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Fifth Third Bank / stealing money through overdraft fees!

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I have a Fifth Third Student Checking account with them, and once I went only $7.70 over my current balance. Within an hour of discovering it, I had brought my account to $0.05 in the black. However, I checked my balance the next day and found that I was $32.95 in the red because of an overdraft charge! I anticipated that, so it didn't bother me too much at the time. However, my paycheck was deposited today and I found out that they had assessed me a total of $103 in overdraft charges. They took my whole paycheck and still left me $3 in overdraft. I called them and they say if I put the $3 in today that I won't be assessed any further fees. If they do assess me again, there will be a fresh complaint on here and a call to the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Ja
      23rd of May, 2008

    I have been dealing with issues with Fifth Third for months now, as so has my father. I have been with them for over 5 years now, and they treat you like crap. On the 20th I was overdraw by .36 cents and got charged $33.00 for it. Though in their rules and regulations is clearly states that you have 3 DAYS to pay them back without any more charges being done, on the 22nd I get charged another $24 DAILY OVERDRAFT FEE! The same just happened to my father last week. Of course, as him being a male, when he called to tell them that he has the print out of their rules on there, stating that you do have the three days before charges apply, he gets them reversed. I call and do the same this morning, and I am told that's not correct. That I WAS IN THE WRONG! Two weeks prior I get almost $300 overdraw fees taken out of my acct. Though I kept putting money in. They were saying that the cahrges wern't taken out until Midnight, and that was from the day before, so thats why my money keeps being taken out. Though it says that you are only suppose to be charged a $6 fee per day, I was getting $24 per day. When I call, or go down to the bank, they tell me that my online checking means nothing, that I have to call them to see. I specifically asked the girl, that since I'm talking to her, ARE THERE ANY MORE CHARGES PENDING? She tells me NO! But, of course, I get charged the next DAY! I get on the phone again, and they tell me to check my online checking from now on so I can see. I was speechless, due to them just telling me less than 24 hrs prior, that i have to call THEM to see. They are the ABSOLUTE worst bank I have ever had. The only reason I had them in the first place is b/c they took over our small intown bank. I will be taking my money out of their bank and never deal with the rude harsh condesending people again. The way our economy is now, they should be helping people. Not robbing people.

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  • Aj
      31st of May, 2008

    I have so many complaints about 5/3rd there is not enough room to get them all in. The most recent is, I had a $3.10 charge on my account which caused a $33 charge. Well I disputed the charge and got reimbursed by vendor. I talked with the manager of the bank and he said when it was actually put back in my account I would get the $33 back. Okay that was done on the 19th and it is now the 31rst. Not only that I actually took him at his word and added it into my balance, which I should not have because it caused my account to be overdrawn. I was expecting him to do what he said and put in our account. So by him not giving us back what was ours it cost me $198. When I called the 800 number to ask about it, she stated that "because the $3.10 did not cause our account to be overdrawn she did not know if I would even get the charge back" How does that make sense, if I never would of been charged incorectly for the $3.10 I would of never received the $33 charge. This bank is full of theives and when you catch them doing something wrong they will not live up to it. Do you know they actually told me it was against the law to tell me how a check I wrote to someone (who also banks at 5/3) was cashed? I was disputing it because it was post dated, the teller actually took the check, checked my account, seen I had a deposit posting to cover it and cashed it. However then they come back through and charged me $396 in overdraft fees for that check. If they cashed it knowing I did not have the money in my account at that moment because they seen the deposit how is it my fault? Of course they sent the check back because I did not have the money to cover the check and the $396 in fees. What can I do?

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