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Fedex / just never showed and lost a separate package

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Package was out for delivery and my wife and I spent the whole day at home waiting for the package to arrive so we could sign for it.

At 8 pm no driver ever showed but at 8:14 pm the tracking number showed delivery attempt / customer not available.

Lies! They never showed!

After several calls I ended up driving 1 hour to pick up the package myself. Absolutely ridiculous. Turns out the driver was going to be fired so he left with the truck that morning and didn't deliver a single package.

A separate situation but at the same time FedEx had a package out for delivery for me on the 12th of June. The package never arrived but the tracking indicated it was at the facility. I spoke with FedEx and they claimed that the package was damaged and in QA. I called back in a few days to check the status, tracking number never changed, and they stated that the package could not be found. No one had seen it, it was not on any of the trucks, and not in the facility.

I placed a claim with FedEx and awaited response.

Just this evening someone stops by my house that happened to be doing neighbourhood cleanup. He found a box under a tree, completely soaked and torn to pieces...yea, it was my package.

I called FedEx to check the status of my claim and inform them of the new insult to the already sore injury they've caused. To make the whole situation even worse I was informed that my claim had been denied due to a "waiver." I am waiting a call from the claims department and the customer associate (who has been extremely helpful, btw) to get more information.

This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm pissed!

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  • Sp
      26th of Mar, 2010
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    I had waited for my package (expected delivery and "in-transit) on the eve of March 25th 2010 at home. Kept tracking my package on my iphone and still had stated that it was "in-transit" still no package!

    This morning (March 26th) I had checked the status and it had stated:

    March 25, 2010 @ 8:30pm there was a delivery attempt and that the "customer was not home or business closed"! What a crock of $hit! I was home all nite!

    I called fedex and I asked to Freda at FedEx support if the box needed a signature. She told me no. So then I told her why didn't the driver left it at the door or left a note that there was an attempted delivery? She told me that maybe the driver ran out of door note tag. She was a dumb @ss employee!! So if there is no signature required then why didn't driver left the package?!!

    FedEx better start turning things around, because they are going to lose a lot of customers!
    I am never using FedEx again. And if I make purchases over the internet, I would select a biz that uses UPS. I have no problems using UPS in the past!

    FedEx Sucks!! Don't use their "shady" service!! BAN FEDEX!! Drivers seem to be lazy and the customer service support sucks!

  • Jo
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    This happens to me every time on the first delivery attempt. I think the driver collects packages in a certain area of the route so he doesn't have to go back twice. One day I confronted him and the driver denied it. Then apologized and said he didn't deliver that route yesterday? Go figure...

  • Bo
      19th of Jul, 2008
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    Ordered a hat. It was dropped off at my leasing office and a door tag so stating was left on my doorknob. Went to the office; it wasn't there. Called FedEx and adivsed. They said driver would check it out and call me the next day. No call came. Next day FedEx called saying driver was with them 5 years and he said that he left the package with regular people. Went to office again and looked. Still not there. They said driver had come in again and was looking for the package stating that he didn't seem to be sure he left it there.

    Spent hours on phone with FedEx yesterday. Here's what I heard:
    1. File a claim with the sender.
    2. File a claim with the sender or FedEx
    3. File a claim with FedEx
    4. Do nothing.

    I was emailed a PDF file so I could file online. One FX rep. didn't know I couldn't type onto a PDF file and submit.

    I called the sender with my tale of woe. They will call FedEx. Last night I think I was able to, online, file a claim with FedEx. I could not attach documentation files because the FedEx application would not work properly. Thatr's another story. Today I go to Staples to fax the documentation along with a copy of the claim which I filed last night.

    I was advised the FedEx driver used his discretion and dropped tha package off at the leasing office. Apparently, I have no say in this because no signature was required (not my option when I ordered the item not delivered). I placed a sign on my door advising FedEX not to drop off any packages at the leasing office.

    I will not do any business with FedEx in the future if I can help it. I will ask any shipper to require a signature if possible. I will use USPS, UPS, or DHS if possible.

    FedEx's business model needs some fixing. Its staff is technically inept. It customer service oxormoronic. As customers learn of the different service characteristics of the large deliverers, they will learn to move their business to those companies that provide better service.

    I posted a sign on my door: FedEx do not leave any packages at the leasing office. Now to Staples.

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