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Fedex / bad driver

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I was driving to work today(11/18/2008 6:15am); traveling North on I-65 through Brentwood, TN. I was in the second lane from right of 4 lanes with cruise set at 68mph in a 70mph zone. A Fed Ex truck rapidly pulls in behind me and drives no more than 5 of 6 feet from my bumper for a mile or two. He finally changes lanes and passes me and as he does he flips me the bird. Not wanting to be rude, I pull back up beside him and return the gesture and inform him that I have his truck #, which is 112753 for any Fed Ex execs who are interested.


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  13th of Oct, 2008
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Fed Ex - Lazy drivers
Fed Ex
United States

Driver leaves a package on the side of the house and does not leave a delivery notice. It rains and my carpet tiles are ruined. I thought your drivers were trained. Will never ship with your company. UPS is better company.
  18th of Nov, 2008
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Stay in the slow lane which is the far right (non driver) people are working. Get real. I don't work for FedEx but your are ridiculous. Your the kind of driver I want to flip off.
  23rd of Jan, 2009
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On Sat. the 3rd I was awakened by a phone call from one of my neighbors stating that my '98 Grand Cherokee Lorado(which is very clean) was hit by the Fed-Ex Truck delivering in our neighborhood. Apparently as usual, the driver was flying(Speeding) down our street, "as all the delivery trucks usually do", and some how caught the back of her Bumper corner to my front Bumper, and ripped the entire front end off of it(I had just replaced all the front grill and all 6 lights on it only 7 months ago to all new custom Euro Style)...

Anyway, she was real apologetic saying, "I'm so sorry, I didn't see it, my peripheral vision was distorted"...I found out a few days later when talking to my neighbors(about our subpoenas for court because she was given a careless driving ticket), that when a couple of the neighbors asked why she was driving thru the neighborhood so fast, she stated to them that "they are under time restraints"(Watch Out for the Kids)...

Well, I realize that people have accidents and that is why we have Insurance...So I end up with no vehicle for almost 4 days until they got me a rental(which they refused to pay for anything larger then a Mid-Size), I had my GPS stolen(they say they are not responsible for any thing inside the vehicle), and I was Billed $252.35 by MARK ALLEN's Towing(Which is the only thing they will pay for after my complaints)...It seems to the Big Money people at Fed-Ex(they are self insured) with the way I have been treated thru this, that they are the victims, and it must be all my fault for being "Legally Parked" in the same spot that I have been parking in for almost 19 years now...

It's the way that I was treated that has bothered me!!!I'm very frustrated, needed to say the least, and still looking for outlets such as these to post some of my anger. So thanks for listening...LoL
  28th of Feb, 2009
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Fed Ex - Poor Employee Service
Fed Ex
United States

I work Package Handling and a fellow co worker had a stroke inside of the trailer instead of the managers calling 911 they called the security to do so. Secondly Instead of leaving him where he was they moved him out of the trailer so they can continue to load the truck. I was told you are suppose to leave them where they are. My coworker passed away a few days later. It shows how this company takes care of their workers
  5th of Apr, 2009
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Anymore the only thing that people cares about is them selves and the money
  3rd of Sep, 2009
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Tonight I was aggressively tailgated by a Fedex driver (tandem trailer). Got on my bumper, blowing horn, flashing lights. Due to congestion, it was impossible for me to either go faster or change lanes. The driver could obviously see the situation. My only conclusion is that he was drunk.

Could not record the truck number or license, but truck was on I-45, passing through The Woodlands, TX approximately 7:30pm.
  3rd of Sep, 2009
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I *AM* that FedEx driver. Stay the EFF out of the fast lane.

By the way, I switched the truck number with one from another truck. Heh.
  4th of Sep, 2009
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Oh good grief. Binder, I read the other comments you have posted on this site, and you obviously have too much time on your hands. You need a new hobby, and drinking doesn't count.
  13th of Jul, 2010
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Fed Ex - Drivers
United States

  13th of Jul, 2010
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My House is Numbered, So is My Mailbox. The Driver even admits that he has dropped the package at the wrong location. This time they delivered my package to the wrong house and it can not be replaced. This is fact. My House has been in the same Location since 1932.
  14th of Jul, 2010
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I have gone to that Vacant house and looked for the package already, I have gone to my neighbors asking if they got the package. UPS has no problems house delievering to my house. Certain Fed Ex Drivers know exactly where to go. This One Driver that lost my Package that was being delievered to me said to me after he came to my house yesterday told me her saw my 2 car garage but didn't see the house. My House is 10 ft away from the Garage, In Plain Open Site... Any time my folks send me anything the use UPS. I also know that on all shipping labels from fed ex is a contact number. If the driver couldn't find my house they could call the contact number on the package instead of guessing the house... Yes I will admit my driveway is long but it is marked very clearly that my House is in the back lot. The house that they claim they left the package at is by the road and not even numbered. Trust Me any time that I am expecting a package from Fed Ex and it says it has been delievered I check that house first.
  14th of Jul, 2010
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tonight at 9:28 i was about to enter route 93 southbound in Methuen by exit 46 when a Fed ex truck pass me making me go off the rump over the grass the fed ex truck almost go off too then i speed up to catch up with the truck and get the plate number and for me to get right next to the truck i reach 78 mph on a 65 mph limit . he get off route 93 south exit 41 toward route 125 at 9:34 pm the Fed ex truck plate number is { N87387 } please do something and let me know at delcidj42@yahoo.com if i heard from your company by friday i will not report that to state police he or she is a very bad driver and need to be discipline . thank you . J.C.D.C
  21st of Nov, 2010
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Binder has once again proven the theorem I+A=D. Internet+Anonymous=[censor]
  12th of Oct, 2011
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Fed Ex - Late delivery

I have a rolex watch that FED EX are delivering for me, that left America on the 3rd October arrived in Madrid on the 5th October, to be told that I would receive the watch on the 6th, it is now the 12thOctober and I still do not have the watch, I have had no contact from FED EX regarding the delivery, and today in Spain is a bank holiday, so at the earlist I will receive the watch could be tomorrow 13th
  5th of May, 2012
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Tonight at 9:15pm I was traveling East on I-80 in Iowa when a FedEx driver pulled up behind me. He was so close to my bumper that I could not see his headlights in my rearview mirror. When I tapped my breaks to indicate that he needed to back off he put his bright lights on and started to honk. I-80 from Coralville to Iowa City, IA is under road construction so the speed limit is 55 miles an hour. I was traveling in the left lane going 60 miles an hour when Driver# 58971 started flashing his lights and honking for me to move over. I could not move into the right lane because there was traffic in that lane and I was already going 5 miles over the speed limit in a construction zone and did not feel that this driver needed to be right on my bumper, flashing his bright lights and honking at me. When I got a chance to move into the right lane after 4 miles he drove past me while honking. His license plate# is P102139. There is no reason for a driver to ever have their brights on when following a car, nor is there a reason for them to be so close to another vehicle that you can't even see their headlights. There are no packages in the world that are more important than someone's life. Just 2 days ago a FedEx driver rolled his semi on this same highway because he was not paying attention. When I tried calling the 800# I was not given a email address, a phone number or anything so I could report this. Many trucking companies have a sign asking how their drivers driving is for feedback such as this. Not FedEx. I can tell you right now if this driver causes an accident and kills someone this will be on the hands of FedEx and I will have no problem testifying on behalf of the person who was injured.
  24th of Jul, 2013
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Package states that it is to be delivered to front of Apt 203 door. Instead driver dropped frozen food delivery at front door in sun and never bothered to ring bell and let anyone know it was delivered...
  24th of Jul, 2013
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You say the package stated it was to be delivered to the front door of the apartment and you say that it was delivered to the front door. Was the package marked that it was frozen food? If not, why would the driver ring the bell?
  26th of Jul, 2013
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umm, Jackelope, are you that dumb?

This location is obviously an apartment complex, in which Apt 203 is on the 2nd floor.

The package was left at the front door of the building, not at the front door of the apartment.
  28th of Jun, 2014
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On 6/2714 8:40 am a Fed Ex truck pulling doubles on a 2 lane country road tail gated my vehicle and passed me in a hazardous manner going about 55 in a 45 zone
Location Lafe AR on ar 135 N. Proceeded on to Corning AR running 70 in a max 60 disregarding posted limits for curves.
  2nd of Jul, 2014
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just outside of jessup Ga. last night, , me and one other truck on the road, , when a trailer rolled up on me at 80 + MPH, , high beams blaring though my rear window.

it was a fedex trailer hauling the fedex race team car.. this guy wanted me and my wife an kids in the ditch, ,

got off at the brunswick ga exit, , any ideas to file a complaint, , i am all ears.

sorry i was in your way.

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