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On Nov. 14, 2016, I received an email from First Premier Bank in Sioux Falls, SD, thanking me for submitting an application for a credit card and congratulating me for qualifying for the card. Big problem, however, is that I never applied for any such credit card. Apparently they opened a credit card account in my name without authorization or notice to me.

So far I've emailed, phoned, and sent a certified letter rejecting any such card and demanding that FPB correct my records. Based on their bad internet reputation, it seems like this is how they do business. This reminds me of the Wells Fargo scheme -- create fake accounts for a commission and then run up service charges, etc.

When I called to notify FPB of the problem and complain, I got "Kim A41" and her boss "Kori 7887" -- always a bad sign when a bank can't use their real names. After I complained about the situation, they said they wouldn't do anything until I gave them lots more confidential personal information, like Social Security Number and date of birth. They claimed they already had it, so this was just to check me out in case I was trying to cancel what was supposedly my own card (???) -- they seemed to think I was pulling the old "cancel the account in your own name for the hell of it" scam -- right. Of course, I had an ID number their email included in the email, but they said they couldn't recognize or use their own ID number. (They could also confirm they had my email and phone number, but they don't count that for ID either. I think they want the SSN, DOB, etc. to backfill the fake application with the real data.)

Nov 18, 2016
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      May 04, 2019

    I closed my account with a zero balance. After multiple attempts to talk me into keeping their card (at 36% interest!) they finally closed the account and gave me a closure number. Then they re-opened the account, claiming someone called them saying it was me, and charged $450 in cash to "African Rapid Transfer"! I called them, got a run around and then they had the audacity to post the closed card account on my credit report with the FRAUDULENT charge of $456.10 showing as owed to them! I was furious! I called the Master Card phone number, In the U.S. call 1.800.Mastercard (1.800.627.8372) and finally spoke to someone fluent in English and they opened an investigation. If I don't get satisfaction out of that, I'll be referring this situation to the State Attorney General's office and they'll rue the day they let it get on his desk ;) My advice to anyone would be to stay far away from this company, I suspect the people responsible for the fraudulent charges to my (supposed to have been) CLOSED account work there!

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