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GE Money Bank / GE Money being sued

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I'd really like to know who is suing GE Money bank and if this is a class action. My niece is bombarded with over 20 calls a day beginning from 8:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m. 7 days a week even though they are taking payments from her checking account every month. (I took a loan out for my niece). She had to unplug the phone. The money being taken out of the account every month is not being applied to the loan and the loan is almost twice the amount borrowed. The interest is 25%. It was 8% on the initial loan from Apple (recommended by Keyspan for a new boiler). Calls to the house are being made from countries where English is not the first language and they are not professional to know they are talking to a recording???

Only two statements were received from the money being taken out every month and late fees are still being applied. Customer service is very unprofessional and rude.

What can I and everyone who has had a complaint about this company do?

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  • Lo
      1st of Oct, 2007
    +3 Votes

    How do we start a class suit? Sign me up.


  • Me
      17th of Oct, 2007
    +2 Votes

    I filed with the FTC and 4 other agencies, I feel your pain and can not stand this company. Yes, I hate dealing with people on the phone who you can't understand half the time....

  • Da
      10th of Jan, 2008
    +3 Votes

    I just paid off my atv with GE. I was told i would recieve the title in about 10 days. It has been almost a month and all i got was some piece of paper that the dmv wont take. After spending 4 days calling both GE and the dealer John Burr, I have gotten nowhere. Anyone know a good lawyer for something like this? My reccommendation would be DO NOT finance anything through GE money bank. Very unhelpful, very unfriendly, very un-cooperative.

  • Mi
      10th of Jan, 2008
    +2 Votes

    What you can do about GE Money

    I am a victim of GE Money Bank and I know that this company is a criminal operation. In my case GE had the supreme chutzpah to deny receiving a credit card payment that was sent direct deposit by a reputable electronic bank. (They immediately charged late fees and hiked my interest.) When this company does that to you and runs you in circles with a letter chase, you are being scammed.

    I have these suggestions. First, if GE cashed your check or withdrew money from your bank account and then in any way denied receiving it, you have a right to report this to the police as a criminal "theft". (First prosecute this case as a crime. Then sue GE in a civil court.) Try to file a criminal (not civil) complaint against GE with the local police, FBI, Secret Service or whoever deals with this type of criminal bank. (At this point in my war, I don't know what kind of police to call yet.) Even if GE's denial of your payment is a real "billing error" (it is not: I happen to know that GE's computers are programmed to issue these fake billing statements on purpose) GE becomes formally guilty of possessing "stolen property" when they cash your check and then deny pocketing the money. That is an important point in criminal law. (It means that GE has to prove to a jury that the false billing statement was an honest "error" not a deliberate lie.) Therefore try to report this as a theft to police who can take a formal criminal complaint and then pass it on to a public prosecutor. That will not be easy and the police may not cooperate with you because they don't know what to do about banks who rob their customers. (They imagine this kind of crime to be "civil", not criminal.) Try going to a local district attorney's office for advice. When enough GE victims report this criminal activity to the right authorities, and they begin to listen, we can launch war on this evil company.

    One agency that will listen to you is the Office of Thrift Supervision, a division of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. GE Money Bank is under their jurisdiction. Send them a written report. This agency will not run your letters in circles: You can call them right away and send them a Fax that will be answered quickly. Write your report carefully, stating the facts carefully and briefly as you would when reporting a crime to the police. Be absolutely sure to sign it and date it. If you fax it, you can send copies of important documents.

    Send it to: Thrift Supervision, Harbor Side Financial Center, Plaza 5, Suite 1600, Jersey City, NJ 07311
    Phone: 1-800-253-2181 Fax: 201-413-7541

  • No
      15th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Stupid Choice 1. Taking out a loan for your Neice who obviously doesn't pay her bill on time.
    Secondly... they call several times a day because you OWE THEM MONEY! they're going to call as long as you have their money and if the money coming out of her checking is not enough for the minimum payment, of course you're going to collect fees. You have to make the minimum payment. have her bank send the correct amount instead of less than the minimum. Why would you sign up for a loan with an interest rate that high anyway. Dummy.

  • Sh
      22nd of Jan, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Well I don't actually owe them any money and they call me everyday. Of course if they were an honest company you could get a hold of someone that spoke english clear enough to work through the problems or at least talk to a supervisor or get an address in which you could send a letter to. Four letters now to the one listed on the contract and no response. I guess Quiter[censored]en obviously either works for them or is the one person that has had a good experience with their services.

  • St
      6th of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes

    There is alway's, alway's two sides of the story. I can understand the defensive side with money being unlawfully pocketed, and I can understand actually being truthful and oweing the company money and just not paying the minimum, and in turn acrue late fees. However, I would not put it past GE Money/ MBA and many others who's high interest rates are out of the roof. My advice, stay away from credit cards period, they are mere evil and try to get out of debt. We tie our own hands when we get ourselves into debt and we become slaves to the creditor. We are at their mercy for lack of better words. Alway's look to the word of God and take heed to the book of Proverbs, you will be surprised what you will find in the word and how it totally pertains to our everyday life. Take care and God Bless you all.

  • Tr
      2nd of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    On the titling issue from Mr. Staggs, actually they usually advise documents can be released after 10 business days. If you received a lien satisfaction letter and the DMV will not take it then either the DMV or you should fax the letter you did receive with the information the DMV needs to GEMB Document Release. There are times that the regular title may not be available to send out to you and if you fax them a copy of what letter you received and VIN, etc. information they can get you what you need for your state and situation. If you are a decent human being with customer service they will give you the fax number and address to correct the situation.

  • Sh
      5th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Amen, Stephanie, But there are times, such as when my dog was attacked by another and I had no other way to pay for his veterinary care, that I got suckered in by GE. Yes, there are two sides to every story. I got behind on my account and that was my own fault. When I received a call from an associate at GE to set up payment arrangements on the 15th of the month, I was told I would not have to pay late fees or overlimit fees. Well, I was!!! I have tried to work with their customer service and collections departments to no avail. I would love nothing more than to be involved in a class action suit against them. I did contact the Better Business Bureau in the last few days and we will see what happens in their investigation

  • Al
      26th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have been through 3 years of hell with this company... and finally feeling that I am not alone! (not that it changes my credit score) I took out a loan three years ago to pay off 4 credit cards that my ex-husband ran up in my name but because ours is a no fault state I had to be responsible for 50% of the damage. Since that loan I have automatic withdraw from my banking account for all bills, have never touched a credit card (except a debit card that automatically comes from my bank), and have busted my butt to build my credit through other bills. All this for NOTHING... I am have been harassed by 20 different collection agencies, threated by 2 law offices, and continue to get calls and have my credit score go down on a continual basis. Basically what happens is that they cash the checks for the credit cards and don't apply it to your accounts and take the money. THEN the actual companies such as Old Navy, etc... continue to draw collections on you because you have not paid your account and you can not receive a "Paid in Full" letter that you need to get it off your credit report. Every collection agency and law firm I have sent the cancelled checks from my loan and they report it back to the original company... ALL OF WHICH NEVER TOUCHES GE MONEY BANK! They sit back and collect the money and don't have to reep the complaints. I have done everything from providing all evidence, to filing claims with the attorney general's office, filing police reports, going to credit counseling agencies, filing online claims with the credit reporting agencies, and am making one last attempt by sending a written letter with the cancelled checks, the loan contract with the checks that were cashed and numbers and when it was paid and we'll see what happens. I would LOVE to file a suit against them, but as a young mother and teacher I obviously can't afford that. I can't even buy the home we live in for my family and will get kicked out this year if we are unable to buy it, let alone buy a car to safely get to work to pay bills and provide for my family, etc... etc... We as the customers are treated as the criminals and I am just flabbergasted that this company has sssoooo many complaints against it and continues to scam customers daily!!! Cross your fingers that this will take care of it... we really want a home :(

  • Ch
      2nd of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    You're not by yourself in this, you don't have to be a lawyer to file lawsuit if they are doing things that are illegal to the fair credit reporting act or the fair debt collections practices act you can bring those violations to your local state or county court kind of like small claims. I'm no attorney I have been a paralegal for a long time I just started going through this problem with GE money for about six months and I'm fed up with it. I live in Baltimore Maryland and have every intention within the next three weeks of filing suit and just being an all round pain in their butt. Knowing that a big company like this will probably ignore me I will use this to my advantage keep filing motions to produce and motions to sanction for failure to produce. If you're in Maryland I can help out gladly point you in the right direction but legally I cannot give you legal advice.

  • Tj
      26th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I want to sue GE Money Bank, but it seems that I am going to need more people to start a class action lawsuit. Is there anyway that I can sue them on my own. Or if anyone would like join me, please get in touch with me at I pretty fed up with these people. I got flooring financed through them and made payments prior to my interest rate kicking in. They never credited my account and charged interest on top of that. I have proof that the payments were made and cleared my account, but they refuse to credit my account! I am really pissed!

  • Ro
      29th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Yes agreed Ge Money demonstates unethical and ruthless business practice

    The evidence speaks for itself

    Check out this site for detailed info on GE Money's track record

    ASIC acts on GE Money’s insurance and debt collection practices

    GE Money’s consumer complaints mount

    ASIC helps Australian consumers understand new credit laws

    The more consumers that can access reliable information in a timely manner to better

    Consumers should be able to research finance companies first before making a decision to apply for a finance product.

    If consumers can see that GE Money products have distinct disadvantages, that the customer service is poor, the interest rates higher, and the debt collection process is very aggressive and damaging for the consumer it is more likely that consumers will not take up GE Money products.

    Loss of business for GE Money and lower profits will really make an impact against GE Money

    Hit GE Money financially and make a difference

    Spread the word about GE Money complaints

    GE Money’s consumer complaints mount

  • Je
      7th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    how about you all pay your bills and take responsibility instead. I think we should pass a law that you cant take out a loan unless you either have a college degree or pass a class on how loans work.. Maybe then you will take more responsibility when you screw up

  • Sc
      14th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    GE Money keeps their crap hidden in the fine print. JetRetry2009, just shut up you stupid whore! Obviously you don't deal with GE. Obviously, you can afford to pay GE. No one asked GE Money to increase interest rates to unattainable limits to the working class, you gullible slut!! Keep your mouth shut, c#nt!!

  • Je
      14th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    It is funny how everyone tries to blame it on the finance company and blame it on fine print. First of all, even if it was all in the fine print that is still your fault for not reading it. The fact is though GE MONEY has more than just 'fine print'. At the very top of the statement it states the terms of any promotion you are on, the date you need to have it payed by to avoid any interest charges, and the amount needing to be payed. To answer your inmature comments scotty. I do have to deal with GE. THe difference is I pay my bills and take responsibilty for my debts. Maybe some day you will grow up and do the same. Untill then keep blaming ge money, it seems to help you feel better about yourself.

  • Sc
      17th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Jetretry2009, here's what a stupid [censor] you are when you don't have GE manager's d!ck in your mouth. I contacted a GE Money representative and asked if the bank was an FDIC member. The gal I talked to didn't even know what the FDIC was! Then she tells me that GE Money isn't a member of the FDIC. I asked her if GE Money had a Complaints Division, and the gal said that any complaints had to be made through a customer service rep or the supervisor on duty. I talked to the supevisor, and he fed me the same [censor]-n-bull story! I come home and search GE Money's website, and found out they are members of the FDIC, and I filed a complaint mainly because of the GE Money employees' incompetance, but also because I got mixed messages about my interest rate.

    My interest rate show $3.75 of my balance being charged 19.99% while the remaining $2, 650.94 is subject to a 22.9% interest rate. I spoke to a GE Money rep yesterday, and she told me I was only being charged the 19.99% and to ignore the 22.9%. I had a friend of mine who is a bank president calculate my interest for me, and I found out that employee fed me false information.

    The same supervisor I mentioned earlier, when addressing the issue of the interest rate told me that GE Money gave me a notice that my rate was increased. That never happened. Then, he changes his story and tells me that my rate was always 22.9%. I have requested copies of the original disclosure statements.

    Obviously, there is incompetance going on at GE Money Bank. And I pay my bills too, you miserable [censor]!! But I also believe I am entitled to a competent bank and employees! GE Money has FAILED in that regard!

  • Sw
      7th of Apr, 2011
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    I'm very disappointed now after reading all the complaints. I needed to open a Care Credit account for some dental work in 2009. My dental office was paid the amount of the loan and I started paying GE Money for the Care Credit loan. I ended up getting only one of the dental procedures done. The GE Money Care Credit loan was for $2000 which was to cover the coinsurance for the procedures after my Dental insurance paid their part. I paid (had debited from my checking account) every month until the balance was $0. The account stayed active and open with a $0 balance for a year. I became unemployed and did not get the remaining procedures done. Long story short, I had a $1500 credit with my Dental office. Since I didn't have Dental insurance and could not pay the total amount for the work, I requested my credit balance from my Dental office (Aspen Dental). I was told by the Dental office that the credit would have to be paid to GE Money and they would need to handle the refund IF I had a balance with GE money. The dental office Rep indicated if she verified that my balance was $0 with GE Money, the refund could come from Aspen Dental. However, after weeks of trying to get info from the dental office, I found out that Aspen Dental sent the refund to GE Money. I called GE Money and was told I had a (negative) credit balance of $1500 and I would be sent the refund ASAP. I was told by the GE Money Rep the payment would be issued to me in 7 business days. After 7 business days, I called back to ask about the payment. I was told by another Rep, that the check was not processed for payment until 5 days after I called to request the refund. I was told the payment was physically "mailed" and I should expect it in 7 business days. (WHY IT TAKES SEVEN DAYS FOR A CHECK TO TRAVEL ACROSS A FEW STATES - I DON'T KNOW...BUT I REMAINED PATIENT); Now, today after 5 days since the check was supposedly mailed, I haven't received the it in the mail. This doesn't seem like a lot of time to wait compared to some of the things I've read on this forum. However, I started the process of requesting the refund about 3 MONTHS ago by talking back and forth with Aspen Dental and GE Money. The promise of the refund only came 2 weeks ago. If I don't receive the check in another 2 BUSINESS days, I plan to file a complaint with the BBB, Attorney General, and any other legal body I can get a hold to. My complaint is not about any payment or balance I owe them, or interest issue. I paid my hard earned money ($2000) to GE Money IN FULL. I never used the entire credit except $500 dollars at the Dental office. THERE SHOULD BE NO REASON I SHOULD NOT BE REFUNDED MY MONEY. This has been dragging on for months and MY PATIENCE IS JUST ABOUT SHOT! I may be jumping the gun (and hope I am), but it's so disappointing to read how this company CHEATS PEOPLE.
    I also plan to contact my local TV station to let them see the documentation and hopefully contact them for a story if the check is not received in the next few days.
    I'm the type of person that usually believes people until they prove me wrong. I'm not cynical until I have reason to be (naive yes, but it works for me most of the time). I'm giving it 2 more days and then IT'S ON.

  • Mc
      16th of Apr, 2011
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  • Re
      12th of May, 2011
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    I have to agree about the complaints about the lack of professionalism by employees of GE Money Bank. They have acquired an account I had with CitiFinance. I was not notified of this by CitiFinance nor by GE Money Bank until after I had gone deliquent (or so GE said). I had autopay with Citi and all indications from them were that I was current. I have asked for a statement of account from GE (they gave me a new number) twice. I have yet to receive a statement of account from GE.

    Since Osama Bin Laden was killed the USDOJ has recommended that you do not pay on your accounts via the telephone. GE Money does not seem to get the idea that the USDOJ is my wife's employer and we usually follow the DOJ's recommendations concerning the handling of our funds. GE insisted that I pay over the phone and I refused until I get a proper bill per the advice of the USDOJ.

    Recommendations: 1) If there is a problem with ensuring payment to GE Money Bank, set up a separate account to put the money in that you are going to pay them from. 2) Keep records of all calls, written communications including e-mails, for future reference. 3) Notify them when they call that the conversation is being recorded for use in court if it goes that far. 4) Put a little more into that separate account than they claim they're charging - that way you have absolute proof of payment and put it into that separate account ahead of time. 5) Keep a copy of this separate account statement in your records.

    In all cases keep a hard copy for future use.

    To: Scotty Pressley - Foul language used in any kind of communication with others - either by phone, e-mail, or written, is not only unprofessional but it eliminates any call for respect by the user because the user is disrespectful not only of others but of him/her self

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