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This bank is the worst bank ever. They go out of their way to find opportunities to charge overdraft fees. I currently have three accounts with them, and I have been charged overdraft fees even when both of the following occurred: 1. I had money in my other accounts to cover the expenses and 2. I transferred enough money from one account to the other account to cover the expenses the SAME day the expenses occurred. I have called to complain about this to no avail. The last time I called to complain about this, the customer service representative hung up on me.

I am closing my accounts and switching to a new bank ASAP.


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Jun 03, 2016 8:17 am EDT

Fifth Third totally mistreated me over a recent credit card payment. I got paid on Friday and realized that my payment was due on Sunday. I tried to make payment after work, only to realize that Fifth Third closed by 5:00. The next day, I attempted to mail my payment 24 hour service from several different places (which was suggested by the 5/3 customer service rep.) only to discover that no place will deliver on Sunday. When I called back for help, they said they would make an exception and take a "payment by phone" (for which they charged me $17.75). When I got my statement, I discovered that they also charged me a $39.00 late fee and jacked up my interest rate. Where is this credit card reform that our legislators have been promising? Can they get away with this type of treatment?

Nov 23, 2015 12:25 am EST

Pls my mum send money to me from usa to me here in Cambodia and they said the value date is 23 11 2015 and now the money has not reflect here what's happening pls she send the money since on the 18 11 2015

Oct 21, 2013 9:10 pm EDT

Worst banking experience I have ever had . I have over draft protection alerts I recive via txt if my acount falls below a certain amount which are incorrect. my acount was negative due to an overdraft fee they gave me on monday that I occured apparently friday and they didnt decide to charge me till 3 days later...I recived the iver draft at 11:00 am makibg my acount negative as it was for 74 dollars or whatever and I onky have around 27 In the account because im broke like most of America. 11:40 my alert came through saying I had anpossitve 27 dollars...the bank manager was and condescending treating me stupid and should know how to keep a better ledger. ...well im human and make mistakes luckily I supposedly had tools to help when I drop the ball...NOT cuz the stupid tool lied...the manger went on to just make excuses and try to point out its my fault...well 5th 3rd if your tools that are supposed ti help didnt lie and say I have money when im negative maybe I wouldnt have so many problems...and how is someone supposed to get theyre head abouve water when you keep holding them down...this bank habe a civil suit againt them a few years ago for iver draft fee's and theyre laggy system that they blame on the consumer. Get with the program 5th 3th and stop stealing money from hard working honest people.

Jun 09, 2011 4:52 pm EDT

Recently, we paid for our parents prescriptions with cash and they gave us a check. The total amount of the check was $40. We deposited it a few days after they wrote it (they are tight on money and let us know when to deposit it). Two weeks after the check had been deposited, we checked our bank account. Turns out the check was denied for lack of funds. I wasn't angry at my parents like I said they are tight on money. Here is the part that STEAMS me, FIFTH THIRD BANK charged our account a $15 penalty fee for the bad check. As if it were my fault for not checking that their bank account had the funds in it. This transaction isn't killing us but we work hard for our money. So now not only are we out the $40 but another $15 on top of that. Like I said, I'm not mad at my parents but the bank charging our account a monetary penalty for depositing a check, that is horrible customer service and we will be switching very soon.

Apr 15, 2010 8:49 am EDT

Jan 15, 2010 12:30 am EST

I have a home mortgage with 5th 3rd, approx 2 yrs old. At closing I enrolled in their auto pay for my payments. I provided the first yrs insurance, and taxes. In August of 2008 I changed banks, called 53 explained what i was doing. recieved a letter 2 days latter from 53 thanking me for my august paymnt, and that they now recognized my new checking as my new acct of deposit. They got there paymnt from my new bank, but they also kept trying to get payment from prev acct as well. When tax papers arrived it showed that i had missed nine payments, and that i failed to keep up my insurance paymts.(had to bring proof at closing for the first yrs ins.) I been at war with these people since 01/09. I have never missed a paymnt. paid my 24th payment 01/01/2010. They now say i havn't made a paymt since 08/2008. reported that to the 3 credit reporting agencies. I have every statement showing the paymnt being deducted from my acct. need to refi bbut they have missed my credit up to the point well you know rest. they know i've made these paymnts. they just say tough. So according to them Ihaven't made a house paymnt in 16 months, but I still living in it. havent' been notfied of any foreclosure. ANY ideas ? sincerly, ppppppppppppppppppooooooooooooooooooooooooooof

Dec 01, 2009 4:15 pm EST

Like others have said, Fifth Third's system is set up to rip you off. Withdraws always come out instantly, but deposits can take a day or more to go through. Say for example, you have $100 in the account . All in one morning, you deposit $500, pay a bill for $200, debit for some gas and food for $20 each, and later make an ATM withdraw for $60 to have some cash on you. They count withdraws first, highest to lowest, then deposits. So despite having $600 in the account, you'll be charged with an overdraft fee for the $200 bill, twice for the debits, and again for the ATM withdraw. They recently raised their fee to $37, so that times 4 = $148 they just robbed you of. You think you should have $300 left, but nope, you only have $152 left. It's completely asinine and should be outlawed. Do yourselves a favor and avoid 5/3 Bank, and all banks like it. go to a credit union or small local bank, you won't regret it.

Sep 17, 2009 2:23 pm EDT

I have an issue with Fifth Third Bank and I wonder if anyone else has had this problem. We own a home in Naples, Florida and the mortgage is through Fifth Third Bank.

About a year ago, we were sent a letter by one of their vice presidents that we were now required to purchase a $10, 000 wind insurance policy through Fifth Third's Insurance Department. My husband took the letter to our insurance agent and he was told that we already had a couple of different types of wind insurance, plus flood, etc. The insurance agent called Fifth Third and he was told that we still had to pay for the "new" wind insurance.

My husband then visited a Fifth Third branch in Naples and talked with a branch manager. The branch manager worked with my husband and the insurance agent to make the Bank understand that we did NOT owe them for a $10, 000 wind insurance policy. We received a letter from another vice president that we were correct...we did NOT owe Fifth Third money for a needless $10, 000 wind insurance policy.

About six months later, the wind insurance was automatically taken out of our checking account along with the house payment.

We did not have enough money in the account, so they put the rest of the needed amount on my Fifth Third credit card. I received a statement in the mail a few days later telling me that I had overdrawn my account and would owe several different types of fees. Then two weeks later I received my charge card bill. I DID NOT authorize any of this. My husband went back to our insurance agent and the same bank manager and we were able to get the fees credited back, etc. The Bank did all of this without our knowledge or permission.

What they did is in violation of several laws and I would like to sue them. If we can find two people that this has happened to, we can start a class action law suit. If this has happened to you, would you please let me know?


Mar 18, 2009 12:05 pm EDT

This bank is the worst I have ever dealt with in my fifty years. Don't go anywhere NEAR them!

We tried buying a house that was on the bank's books as a foreclosure property, and as anyone who knows the industry would appreciate, banks have an obligation to rid themselves of real estate holdings. We put in a good offer, they accepted, and when we came to an agreement on a total figure for rolling in the costs of closing, the presented us with an amendment that contained two completely conflicting clauses. One stated that they agreed to pay the closing costs, with a specific figure mentioned, while another clause stated that they WOULD NOT pay the buyer's closing costs. Thinking it was an oversight, we crossed out the negative clause, initialed it, and returned the contract back to the bank through their agent. They came back at us and told us it had to remain as is! It was a complete joke, and we even sought legal opinion and were told not to sign such an ambiguously worded document, as it would open end the agreement and leave us having to trust the bank's integrity! Would you do this? We went backwards and forwards with them over it, but they refused to budge, essentially blackmailing us into signing the document through our desire to buy the home. Our mortgage broker finally told us to go ahead, stating that if the bank played any games afterwards we could use the ambiguity to back out. But so much time had been taken up with all of the crap from the bank that we asked Fifth Third to change the closing date - they refused, even though they caused the delay.
I come from a Real Estate family, and I have never seen a deal made such a trial of humiliation and aggravation by such an uncooperative and hostile party, one that seems to think it exists to make buyers jump through every hoop imaginable. If they had set out to make the signing process as difficult as possible in order to drive us away they couldn't have done a better job, because that's what we did. Against legal advice we were prepared to sign the document to try and buy a house we'd fallen in love with, but to be such SOB's over changing the closing date due to delays they'd caused was just too much.
The punchline? We found out recently that another buyer offered $15, 000 over what we agreed to with the bank and has a closing date less than a week after the one they were trying to force us to stick with. Wonder perhaps that the treatment we got had a motive behind it? Or was it just coincidence and Fifth Third are just a pack of ###s?
Our advice? Don't EVER deal with Fifth Third where real estate is concerned. Or maybe just don't deal with Fifth Third period. Any business that treats the public the way we were by Fifth Third doesn't deserve any custom at all.
If you want to read in depth on what occurred, go to the following web page -

Feb 19, 2009 9:12 am EST

Fifth Third is the worst bank ever. I just found out my account was overdrawn. I looked up my account and found that my ending balance for the day was over $300. I called Fifth Third to find out why I was charged $222 last night. Their response is that only $100 of my deposit was available for the withdrawls that day. I'm confused how is my end of the day balance positive and I'm still charged? If you can figure that one out let me know. Not to mention, that I'm going to be charged $111 tonight from what I'm told because I had other checks come out of my account last night. I think it's a crock. Why do they pay largest to smallest... So they can rip people off. I got charged $37 for a $2.11 debit payment.
My favorite is that even when they're wrong they still try to blame you. I deposited Cash about a month ago and discovered the next day that I was overdrawn. I called the bank to see what was going on. The teller hadn't put my deposit through. If I hadn't kept my deposit slip i would have been out $680. Three days later i got a letter stating that as a courtesy they were going to waive my fees. How do you like that? They screw up and they try to act like they're doing me a favor. If you aren't currently a Fifth Third bank customer run the other way and save yourself some major headaches.

Nov 14, 2008 2:20 am EST

worst bank ever is a rip off, the good thing this bank should close soon ...

Oct 02, 2008 1:20 pm EDT

I wrote a check for $20 once and 5/3 cashed it for $2, 000! I was WITHOUT MONEY for TWO WEEKS while they "corrected" the issue. All I received for my troubles was a letter saying 'oops'. Also I was just told on the phone that "notifying customers of an overdraft is a courtesy, we don't have to do it". ###s.

Aug 22, 2008 11:36 am EDT

I had a real bad experience with 5/3rd bank! Does anyone have the address to their headquarters? I am filling a complaint against their mortgage consultant and the manager. Bad customer service.

May 15, 2008 7:08 am EDT

Fifth third is the worst bank ever when it come sto customer service. The branch at som center rd. mayfield it the worst branch. They pick and choose who to service and completely ignore the rest. a manager their by the name Terri has a very bad attitude! I am in the process of closing my accounts wth them

May 01, 2008 5:21 am EDT

i am another unsatisfied customer with fifth third. they do not care about you, they keep giving you the run around. there was a comment made by a ima banker regarding writing checks and make sure money is in account. people do do that but, yet and still things keep happening. your bank do go out of there way to charge you over draft fees just so they can get some money out of you . that statement that ima made is very typical of the banking system to say. why don't you try to fix what is going on in the system instead of making it seems like the customers are doing something wrong all of the time. look into your system to see if there is a way to make the banking better or you will continue to lose a lot of body is perfect not even your system or the people who work there. every time i try to get online to check my account i cannot get in i always have to change my password and i am sick of doing that. i call the bank every two days and i know they got recordings of my complaint yet and still all they do is put me back into the frame to change my password where the problems lay. i get very frustrated with fifth third bank to much cause they are not helping the consumers they always want to put it like we are the ones messing up as soon as i can i will be looking for another banking system cause fifth third sucks and i am not the only one cause if i was i would not be on the complaint board. but, the bank do not care you are saying right now as you read this complaint ( oh well, they must have been doing something wrong because it's working for other people we cannot make every body happy) typical !

Nov 17, 2007 11:33 am EST

Funds must be available in the account you write your check from at the time you write it.

Always transfer funds prior and verify that the transfer worked. Monitor your accounts daily with online banking. This will save you money and aggravation. I have working in banking for 20 years and am amazed daily at the amount of fees people pay that are totally avoidable.

Nov 09, 2007 11:57 am EST



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