Family Dollar Stores Tucumcari New Mexicobarbara jimenez

My name is vera oriz and on wednesday the 29 at 400 pm inenteednthe store Nd had grabbed some clay and wentninto the food aisle when barbara jimenez ..wenlive in a small t own and barbara has personal issues against me so much so she cslled my boss and 5old her she did not want to have any dealinngs with me if we provided her sevices.barbara approaches me and adks me if im evrn allowed to be in how she said ir..i said y wouldnt i my sister was also there and told her she was allowed in there also ..wheneber i go to store she always seemed to be following me around ..but not to see what i was doing she starts rearranging and stoxking shelves slamming things part down that you could tell visually that she seems upset she helps them puffs and smacks her lips made it makes me feel very uncomfortable when I went to the store like if she's trying to make me feel uncomfortable to leave...she has never approached me asked me if i was allowed to he there...this happens everytime i go to store and ahe is working... when she asked me if I was even allowed to be in the store I asked her why would it be she said for trespassing warrant for shoplifting I've never shoplifting over there I never have ever been given a trespassing warrant I've been in the store plenty of times and encountered in the manner i desribed before ..she. started yellingg at me about people shop lifting and she was trying to keep the stotes open...she told me if ihad a problem with her to tell her and it didnt seem like a had problem now..i askwd hwr if she was kicking menout or if i was able to conrinue and check out ...she said to do watevee i wanted comtinueing to tell the other employee she font have a problem now..wy8le i was paying for my clay i asked the cashier for the 800 number and barbara came from wher she was at an answered me go out outside and look at the windo urself...barbara has personell peoblems with me and does not want ms in what she screamed at me and said this was her store... she is very rude to me evrytime i am in there .she feeels as if it is her store and she dont like sonshe dont want me shopping in there...she had nonregard for the other xustomers...i also was yelling ..and im also not a representation of family dollar...i do not think that o will go in agai because she really is like a bully in school..thank u for ur time

Vera ortiz
719 e aber
tucumcari nm

Nov 29, 2018

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