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Fedex Kikno / overcharge for slow computers and faulty software

Palo Alto, CA, United States
I went to a Fedex Kino's location to scan 2 documents. Had the worst experience of my life and came back seething. Here is the list of things that went wrong:

1. First of all, no signs anywhere stating where the scanner was. I had to hunt around the whole store till I found one.
2. When I looked at the prices, it was 40 cents per minute for the workstation with the scanner.
3. That workstation had atleast 4 different kinds of software for scanning documents, with NO instructions on which one to use.
4. 3 out of the 4 did not work, wasting my time and racking up the mins on the workstation.
5. When I asked a Fedex employess who came and sat at the workstation next to me, she told me to use the 4th one and looked at me as if "You should know that". which I obviously couldn't have known. Any software installed should be working, otherwise not be installed.
6. Thsi same employee acted annoyed, even though all she was doing was durfing the net!!
7. Next I needed to get some passport photos taken. When I stood in line for 15 mins to get the attention of the customer service people, no one came to the desk and even though I could see some of them in the back, they did not even bother to come and ask me if they could help me with something.

I would liek to say they have lost a customer forever, but given that they are the only ones around that do all office document services around here. I don't know what my options are!!!

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