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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved Promo interest/ expiration notification

We bought a Bed, Mattress, Pads, etc. from Sleepy's in Nanuet, NY...there was a 18 month no interest Promo, when you opened a Sleepy's Credit Account... there is a small block space on the statement, which tells you the Promo is ended, but it hardly is noticeable and does not get your attention..I missed the cut-off and the next month all the interest was added to my balance...I paid the entire balance immediately, thinking they might waive the charges (why would I not pay the $353.81 balance to avoid the $378.20 interest charge...) There was no attempt to make the Expiration stand out, and I'm sure they hope you miss it when looking at your statement, so they can charge you the interest...GE wouldn't waive the charges, Sleepy's couldn't intervene on behalf of the Consumer...so I'll pay the charge off and shred my Sleepy's Charge Card...Beware the small print, and read your statement entirely when dealing with GE Money Bank...Don't expect any extra help like large PRINT, or red lettering to get your attention...They're hoping you miss the Cut-off date, even if it's only by a matter of days..

Resolved Bait and Switch Credit Card

Through a program through Cartier - I purchased an engagement ring for my fiance. I put 25% down (was willing to write a check for the full amount). The Salesperson told me of a RED program that allowed for no interest or payments for one year for the balance. I assumed the credit card company GE Money Bank did this program to source high net individuals and agreed. I received a couple statements, which based on what I signed up for, I assumed were account statements saying I owed zero balance and expected to pay the entire "loan" off within 12 months. About a month and a half ago, I received another type of envelope from the GE Money Store and again ignored it. Today, I find yet another note from the GE Money Store and it says my account is DELIQUENT??? What????? Turns out, the GE Money Bank store had me sign up (through Cartier) for a completely different program. This program is 0 interest BUT requires a 3.5 % payment of the balance monthly. So, I pay the amount due IN FULL. Call the GE Money Center to complain about the "switch" by THEIR representatives or affliates and ask for reimbursement of the penalty fees. Done. I am happy...the last thing I ask is "was their a bad credit report filed" because this is not my fault...this is a completely different product than what I was "sold" by Cartier...(Cartier agrees by the way and have CANCELLED the Red program with GE Money Bank). The answer, predictably is Yes..they filed a negative report...and sent me to a Manager who heard the above from start to finish. To make a long story short...he agreed I sold on a program incorrectly, agreed that I paid any and all due once I knew of the problem, agreed that I had a right to be frustrated but REFUSED to take back the Bad Credit notice. This is as blatant consumer abuse I have ever seen in my life. Its predatory and simply wrong. He told me to talk to Cartier (who again fired GE Money Bank) about it...but agreed it was GE Money Bank that filed the bad credit report and only they could remove it.
Cartier is working with their New York office and will work with me to get GE Money Bank to do the right thing..but how a "customer" can be blamed for simply bad behavior and misrepresentation of a product (bait and switch) - who paid in full the day he found out (I could have insisted I didn't owe them anything until the end of the 12 month period)...is just sad and pathetic. I will be writing my Congressmen/women, US Senators, and the FDIC with regards to the above...I am so upset about being taken advantage of...do the right thing...and end up getting blamed for a situation created completely by supposedly two credible institutions.
GE and GE MONEY BANK should be ashamed of themselves...I am selling all of my stock tomorrow and tell this story everywhere I go.

  • Valemmons Jul 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Although it won't help your credit score you can send a letter of dispute to the three major credit burris equifax, experian and trans union to have a note put on your credit report about this account so that when you are looking to apply for anything in the future they wil see that it wasn't you not paying your bills.

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  • De
    DealSearch Jul 28, 2010

    I got the same experience with you -- paid in full every month and the final statement asked me to pay over $800.00 extra fine for late fee. ) The GE Money's representatives and their managers were really cold-hearted. (They do not sound like to have any training except to belittle the customers.)
    My advice: if you want to know what highway robbery is, keep your business with GE Money. If you do not want to become their prey, cut off all your accounts with them as soon as possible.

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  • De
    DealSearch Jul 28, 2010

    I totally agree with this customer. I have got almost the same experience -- paid in full every month and fined for over $800.00 as late fee in the last statement. When I talked to their representatives and managers, they behaved like they had no training at all except belittling their customers. The people there are cold-hearted.
    My advice: if you want to know what highway robbery is, keep your business with them. If you do not want to be their prey, cut off all your accounts with them as soon as you can.

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  • Ha
    hate.g.e.money Jul 28, 2010

    I hate GEMoney with a pation. They don't want to work with you and they WILL not reduce your interest rate because they say it is non-negotiable! Do not do business with this company!! Read your contract! Pay it off before the 12 months or you will pay an additional $1000.00 on a $2000.00 purchase and they will charge you $100.00 a month after that in interest alone! Be careful with this for Empire Today! Interest free financing for 12 months means exactly that. I understood that part but it was that after I paid it off they would not even consider bringing the interest rate down to be able to use their card in the future. It will sit open on my credit as a $0.00 balance credit card from now until doomsday! Awful company!

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Credit card interest keep increasing

I enrolled online through Peachdirect.com for their Credit Card which turned out to be GE Money, well I have been in great standing since I open this account. Then Peachdirect.com after one year went to a different Credit Card company, but I still have a balance on this account so I close it. GE Money bank keep increasing my interest rate and when I call their customer service in some foreign country keep refusing to lower my interest rate. My other Credit Card company have all been helpful but not GE Money Bank. I thought GE Money Bank was an American company but not in the business of helping American Credit Card holders. They are killing me...

Bunch of thieves

SO I had a GE care credit card for a while now. not only did they tell me it was a year at no interest, but they FORGOT to tell me it would all be deferred!! so in one month from may 8 to June 9, they charged my 3, 600.00 in interest. I asked them, no I begged them to work with me and "forgive" some of that interest and those egotistical a--holes said sorry we can't do anything for you. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE...DON'T DO IT. 27%interest, get the heck out of here. IF you have this card, pay it off ASAP because they will hit you HARD for the interest. I will NEVER EVER buy from GE again. we need all new appliances, LG here we come, I will never have anything good to say about GE, GE Care credit, GE appliance...they can all go to ...YA, I AM PISSED OFF CUSTOMER!!!

  • Ma
    Mastedon2 Apr 19, 2012

    Extremely high, USUARIOUS interest rates.
    Unfortunately, they say they can change it any time they want in the contract.
    Ive been burned by them too, and will never owe another penny to them, nor will anyone I know.

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Its no wonder our banks are in trouble with people like this running things

I have a walmart credit card with a $300 limit. We have had some financial problems and it has gotten with late fees and finance charges up to $511.54. I just closed a retirement fund and decided to call GE. Money Bank today to talk about doing a payoff. I was offering to pay $400.00 today to get this paid off. I was told by Mr.Daniel Mcneel the supervisor that he would take no less than the $511.54. That we were in their payment plan for $20.00 a month. I stated that at $20.00 a month that it would take 2.5yrs. to pay off. When I WOULD BE GLAD TO PAY $400 TODAY. HE {Mr.Daniel Mcneel} refused and hung up on me.I hope GE MONEY BANK, WALMART AND ALL Big companies see what type of practices their supervisors are doing. I thought we were suppose to get our debits paid off.Not stay in debit. I believe I will contact the Attorney General and The White House.Its no wonder our banks are in trouble with people like this running things.

  • Hi
    hiddenidentity May 29, 2010

    I happen to work with Mr. McNeil he would never hang up on one of his customers and the funny thing is he is one of the nicest people i know the only way we are able to "hang up" on a customer is if they are being irrate. which in this case your trying to make yourself sound like the good guy here when there is obviously a certain amount that you have to pay and i feel it is very immature of you to lie about something like this to TRY to hurt someones feelings (or whatever it is that you were going for).

    Obviously the account had been figured down to the settlement amount of that 5 hundred some dollar amount. Just because you say you want to pay $400 dollars doesnt mean that you get your way (once again proving a point of immaturity).

    I think you needed to go and pay the amount that was settled on and maybe try paying your bills on time. And no im not trying to be rude here im just trying to get the facts out to to public. If you charge up a credit card dont you think you should pay for what you bought? i mean that seems like common sense to me. And sure if there were late fees and finaince charges put on your account it is YOUR resposibility to pay for YOUR mistakes. You cant expect to thing free in life.

    When you get a credit card there is a contract you have to sign and obviously the majority of the people that have one dont read it. Thats fine but when things like this happen you can not blame the company nor the employees for your mistakes.

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Non Compliant toward request

I am so glad I am not the only one to hear that is getting screwed by this company. One day, I was lazy enough to not drive to my nearest Lowe's store to pay off the bill. Instead I went online to pay the bill and the complete run around in order to pay bill off. I got so discouraged that I decided to drive and pay it off. Since that day, I have never (again) received a payment through the mail. I have always received a bill in the mail (up until around March of 2008). I constantly get calls from the company asking to call the 800 number because it is very important. When I call the number, I get an answering machine and that's it. I have tried (on numerous times) to get these people to continue sending me a bill, but this request has gone unanswered. I called and spoke to "Paul" about the situation and he insisted that I make a payment over the phone, to which I said that I didn't want to. He told me about how much I had to pay because I don't know how much I owe them and he hung up on me. WTF! I don't know who to contact, but am ready to join a potential class action lawsuit. First time I have ever had to put up with a problematic company and hopefully the last.

  • Jo
    Joni B Feb 02, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They call me multiple times a day and when I answer, they hang up. One time, a woman said, "Hello, Joni?" and I said "yes" and she hung up. My Lowe's payment is late because I was the victim of identity theft and my credit cards were stolen, along with my SS number. So this thief has been using my credit cards and SS number. I have explained to Lowe's what happened and why I am late and how I am trying to fix this. All I get is hang up calls. They call me at least 10 tiems a day.

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  • Gs
    G Spring Nov 20, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am getting the same calls . They come morning, noon, and night 7 days a week! I am not late nor have I ever been late to pay the bill. I truly believe this is a scam to get my information. How can I get these calls to stop. I get them 3 times a day!

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  • Ge
    GECapitalCares Nov 22, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    **To expedite a response, please provide Reference code DM 112213_cb_GSpring**

    I’m sorry you have experienced issues with your GE Capital Retail Bank account. We would like to try and resolve your concerns. Please email me at [email protected] with your name and phone number. A member of our consumer advocacy team will call you to assist.

    For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.

    GE Capital

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  • Al
    ALICE Apr 19, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Me 2, just called them and canceled my card. i will not put up with crap like this. I will pay them the balance, one time use and be done with them.According to them some one misspelled my address when I opened it at the store. If I had not called I would soon have a service charge. The post office rejected the letter as they put the physical 911 address along with the misspelled town. I will NOt fool with people who cannot perform business in a professional manner

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  • We
    wench May 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    1 866 519 6450


    GO GET EM.

    NAIL THEIR ###!

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Excessive Charges/Lie About Settlement

Back in 2006 I has laser eye surgery and financed it through GE Money Bank with a payment of $65 per month. I lost my job approximately 6 months after my surgery and called to make payment arrangements with them, They cut my payment in half, but what they did not tell me was that they charged me late fees on the half I was not paying.
Well, here it is May of 2010 and I owe more than $500 more than the original amount of $2000. They have charged me excessive late fees, over credit limit fees and 22.98% interest.
I called to settle this bill and we agreed to a settlement of $589. I split in 3 payments. The day before my last payment was due I called them to see if I could in any way change the payment date to the 13th instead of the settlement due to a work check being late. No problem is what they told me. I did not want this to affect my last payment.
I just got off the phone with them and they said because I was late the deal was off and I still owe them $2000.
All of the customer service is in India and frankly these people have major attitude and when I asked to speak with his supervisor who he had put me on hold with, he hung up on me.
I am sick of this company and taking them to court. This is beyond ridiculous.
No matter what ANYONE says about this company... DO NOT DEAL with them as they lie like a sleeping dog. The scamming liars... I am over them!!

  • Rw
    rwandamark Jul 08, 2010

    This is the same thing that happened to me! I wish there was a class action against GE/Carecredit. I had a settlement of $1696. They then said that it didnt get there in time (which is a lie), and applied the amount to the balance.
    Well, of course I called them and spoke with them to no avail.
    Now, at least 5 collection agencies later as they keep selling it and making my credit worse, it is still unresolved. Not to mention the amt goes up.

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Resolved Company would not let me pay loan off !!!!!!

I took out a credit card loan for a 4wheeler back in 2005 through "Funancing" also known as GE Money Bank. Here it is April of 2010 and I still owe $6000 which is only a few hundred from what i started at. Over the past 5 years I have had nothing but problems with them losing payments, saying that the payment was not put on my debit card, and they changed the due date without letting me know. Anyway, my stories with this company could write a novel but I'm here to complain about how hard it was to pay this card balance off. They were killing me with interest fees 21.99% on the balance the another 21.99% on what they call late fees. What they would do is if they say your payment is late for some reason it would show on your statement a$39.99 late charge. you can't fight with them even if you have proof that your payment was on time. Anyway they next payment i would add the late charge to my amount due to cover it. Well it was not until much later when i got married that my husband saw this. When i made a late charge payment they did not apply it to the late charge, they would just consider it as part of the regular payment. In the meantime they start a kind of "second balance" totally different from my purchase balance and that put this overdue amount of $40 in this "second balance" and charge you the same interest as the original purchase. Over the years this amount grew greatly because i was not aware of it. It was like i had two different loans with this company getting charged 21.99% on both each month and you have to specify in you payment that you want a certain amount or the whole payment to go to this "second balance" or a payment is NEVER made to it. It just GROWS & GROWS.
Ok back to trying to pay off my loan. My husband and i knew it would be years before getting this paid of by making the minimum payment plus $100 each month, which is what we did. I spoke with GE Money back in August 2009 they said we could use Visa, Mastercard or Visa Debit to payoff the balance. So my husband got a Visa Credit card at 0% interest for 12 months. We could make a huge dent is this balance in one year with no interest. The card was approved for about $1000 less than the payoff. So i continued to make payments to try to get it down to put on the card. The first part of April we finally get them to agree to $200 less and we would just pull the rest out of checking...we had to get out from this loan!!! I call on April 14, 2010 and the man tell me they do not take Visa only Mastercard and Visa Debit. You can imagine my anger. So August of last year Visa Credit was fine but not now. So on April 14, 2010 after talking with GEMoney we apply for another credit card a Mastercard this time. We got it in the mail at the end of last we and called today April 27, 2010 to pay this balance off (the MC was 0% interest for 15 month). I place the call to GE Money using the 800 number that was on my statement (which there are 3 different 800 numbers, very confusing) I was told this morning by GE that they do not take Mastercard. WHAT THE HELL I went around and around and around with them. They said all they could take was Visa Debit. I was not believing what i was hearing. I was almost speechless. I did all the normal thing, i want to talk to a manager, then the next manager but nothing. Finally I was talking to one of the employees an they had been giving me the run around that they could not tell me who i spoke with back on the 14th that said i could use the MC. I kept at her and said i know your computer will tell you that i call and who i spoke to. Well this went on forever (and i admit i was yelling) then she said something about all of there calls are recorded. I said stop right there. If all calls are recorded the my call on the 14th was recorded and she agreed but could not pull up the call. I would have to talk to customer service(which i thought i was already talking to). anyway she gave me another 800 number the person answers, i give them my account number and ask, "If i wanted to payoff my account balance what kind of credit cards could i use. ...and she said the magic words "MASTERCARD", and visa debit. I explained to her what i had been going through at the other 800 number and she was able to tell me who i spoke with before anyway. She took the MC number and gave me a confirmation number and told me to call tomorrow if i wanted to confirm the zero balance. My payoff papers will be in the mail in 5 to 10 days.
I write all of this to try to get it off of my chest. I am not a writer so i can't get accross to you how bad it has been over the years. But i will leave you with this the purchase i made was originally $6058.96 back in 2005. As of today i have paid over $11, 000 on this purchase plus the now $6000 that is owed to Mastercard. I cannot explain how wonderful it is to know i am through dealing with GE Money and all of their scams. They have many...please don't let them get you.

Resolved unexplainable charges

I will STRONGLY encourage any one considering using GE Money Bank for any sort of financing, to reconsider. I purchased a motorcycle and financed it through GE Money, and at the time it seemed I was getting a good deal with decent interest rates. I soon discovered I made a very large mistake. After about 6 months my interest rates jumped to 30%, without missing or being late on any payments. When I would contact them for reasoning on the matter I was getting transferred and given multiple numbers to talk to all different people and no one could give me an explanation or lower my rates back down to where they were. Winter came around and I found myself paying late on two separate occasions. I soon discovered that my rates rose yet again! Not thinking logically I refused to make another payment until I received the simple answers I was seeking. So after not making a payment for 2 months I figured someone would call and I would get my answers then. BIG MISTAKE! They repossessed the motorcycle and I was forced to pay off the remaining balance one year early, which was a total of $5, 500! This was just about what the original loan amount was for, and one representative told me the high amount was due to late charges. The fact is they noticed that I would be paying off the loan early so they tacked on all these extra charges and fees, knowing that they were not going to be able to milk me for the next year. After everything was said and done I ended up paying a total of around $8, 500 when the motorcycle itself had a price tag of $5, 5oo. So they made an easy $3, 000 off me. And this doesn't include the money I paid for the towing and storage of the motorcycle when it got repossessed. It has now been 9 months since the bike was paid off and I have never received a lean release. Ive called numerous times and been given verbal reassurance that I would be getting the lean release within a 14 day period. The past few times I called I get transferred to someone that barely speaks English. I'm starting to wonder if this is there way of ignoring me. I sold the motorcycle and explained to the purchaser that I would be mailing him the lean release as soon as I get it. I don't know what I have to do to get the lean release. GE Money is by far the worst company to use for financing and it would make me very happy to see them shut down. Its a cruel company that has no remorse for the average American trying to get by in now days economy. Please DO NOT USE GE MONEY BANK.

  • Lu
    lulu16 Mar 23, 2010

    I had the same problem with GE Money. That company actually financed some dental work I thought I was getting a good deal, but the interest rates went sky high after a few months. Then I was charged for back interest rates because supposedly I didn't pay my account on time.

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Resolved Dispute

Finance Charge will incur if you make your payment too early.
I opened an account with CareCredit to pay for braces. It was to be an 18 month no interest account which allowed for one late payment before the finance charge would be added to the account.
I did have a payment due of about 59.00 on 9-20-09. I realized on the 21st that I was late, so I made a payment of 180.00 covering the September and October payments.
My October statement arrived with the finance charge added to the account. When I called to question the charge I was told that because I missed both Sept and Oct's payments I was in default of my contract. I explained how I made the payment on 9-21 for the late Sept payment and the current Oct payment. It was explained to me that the Oct payment was not due until after 9-28. I questioned if I was now being penalized because I made the Oct payment too early??? The answer was YES, you made the payment after the September payment was due, but before the October payment was due on the 28th.
I would not advise anyone to do business with this company. By the way, the interest rate was 29.99%

  • Wh
    Whoknowsme Aug 31, 2012

    Hi, when you stated that you had paid for September and October's payment in advance, was there still a remaining balance left?

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Resolved Raising payments and adding fees

I applied and was accepted at the end of November 2009 for a loan for some dental work. The loan applied for...

Resolved credit balance

I have a credit balance of $330 and have called and mailed a request for a cash payment to me. I do not get a response or a check.

  • Ma
    maddestdog Mar 22, 2011

    GEMB is a thief and cheat. They have no concept of how to deal with people. Any business that will use GEMB should also be labeled a thief and cheat. I hope customers quit ordering from companies that use GEMB and let us put them out of business. They do as they please and make up their rules as they go. I was suppose to get a credit balance check (QVC) of $208.31, it was requested on the 9th of March, I was told it was mailed out on March 10, 2011. I ordered a TomTom GPS from QVC on the 15th of March, and GEMB took the first payment out of the credit balance. I am irate. The check was supposeto be in the mail, and the first payment on the TomTom was not even due, I just got it today, the 21st. I am sending the TomTom back, and I will request my money back. I will not order anything else from QVC until I get my full $208.31 back that was due me. GEMB has no right to hold anyone's money and spend it for them. I intend to contact BBB and Consumer Affairs. People, Americans, we need to stop them. We need to remember that the majority rules. Not the cheaters and liars who want to run everything and control. Think of what kind of world it will be for our children, if we do not take a stand. We can do without for a while to get these thiefs out of business and have someone honest and fair in their place. MAJORITY RULES

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Resolved GE Care Credit

My father was sold GE Care Credit at a dentist office. He did not understand it was a credit card. Three days later when he told me, we cancelled it, via phone.
Care Credit PRE CHARGED $1200 worth of treatment!
Three days after his office visit, we paid for the treatment he received, and returned to his regular dentist.
GE continues to harass my parents. I have written letters and done everything an honest consumer can do. I finally signed them up for Caller ID so they don't have to talk to them.
I have never had so much trouble trying to settle anything.

Resolved personal loan

They have gotten me as well! The representatives do not have recollection of what they tell me ~ in other words they don't keep it logged in their computer. I was told that due to hardship that I could have a lower payment. The following month I made that lower payment and that's when the calls began! They tacked on an additional almost $500 for late fees. I called and thought that I could rectify the situation but sadly, I was mistaken. They said that there was no way that I had been told that I could have lower payments because I did not qualify for a hardship. I asked if they could tell me why and they refused. I asked to speak to a supervisor, they said that was not possible. I have been through a HUGE ordeal with them and my credit report is taking a hit. I am interested in other people's issues with this company and any class action lawsuits that may be pending. This has created major stress for me and has upset me to the point that I am ready to sue.

  • Ba
    bazinga Mar 10, 2010

    I have had a personal loan with GE for 3 years and have NEVER been late or missed a payment. I always pay more than the minimum. Last month I did not receive a statement;we did not get some of our mail due to a change of postal carriers and this was apparantly one of them. I do not use online bill pay. Anyway, I got a call from them whem my payment was about 3 days late (unknowingly to me) and of course was shocked, but payed the amount over the phone. The rep. even offered to remove my late fee, which I thought was nice. BUT, a couple of days later I was informed my account had been closed!!!
    Excuse me? For ONE late by 3 days payment? I couldn't believe it. I am in the process of trying to get some kind of explanation for this. Ridiculous! I am furious.

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Resolved Late fee charges

Ge money bank has charged my wife a late fee 3 times in the last year the same day payment is posted. . . I call wait 38 minutes for them to tell me they need authorization from my wife to discuss waiving the fee, i have been authorized in writing to them they say they cant find that authorization. . . What a joke and trying to rip off everyone with these slick moves cancelled card should have done that a long time ago stay away from ge money bank!!!

  • An
    ann m May 02, 2010

    Letter of denial. DID NOT APPLY FOR ANYTHING! Need to know whats going on!

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  • Sh
    sharene cassidy Dec 08, 2014

    Ive had a 7000.00 card since 2008. I pay 200.00 per month 147.00 goes in fees and charges 53. 00 comes off i pay on same day every month but they charge a 30.00 late at least six times a year ? Sick off arguing its now 2014/2015 and i still owe 5300.0 im gunna be paying this in my grave. No help

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Resolved overcharge on 1st installment

Oh, boy, did I learn the hard way at the 1st automatic payment. This organization was recommended to me by the dental office I went to for dental implants. Figuring the dentist was esteemed in the community, the company he recommends must be reputable. I signed up online to have $4, 225.00 deducted from my husband's bank account @ the credit union (Sikorsky Federal Credit Union in CT) with automatic payments monthly, over the course of 12 months. Well, with deduction #1, they withdrew the full amount. This left us with an overdraft fee, as well as perplexed & angry. Anyone in their right mind would know you wouldn't go anywhere near a plan as such if you planned to pay it all off @ once, on the 1st payment. I SIGNED UP FOR MONTHLY AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWALS, NOT A SINGLE PAYMENT OF THE FULL BALANCE ON THE FIRST MONTH. Additionally, I cannot access my account online, as they have locked me out. I spoke with customer service, & they tell me I must have pushed an incorrect button on the computer. I beg to differ. I am literate & conscientious as well as really disturbed by this company. If there is any other information I can provide you with, please do not hesitate to contact me @ [protected]. I am amazed that any company is capable of such behavior. However, when I googled GE money & BBB, I see I am not alone. Thank you, in advance. Clair Fink

Resolved change of payment terms

I have financed many purchases using GE Money Bank. Many major items have been purchased for our home using the one year deferred finance charge promotion through ABT electronics in Glenview IL. December 2009 a few holiday items were purchased. When the bill arrived I paid it accordingly as I have paid on this same charge account number for many years. The terms of the charge have been changed from NO PAYMENT DEFERRED INTEREST TO WITH PAYMENT DEFERRED INTEREST ! My payment was a few days late for their New Terms.

GE Money Bank charged me a late fee of $39.99 for a purchase of $480.71. This is a charge of 8.25% of the totatl balance due on this account. They sucker punched me by sneaking in different terms on the deferred interest account. Annual percentage interest if charged would have been 18.37 vs 39.99 charged under the label of Late Fee. This is outrageous! I have paid this company $200.00 per month on a regular basis to keep my account in good standing.

I own GE Stock, Buy GE Appliances - Now I have a better idea why this company is struggling!

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    Robert J. Ralston Jun 24, 2010
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    How do I contact GE Money Bank online to solve my payment plan?

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    Robert J. Ralston Jun 24, 2010
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    I am stationed overseas with the military if my credit goes bad becuase of GE Money Bank I will go through the soldier salor relieve act. Please let me know how to contact GE Money Bank. Can you help me locate their e-mail address?

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Resolved Be Warned!

This company is presented by dentists, doctors, vets, etc. to help people cover costs when they don't have the cash to pay for them.

In an emergency many of us have little or no choice. For example, a person desperate to save a pet's life or in need of an emergency root canal may find Care Credit to be the only real option.

I'm okay with this, I could even deal with a higher interest rate. But to charge a HUGE rate of about 30% THEN charge a MONTHLY "finance charge" of almost $40 per months, is effectively bleeding consumers dry for years to come.

If a person can't pay for services at the time of visit, how will they ever pay this card off? This sort of thing should be illegal!

Care Credit could easily provide this service at a lower rate and ditch the finance charge and people would happily use this service forever. Instead, we are resorting to these postings and searches for class actions.

This company preys on the hardships and tradgedies of it's clients. This is NOT okay.

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    Mcneillmama May 21, 2011

    Bate and Switch: The same thing has happened to me. I paid off the promotional balance, on time with money drawn off my Health Savings Account on time-in plenty of time to not incur the interest on the medical bill. They rejected the payment without my knowledge. About two weeks after I paid off the bill, I get a "courtesy" call stating that I had missed a payment. I was flabbergasted. I called the company. The customer service rep was an idiot, telling me that GEMB does not accept payments from Health Savings Accounts. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, she hung up on me. You don't hang up on me unless you want to hang yourself. So I have filed three complaints to the BBB. GEMB also conducts business in multiple states, so the consumer doesn't know who to deal with. I have had communications from them from FL where you send your payment, to OH where you send in complaints that fall on deaf ears, and now from some woman in SD(Darcey Segatti West, Corporate Specialist, Consumer Relations). The latest communications I received from GEMB states, "unfortunately, GEMB does not accept payments from HSAs submitted as a debt" even after I called my bank. My bank told me that I can use the money in my HSA to pay off any bill I want. The designation HSA is only for IRS purposes, not GEMB's purposes. It's simply a checking account. Money is money. My bank resubmitted with the very same account information I sumbitted to GEMB on 04/14/2011, and GEMB took my money from the very same account I used the first time. So which is it? Do they accept money from health savings accounts or don't they? This is just another example of greedy credit card companies engaging in unethical billing and collection practices, trying to stiff the consumers. I am warning everybody, "Do NOT get talked in to using a GEMB card to pay any doctor or dentist." It isn't worth the harassment. Medicaid patients don't have to even pay a copay if they don't have the money, so why are working class consumers being forced in to contracts with companies like GEMB? To Mary K: GEMB doesn't have to cancel my card, I cut the blame thing up and threw it in the trash!
    Please send my any email communications to [email protected] if you have any more hassle from GEMB. I think a class action law suit against the company is in order mys elf after reading that suggestion on this board. Apparently, GEMB is engagin in unethical billing and collection practices across the board. I will NEVER use that card again and stick with my own money market account at BB&T, a bank that I trust and knows me.

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    Karenolenych Jan 19, 2012

    Is there a collected effort forming against this company?

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Resolved PAYOFF

I have a Walmart credit card that is owned by GE MONEY BANK.It had a $300 limit. Needless to say we got behind on it about 2 yrs. ago. Well the bill got up to over $600 in late fees and finance charges and everything else they charge. GE put it into a special collections unit where we pay $20 a month. It is now down to $511.54. I was able to get $4oo scrapped together and thought I could negotiate a payoff. I was wrong. I called today 02-10-2010 and spoke with 2 different people before I asked for the Supervisor Mr.Daniel McNeel.He told me that my account wasn't 2months behind and NO he would not accept taking $400 to settle the $511.54 account. I said it would take 2.5 yrs. to pay it off at $20 a month so why not accept the $400? He promptly `said No again and hung up on me. I hope GE MONEY BANK PEOPLE READ THIS BECAUSE IT'S NOT THE ONLY WEBSITE I HAVE REPORTED THIS ON. It is amazing the credit card places want these things paid off but they wont accept your payment. Oh and Mr.Daniel Mcneel you are a very rude person.

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    ge money visa complaint Oct 26, 2009


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    dizzyphil Jun 13, 2010

    I too paid off an agreed amount with them and still had extra funds to pay. I still have not received my title for payoff either and I am about to have my lawyer send a letter to the Federal Trade Commission and BBB. They have exceeded the limit in the State of TN which they must abide by since this is where I commissioned the card. I have a lawyer in New York and is headed to the courthouse on Tuesday. Good luck with you!!

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    Darcy Brewer Jul 03, 2010

    GE MOney Bank is a fraud, They cashed a settlement check a year ago, months later it came up on my credit report as closed account but with a balance. 2/10 I had my attorney write them a letter asking them to clear the balance and then by April one of their reps, Ms. Jaime Brown wrote me a letter saying " they were not accepting the settlement as I did not send the settlement to the correct address" I did not mail the settlement to the payment address but to an address that someone would have had to look at the settlement, their was 2 address at the top of the billing statement. GE MOney bank /Old Navy has added fees to this account all year. Then I did respond to the letter from Ms. Brown letting them know I would not be making any payments as my settlement was very legal under the "accord & satifaction law".
    Now GE money is claiming that they have been mailing me bills all year when in fact I never got any bills from Them until June 2010 when they mailed one. Now they say my account was market as BK so again they never mailed any bill. They say one thing and another to try and cover their butts so to speak. GE money called my husband who is not on the account at the end of May 2010 and told him all the details of this account and said I had not paid. That is Illegal as he is not a party to the account. Then June I got a bill that I mailed back market no payment due to settlement. I filed a compalint with BBB of Ohio and now we are at odds no end in sight. GE money has reps respond after the 3rd notice from BBB and leave phone numbers for me to contact them when called no one by that name is their. I spent a day calling getting no were. I looked up the complaint board to find many, many conplaints against GE money back. Beware of this company and their fees. I now have wrote a letter to the head of GE money bank and we will see what happens next. The head if Gerard Ryan.

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