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I was processing my international document shipment on and I noticed that Fedex now does not allow to request a signature from the recipient. It defaults to "no signature required". I selected "Documents No Commercial Value" and I do need a signature, cause these are legal papers that need to be signed for. No such option at Indeed never has been a user-friendly website. I called Fedex international support, they told me that I'm wrong, that there is an option for a signature... well, there is none. The female rep. kept arguing and wasn't very friendly, kept interrupting me not letting me explain the problem, then the Fedex representative put me on hold and I waited exactly 30 minutes before I hung up. Then I called again, the other lady was polite and transferred me to "Cindy" who had the same voice as the one
that out me on hold forever, yet she said she's not the same person. She kept repeating that it's not true and that there is an option for a signature and that I must enter a value, but I kept explaining to her that documents do not have a monetary value yet I need a signature of the recipient, and I entered a value and more problems popped-up and she put me on hold and soon after she hung up... I then went to and shipped my shipment with no problems with documents and a required signature and even a delivery confirmation option was here. I don't mean to use UPS all the time, I need o use Fedex too, but after several such experiences I'm thinking of removing Fedex from my company's shipping options. Now especially that Fedex has been spamming us with "DHL's gone, use Fedex" messages, while we never used DHL let alone within the USA.

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      Apr 08, 2009

    Unfortunately, you reached a third party call-center agent who really didn't not have the interest of FedEx or you the customer at heart. Appears that they simply did not want to help. As a consumer, you did right to shop around.

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