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Fifth Third Bank / car payment.. being screwed over

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I have never made late payment on my acct.. last month I tried to refinance and made an appointment to meet at a branch at 11 am on a Saturday. I was told not to send my payment because we were refinancing. I had to drive an hour away to go to the appt and when I got there I was turned away because they "didn't have time" to help me before they closed at 12. I tried to contact the woman I had been dealing with over the phone and none of my calls were returned. I ended up mailing my payment late because I couldn't resolve anything. In my car payment book it shows that my payment is counted late if it's received on or after the 14th and I have about a $8 late fee. I got a letter on Oct. 17th that was dated for the 12th saying that my payment was late and that I owed them $16 in late charges (my actual payment cleared my bank on the 14th.) I sent a letter this month with a check that included the $8 - not the $16 and told them the reason my payment was late was their own fault. I sent this month's payment on the 2nd... and now here it is the 13th and in one day my payment will be late again.. I've never had a payment take this long to clear. The payment center is only one state away and every month it's taken 2-3 days for my check to clear after sending it. So, why hasn't it cleared after 11 days now? I have a feeling they're holding my payment to make it late again this month because I tried to stand up for myself by sending them a letter that wasn't even nasty... Talk about great customer service.

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  • Im
      17th of Nov, 2007
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    All fees due to bank error can be reversed with proof. It is company policy. No bank delays a payment as retaliation.That is absurd.
    As with many larger companies, payments can be delayed due to MAIL time.

    Many clients have chosen to automate their payments to avoid this. Nothing is fool proof in this day and age. Technology isn't perfect, nor are humans - at ANY company. This can easily be resolved.
    Advise to all... make your loan payments on time. No matter what you are told. The best person to protect you - is YOU.

  • Th
      22nd of Dec, 2007
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    Never ever bank with Fee Third Bank and Fraud company! If you have a mortgage or car loan, Refinance with another lender. If you have an account close it. If someone tries to pay you with a Fifth Third check don't accept it. "This can easily be resolved.".. yeah, right. if you believe this I have some Enron stock I can sell you cheap. I would rather get a loan from Al Capone. They will Fee Fee Fee you until they take every penny they can and then charge 2/3rd's more in fees! They have an awful reputation in Cincinnati.

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