Fed Expoor customer service

The best measure of a company is what happens when things go wrong. I have used FedEx for over 10 years - on Ebay which does not support FedEx in their shipping tools. Though I eventually was paid (less than I asked for), the ordeal was at times laughable. This is the first time an item has been damaged in shipment. Fine. Their handling of it was horrible. I sent a letter detailing the experience with no response from them. Here are the things I had to go through.

1. When I first called I was told that a damage call tag could be issued by either myself or the recipient and it could be returned to either one of us.
2. I had to call three times to get the correct claim form because there were old addresses showing up on the copy sent to me.
3. The recipient scheduled a damage call tag for Friday Nov 14. The person who took the information scheduled it as a regular call tag, so he had to cancel the pickup and reschedule the damage call tag.
4. Your inspectors must need glasses because they did not find the damage which was completely obvious.
5. A replaceable part was damaged on the contents, a musical instrument. I ordered the part and sent it to the recipient. Given the information in item 1, he scheduled for the damage call tag to be returned to him.
6. The stick showed up on my doorstep two hours before I was to leave for a week long trip. I called and was repeatedly told that damage call tags are always returned to the sender. Both the person I first spoke with and the person handling the claim seemed to think by repeating this would somehow help me. When I told them I don’t need to hear it again, they got testy with me. It’s not my fault I was given wrong information
7. It was during this phone call I found out the claim was denied due to item 4. I challenged it and was told I could have an on-site inspection (which I was told you did not do in the first place, huh?). Of course I had to wait over one week since I was leaving town.
8. The item is a musical instrument. The recipient had scheduled non-refundable lessons and missed four of them due to this ridiculous run around. He lost $220, and I have refunded him $200. I faxed an additional form with an increased claim amount of $500 which was ignored.
9. The claims person assigned to this did not return my phone calls.

Since it is easier to use UPS or USPS on Ebay I guess I will do so. FedEx doesn't seem to care.


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