Exhibit A). Also on November 12, 2004, the payee again attempted to call both toll-free numbers provided and was informed by a recorded message that ""due to a large volume of calls"" there would be a ""long wait time."" After 2 hours and 17 minutes, the payee again gave up, and on November 13, 2004, sent this document with a certified letter to the defendant.

    In summary, payee has so far paid $400 on a $1, 500.00 debt and is informed the balance is $1, 563.13. All payments have been made and received before the due date. The payee asks for full restitution of the unlawful and exorbitant fees in the amount of $463.13 charged by GE Capital Cons Cardco, as well as all attorney fees and costs pursuant to this matter, and for full reinstatement of the ""promotional offer"" terms which were, and are, part and parcel of the agreement between the payee and GE Capital Cons Cardco.

    The payee hereby notifies you, under the requirements of the Consumer Credit Protection Act. [15 U.S.C. 1601], that the aforesaid charges of $463.13 are contested for the reasons outlined above and that no such charges will be paid in the future. Payments will be made to repay the original amount of $1500, as contracted, in the time length necessary to avoid interest fees, per your ""promotional offer."" It is my intent to file legal action - as a class action suit if possible - and to seek full restitution and double damages as provided for in the Consumer Credit Protection Act

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  • Ja
    James Smith Nov 16, 2008

    I have had several accounts with retailers using GE money and have paid off all them on time. GE Money



    I have closed all of my accounts that use GE MONEY All of these accounts I have been a customer for

    several years. Dillard's, J.C. Penney's, Discount Tire (Company Cars and Trucks) WAlmart and Sam Club

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  • Sf
    SFFOOL76 Mar 25, 2009

    This company is impossible to deal with, yes I am late with my bill. I am willing to pay it online, however I have all my billing information, the last #4 digits of your S.S., my cell phone number (more on that later), my zip code. I tried it yesterday and it did not work at all they froze my account for a couple of hours. However I tried it the next day and I did all the information, called their customer service number the lady was nice, I asked her if I could use my phone number and she said I didn't have it on record. She was kindly enough to suggest that I type 0000000000 10 o's which I did, hoping that I could pay my bills on time. Well guess what I got my account frozen again. GE. CREDIT I hope you never rest at sleep.

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  • Ec
    ecreative Mar 25, 2009

    I have no cards with GE, but do have a PayPal acct. After checking my account to make sure my address and phone number were current, as I had recently moved, I find that a phone number, 801-517-5000 had been added to my phone numbers in my PayPal acct...which I did not do. I traced the number to GE Money in Salt Lake City, UT and then called PayPal. They told me that someone had manually logged into my account and put this number in. It wasn't I, and no one else uses my acct. I have documented everything and intend on finding out why this was done!!! I also checked the BBB (Better Business Bureau) of Utah online and it says that all complaints against this company are now being handled by the BBB in Dayton, Ohio where the headquarters is located. There is a long list of business names on the Utah site that this GE is connected with. I am also checking with the Attorney General in both states to see if there are other complaints of PayPal hacking that is going on. As per another persons posts, I am going to see what civil actions are being filed regarding this. Scary how some people/businesses think they can do what they want without repercussion. No wonder this countries morals have slipped.

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  • Ri
    Rick Mar 30, 2009

    Please could anyone help with a contact name and fax number. I saw the e-mail addresses that one person used to get resolution. My mother-in-law has been scammed by GE Money changing her due dates and adding late fees and my wife and I keep getting people who can't speak English and refuse to allow us to talk to a supervisor or give us a fax in El Paso.

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  • Re
    Renniz May 07, 2009

    Was told that interest rate would not increase unless two late payments are made when I signed up or I wouldn't have. I used it to consolodate and close my other accounts because of the lower interest rate of 7.99%. I made less than the minimum payment by $50 (accident) once after about 30 months of on time payments and my interest rate increased to 13.99%. The collections department called me so I could pay the difference and was told the rate would not increase and they would waive the late fee. I called back and they said that they would review my account so I have to wait a month. They also decreased my available credit before the late payment when I was going to use it for my business even though the monthly statement stated that is was available.

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  • 4e
    4evrIRISH Jun 12, 2009

    I purchased a motorcycle from the dealer 18 months ago who stated the same grace period and that my payment would be 129.00 for 2 years. after the 2 years were up you could either pay it off or refinance it or transfer the loan to another bank. my wife and I have really enjoyed this bike and have made all the payments on time. We have waited 20 years for this. they came out the other evening and repossessed it. Was I caught back by this. my wife made the last payment mid may online. So I called the numbers and had to keep calling different places to get ahold of the account manager. Could only reach her 8-5 pm, imagine that. I called this number and the woman stated to me that the only way to get my bike back was to pay it off in full!! I asked if there was a notice sent out. There was. it was sent out right before we made the last payment. we are 2 months behind they say and although we have been paying 350.00 a month we now owe 2, 000.00 more than the original amount agreed upon. I work in a auto dealer and understand most of what was said although thats a different kind of math than I was taught. So the real kicker to all of this is my 25 wedding anniversary was in june and we had been saving for a honeymoon we never got a chance to take so there was money in the bank. This delinquent notice they say they mailed should have arrived before the last payment was made, we had the money to cover the debt if we new it had gotten to that stage. My daughter also has money in cd's and we are getting a substantial income tax refund also so we would have made arrangements IF WE GOT THE LETTER. We were told by the repo agent that you owe 1500.00 now we just got a bill stating we owe 1200.00 with no indication of repossession. Now I can not sleep and I am beside myself. my wife feels responsible and feels bad. These people refused to send me a copy of my payment history to verify every payment was made to my respective accounts that I have with them. No one will listen. THAT WOMAN then told me that there is no supervisor to talk to about this and that she was it. Whereas I asked her first if we were still being recorded she said we were, then I asked here if she then signs her OWN paycheck. conversation ended. I am currently looking into the federal trade commission and also 2 lawyers.

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  • Re
    reneekingston Sep 17, 2009

    i have a account with ge money they are crookes i wish that i never took out this loan. they have raised my finance charge so high i will never get them pay off . i will never buy any ge products and tell my friend not to buy any either, i wished i never heard the name of ge money

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  • Yeah Well I just checked my credit report for the very first time.. i am 24 and planning on buying a house at some point in the next couple of years so i want to make sure that i have good credit... So i start reading my report and I find something that says GEMB i had no idea what this is so I looked it up and I find all these compliants. It says I opened an account in June of 2009 (this year) which I have not and now reading these compliants, i am reallt bothered by this sh*t. What am i going to do? ANy suggestions? I have no idea how to remove this stuff off my credit report and this is the only account that says it could affect my score. What should I do?

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  • Mi
    Mimi7 Jan 10, 2010

    Worst customer service imaginable. I'm not using the card and letting it be canceled for inactivity, despite what it would do to my FICO score. Crooks and Incompetents!!!

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  • Ge
    Gerald McGauley Apr 03, 2010

    I received a "Changes to your Dillard's Credit Card Account Terms" letter. I have no Dillards credit card or accounts. The Account Ending number on the letter is 1533.
    I tried calling using the phone number on the letter, but it wanted my full account number from one of my billing statements. I have no billing statements, because I never had an account. My wife might have had a Dillard's account, but Mary E. McGauley died on 12 October 2009. If that is the case, could you delete this credit card and account.
    Gerald M. McGauley
    948 Spring Hills Drive
    New Braunfels, TX 78130-7213
    Tel: (830) 606-0495
    Cell: (210) 912-3345
    e-mail: [email protected]

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  • Ms
    Msity Sep 22, 2010


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  • Ca
    captainjman Dec 24, 2010

    I have been a customer of GE Money for many years. Always had on time payments, never had any issues. I pay my account online and it auto-populates your last account used. I specifically changed the account number and submitted my payment. The confirmation had the correct info on it. I found out today that they used the wrong account. So I called customer DIS-service and spoke to "Dennis" who told me their computers never ever ever make a mistake and hung up on me despite my polite discussion with him. He rattled off this PO box (which I googled and found this website). I called back and found out they were closed. SO... He probably just wanted to go home and not help me before leaving. So many americans are looking for jobs and this guy doesn't even appreciate his blessings. GE - if you read this, his name was dennis, I called in on 12/23/2010 at 11pm +/- 5 minutes. He should be fired!!

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  • Is
    isekold Feb 15, 2011

    I to have had a run in with the incompetent idiot, Dennis! BEWARE if you get him!!! His ID# is 7031. This all started because I never recieved my Art Van GE Money card/first statement. By the time I realized this and called in I had missed my due date. So they sent us a new card, we paid the past amount and we were told they would credit us the late fee. Then we get the next statement. The minimum payment they were charging us was the minimum that should be due, PLUS the amount that was past due that we already paid, PLUS the $25 late fee! When I logged into my account to try to get this sorted out it said my minimum payment was only $15. So I figured that the paper bill had been printed before the last payment/credits and that the paper bill was incorrect. The $15 was less than what I had calculated to pay off our balance before the end of our 0% intrest promo so I paid over the minimum balance on the site. Now they are trying to charge us ANOTHER late fee! We got stuck dealing with 2 rude reps, both of which ended up hanging up on me after giving me the run around and refusing to answer any questions! Dennis and the other rep (I missed her name) should be FIRED!!! We got a number to Art Van Corporate and we are going to lodge a complaint with them and we will NEVER buy another thing from Art Van as long as they use GE Money, and that goes for any other company that uses their card services. BOYCOTT GE MONEYGRUBBERS BANK!! THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS!!!

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