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Fedex Home Delivery / if you are lucky you will get it!

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I purchased a computer from HP supposed to be delivery o Nov-25, 2006 by Fedex Home Delivery. I called around 8:30 Am EST to Fedex to get an estimated time of delivery of the package.
-Costumer Service answer: We do not know it could be between 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM.
- My self: Could you please give me a time window so I do have to be home all day long.
- Costumer Service: Sorry there is no way that we can inform you that.
- My Self: Thank you for no helping me.
I wait until 12:10PM and I left for my GYM at return at 1:20PM Fedex left a sticker at my door indicating that the package could not be delivery since signature was required.
So I call, FEDEX to find out if there is any chance to find out where is the truck so I can intercept it and get my package:
I explain my situation to a costumer service and she always said I am happy to help you I will connect you with the terminal who handle this type of shipment. Okay and I wait.
- Costumer service: - Me I help you Sir,
- My Self: - Yes I explained my situation again.
- C.S.- Sorry Sir but we do not have contact with the driver. (I did not believe that)
- My Self: Could you inform me the path so I can try to intercept him?
- C.S.:- Sorry Sir, we do not know that information the Driver make their own road. (Which I did not believe that either)
- My Self: Could you please tell me which zip code will be around so I can intercept him?
- C.S.: Sorry we do not have that information.
- My Self: Could you please find that out and let me know.
- C.S.: Sorry we do have a way to find that out.
- My Self: could you please give me with your supervisor?
- C.S.: He will tell you the same. Hold a moment…..20 minutes later She showed up on the phone and Said -Sorry They are in a meeting Can he call you back?
- My self: Sure this is my phone 703-217-……..and by the way It took you 20 minutes to find out that you supervisor was busy. Thank you for not helping.
- 2:42PM Supervisor called me. I explained the situation and also that I could believe that a Big Company like Fedex will have drivers without a cell phone, that Fedex will not set a driving road to his drivers and or a driving area for delivery.
- Supervisor I am Mr. …. And I am the General Manager of this terminal. Let me inform you that most of our driver are subcontractor that Fedex do not require to have or give Cellular Phone Numbers, second we do not have set road for home delivery so the driver make his own road.-My self So you mean that you load a truck with mixing zip code, mixing areas like DC, MD, VA??? .. Supervisor: No we are mixing different zip code of Virginia so you are telling me that Fedex mix different zip code like Alexandria, Vienna Richmond, Arlington, Manassas, and Culpeper??? Supervisor: No…Not We just mix Alexandria and Arlington.
- My Self: So you do not we are your truck or the merchandise that there are supposed to delivery today. – Supervisor:- that is correct.
- My Self: Well Sir, sorry to hear that a company like your is handling my merchandise, with such disorganization and lack of resources.
- Supervisor: Well Sir we handled 1 Billion dollars of business every year.
- My Self: Well Sir if Fedex is handle 1 b. dollars the way that you described sorry for the costumer and I do not for how long you will have a job this company.
- Put my package for pick up and will make sure no to uses you company again.


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D  23rd of Jun, 2007 by 
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That story is lame they manager was not lying and the package was handled the same way UPS, DHL, or the USPS would handle it. The driver does not have time to take phone calls beings that he is driving and has a schedule to keep. There is no forced path to take because the driving conditions could change at any time. The driver could have delivered the package without a signature but what good would that do if it was stolen, the signature is to guarantee delivery.
A  7th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I had a similar experience with Fedex Home/Ground delivery and will never use them again.

I sent a folding bicycle from myself in San Francisco to myself in Chicago (my second home). I printed the shipper from my home computer (like I always do for my business items) and delivered the 30 by 30 by 16 box to Kinkos on June 10th. They told me it would arrive in Chicago on June 16th - "perfect!" is what I said.

When June 16th came with no delivery, I decided to give Fedex a call. I was told that the package was on the truck and that everything was fine for delivery the next day.

When June 18th came with no delivery, I decided to give Fedex another call. I was told that they put the package on the wrong truck, but that it would be there on June 19th. The explaination was that they were not fimiliar with the zip code on my package - I then told them it was for downtown chicago and wondered how they could not know the zip code for one of the most common delivery locations in the USA. They said that it would be delivered on June 19th - I heard that one before.

When June 20th came with no delivery, I decided to give Fedex another call (as you can imagine I was not very happy by now). They said that they decided to return it to the shipper since they could not read the barcode. The package was now in Utah being shipped back to CA. I asked them why they didn't give me a call (strange?). Since my vacation was ending, I said fine, ship it back to the sender - which was me and re-gave them my address in San Francisco just to make sure they had the shipping address.

When June 25th came with no delivery back at my home in San Francisco, I decided to give Fedex another call. They told me that they shipped it back to the Fedex Account number location (which is in Los Angeles). I honestly could not believe this! I told them that I needed it shipped back to the shipping address not my companies headquarters!

On July 1st I finally received my package back - 30 days after I shipped it. The package was in pretty good shape. Thank goodness I received my most favorite bike back. It had traveled all around the country and probably had a better vacation that me!

I will NEVER use Fedex Home/Ground delivery again. The multitude of stupidity and screw-ups were mind boggling. If you want your packages on-time do not use Fedex Home/Ground delivery.

I'm also looking at switching over my overnight delivery service to someone else - the US Post Office! Can you believe that?

Tracking number: 112251010000090.

Fedex - "You Suck"!
N  13th of Dec, 2009 by 
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Wow no you guys suck lol. Im a contractor for home. We route ourselves every morning. Im sorry on a light day i have 60 stops, and peak which is this month i have 100-160 daily. I dont have time to take phone calls, i dont have time to deal with crap for re deliveries that day. If you are not home you are not getting it till the next day. If you arnt then well same story. I do not have the time to deal with customers that cant be at home for their deliveries. We cant give you set time frames because we dont have them. sometimes theres a traffic jam, or construction so our route is constantly changing..CONSTANTLY. we are not disorganized in any way, i manage to get 60 stops done in 4-5 hours which is very very fast, so sorry i dont have time to deal with people who cant wait at home for their stuff they ordered. If you ordered it you can wait from 8am till 830pm for it to show, you ordered it so it is your responsibility to be there for delivery. I have 60 - 160 other customers who think they are all the most important person in the world, just grow up and realize its your fault because you cant wait at home. It annoys me as well when i have a package that i have to wait, but i do it because its what you have to do. Next time just have it shipped to your freaking office. ANd the cell phone thing, im sorry i dont want a customer to ever have my cell phone.
N  11th of May, 2017 by 
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@danfiveten You, personally, are everything that is wrong with shipping and ecommerce in this country. I sincerely hope you no longer have a job in either area.
A  9th of Mar, 2010 by 
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I used to be a courier for several years (Federal Express Air) and FedEx Home Delivery is the most unprofessional service I can think of. I bought something off of Ebay and was supposed to receive it today. I happen to have the whole day available (Tuesday) so I've been waiting. So sure enough the day goes by and by till I realize that because of every single experience I've ever had with this company I'd better call in and place a hold before the courier takes the truck and everyone's package home with him. I've been checking the tracking on the internet all day and checking for slips by the way. Sure enough 4 p.m roles around and once again I go out to the front of my condo to see if I get lucky( same as several times earlier) and lo and behold there he is. Parked at a red light. So I start waving and he see's me. When the light turns green he drives right past me while I'm standing on the corner waving. So I run to my truck in the back and catch up to him at an intersection where he's waiting to make a turn. And he does. Right on to the freeway headed back to the station. 4:19 I look at the tracking info and he's entered an exception saying he attempted the delivery but I wasn't there. That's called FRAUD. I know they don't have specific delivery times but it may also be a wrong day late. They have no dispatch units on their trucks to contact them in route. They can take everything home with them so you can't pick it up in person. Their office is only open between 8a.m and 4:30p.m. They flat out lie and choose what's convenient for them to deliver on the fly. That's a big "F" in my book and it frustrates the crap out of me to know when it comes to shipping options they're one of them. They should go out of business because they're not being professionally regulated by any larger management other than they're personal boss and they're flat out ghetto liars.
A  7th of Jun, 2010 by 
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Fed Ex home delivery is the worst company. I used to work for them. don't trust them at all.
A  7th of Jun, 2010 by 
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this is for danfiveten you dont know what
he hell your talking about. you are just trying to cover your [censor]. i used to work for home delivery under a contractor yeah you suck. The reason why this company gets complaints is because the contractor sits on his [censor] and rights out checks for every week, when the employee is working his [censor] off. thats no motivation what so ever. every contractor screws their employees no health no nothing no taxes taken out. this was the worst job i have ever had. dont trust home delivery. you can trust fed ex express is much better company and service. home delivery pretty much isnt fedex. danfiveten you need to shut the hell up and start realizing that you work for a [censor] company. that screws their employees and clients over.
N  14th of Sep, 2010 by 
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Fedex Home Delivery is the WORST and most UNRELIABLE service there is. They have lied to me and the shipper of the products I have been unable to receive due to their stupidity, lack of customer service or even common sense. I received a tracking email from them saying my 3 packages would arrive the next day. I was home working on my computer all day and they did not even ring my door bell. I was in my email and received a "delivered" email from them so I checked my door and the building doorway-no packages. So I called them and they kept me on hold for a long time, then the person comes back and says they wouldn't have delivered it with out a signature and said she was going to connect to the local office, she kept me on hold, then connected me and there were people talking in the background even though I was supposed to be on hold, sounded like they were arguing and they hung up on me without even speaking to me to aknowledge that I was even on the line. I called back, got someone else who said that they apparently misdelivered to someone else in my building but that the driver had gone back to retrieve the package but did not redeliver so he tried to connect to the local office but was unable and said at 4:45 pm that "they didn't answer and it looked like maybe they went home a little early"! WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THIS? So he told me that anyway, FEDEX would really not get back to me so I should call the company that had shipped the packages. So I did and they didn't get much more from them so I had to call both them and Fedex over a couple of days to get some answers to which Fedex still state "they had an incomplete address" even though my shipper and I have verified my address several times with them on the phone. So today, they said they would deliver and AGAIN, no delivery. So I tracked it on their site again and it says " Unable to deliver shipment, return to shipper - 3 deliveries attempted and notice sent to recipient, no response" A BIG LIE because again I was home all day working at my computer and no one rang the bell. So I call my vendor to complain again and they called Fedex who kept them on hold for a long time and finally she got them to deliver 1 of the 3 packages today (it was 4 PM) but the other 2, which, although coming to the same address WERE NOT EVEN ON THE SAME TRUCK(!), are already rerouted back the the shipper. Well, it is 5 PM right now and I pretty much assume the 1 box will likely not arrive today. FEDEX HOME DELIVERY SERVICE SUCKS!!!
N  21st of May, 2011 by 
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This is a funny series of replies to a legimitate complaint about FEDEX.
I could enter the issue as it happened to me but I don't have because the original poster had the exact same issue as I do with FEDEX. You see, I live alone. The company that I ordered the computer from shipped it FEDEX Home Delivery, signature required. Ok. I guess I have to stay home waiting for them to deliver it with no way of knowing even what approximate time I can expect delivery, nothing but 8 AM to 8 PM. So, I have physical therapy this morning at 10:30 and of course, it's Saturday. So, if I am not home for the delivery, guess what... I have to wait until Tuesday to either pick it up OR for home delivery, at which point, I'll be at work most of the day. What choice do I have? Was this what the shipper paid for when they paid for overnight delivery? Someone got screwed... both the shipper, for paying for overnight delivery, and me for no being home to receive the package. What a way to run a business. UPS here I come.
N  2nd of Feb, 2018 by 
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@CGRetured next time find out if its a in person signature or a indirect signature if its indirect u can leave a note on door an sign it we will leave it or at a nieghbors house in the garage or a car in driveway we dont want to have to come back i promise ...if its a in person well ur kinda suposed to b there in person lol we dont check id s tho so it really doesnt have to b you tell the nieghbor if u see a fed ex truck pull in today catch him or better yet talk to ur driver we are cool we will do what we can to help u out cause most likely it will help us too ..k ..sorry about ur experience hun
A  25th of Jun, 2013 by 
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I agree, FedEx sucks. Ordered a camera from Amazon on Thursday, June 20 and paid for expedited shipping. Camera shipped on Friday June 21 from Henderson, NV, and (according to tracking info) has been sitting in Golden Valley, AZ since Saturday June 22. It is now Tuesday evening (June 25) and no tracking update since Saturday. Delivery estimate (I live in Delaware) is Thursday, June 27, according to the FedEx website. That is a full week after I placed my order and 6 business days after the shipping date. Is that expedited shipping??? The pony express moved faster than that. I've shipped stuff via USPS Priority mail that has arrived the next business day over similar distances. FedEx needs to SERIOUSLY rethink their routing strategies...
D  3rd of Nov, 2013 by 
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What people need to understand is that FedEx Home Delivery was set up to use private contractors to deliver packages that are driver release packages and can be left without a signature at the recipients front door. These drivers work for a contractor not FedEx and do not have company cell phones to be called for re-deliveries. They set up their routes in the morning an run them accordingly, they get paid a salary for the day not hourly, so the object is to empty the truck as soon as possible and go home. If you want to order products that require a signature, you need to use FedEx Express which will cost you more money, but will give you a guaranteed delivery time. When you see what they are going to charge you for Express service as opposed to ground you will understand the difference. You get what you pay for. It's not the FedEx Home Delivery guys fault that you are trying to use a cheaper service that has literally no commitment time other than 8 to 8 and you expect to get air freight service on your package. If you pay the price you'll get the service!
N  11th of Dec, 2015 by 
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I myself understand where you are coming from, but not everyone has the money to pay extra for shipping some of us thirve enough as it is just to pay for the item that is to be delivered.
N  22nd of Dec, 2017 by 
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I agree that fed ex is bad. was supposed to get a package by the end of the day today and t did not come. Today is Friday the 22nd of December so the package will not be delivered on Saturday or Sunday. Monday is Christmas so it won't be here then either. If not here Tuesday will file a complaint with the consumer protection agency and with my credit card company to have all charges removed. I will not use these inefficient people again for anything
N  4th of Jan, 2018 by 
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FedEx is a very poor delivery service. Several years ago I ordered a HP computer. FedEx driver delivered it to the wrong apartment. The person there stated he didn't order it and signed the form. So FedEx sent it back. If the driver would have looked at the package address and compared it with the person who signed it s/he would have seen it was not me. Sadly, when I receive orders from online sellers many use FedEx as the delivery. Therefore, I receive about 50% of my packages from FedEx and the others never arrive because the driver can't find my place, although I've been here 14 years or the driver claims I wasn't home, but I was and waited. I have never had problems with UPS or the USPS. I wish I had a choice so I could ask the seller to have UPS deliver my packages. Dr. Larry Semark
N  2nd of Feb, 2018 by 
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as a driver we all wish u would b home when nwe have to have signature ..trust me on that one we dont wanna have to come again we want it gone ...but to save u some aggervation make sure ur house is marked ya know with ur address u would b surprised how many people do not have there houses marked i had a 65 in tv one day an couldn find the place the house an the houses around him were not marked so yea it was a crap shoot lol an me im thimking why would u order something so great an exspensive an not even have an address on ur house ...maybe he didn really want it lol couldn of ...if ur not gonna b home have it delivered to work or if its an indirect signature just right a note an sign it we will leave it ... write in the notes when u order leave with nieghbor or call ur sub station an tell us to put in garage or put in a car on property or better yet if u order quit a bit talk to ur driver we are cool believe it not an prob just as frustrated as u lol we cant if its in person signature tho i have to say that but that kinda goes with talk to ur driver we are cool u like us we will like u ..we are sneaky tho we can b in an out befor u ever know we were there, so with that if u see us in ur nieghborhood wether u ordered a package or not but u kmow ur going to ..talk to us we actually like it .we dont like to get complaints rather u b verbal with us not someone on the phone that we may never even talk to ..thank u
N  11th of Mar, 2018 by 
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order a hard drive from newegg:
Business 4-8 days, paid for shipping: (look at this crazy routing!)
Ordered 3-1-18. I am in Oregon.
Last location: NORTH SALT LAKE, UT
Latest Activity: In transit
Carrier: FEDEX
Weight: 1.4 lbs / 0.64 kgs

Date / Time
Saturday, March 10, 2018 8:30 AM (5 hours ago)
In transit
Friday, March 09, 2018 4:34 PM (21 hours ago)
In transit
Friday, March 09, 2018 5:26 AM (a day ago)
In transit
Thursday, March 08, 2018 6:25 PM (2 days ago)
In transit
Thursday, March 08, 2018 6:12 AM (2 days ago)
Left FedEx origin facility
Tuesday, March 06, 2018 8:30 AM (4 days ago)
Arrived at FedEx location
Tuesday, March 06, 2018 8:26 AM (4 days ago)
Shipment exception
Tuesday, March 06, 2018
Picked up

Monday, March 05, 2018 11:17 AM (5 days ago)
Shipment information sent to FedEx
N  12th of Mar, 2018 by 
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@Steven Palmer Today:

Last location: TROUTDALE, OR
Latest Activity: Arrived at FedEx location
Carrier: FEDEX
Weight: 1.4 lbs / 0.64 kgs

Date / Time
Monday, March 12, 2018 2:35 PM (2 hours ago)
Arrived at FedEx location
Monday, March 12, 2018 9:16 AM (7 hours ago)
In transit

Monday, March 12, 2018 8:00 AM (8 hours ago)
Shipment exception
Sunday, March 11, 2018 10:27 AM (a day ago)
In transit
Saturday, March 10, 2018 7:30 PM (2 days ago)
In transit

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