Family Dollar Storescustomer service

U Nov 14, 2017

I would like to say that I am very displeased with the employees at family dollar. I have had two bad experiences at this same family dollar & I promise you if family dollar sit on my lawn in front of my home I will never step another foot inside of one. First encounter, a employee played around with me & told me that my voice was deeper than his & that I sound like a man...well I thought that was totally out of place being that I had a very bad sinus infection & really wasn't feeling my best. As I asked for the store manager who walked through the door & I explained to her what happened she truly didn't care & just brushed it off & they wouldn't even as much as give me a number to the general manager. Second situation I went in the same store & picked up a hand basket got the 5 items that I went in for and put the basket on the counter & the clerk didn't even as much as help me put my things on the counter but after giving her my money & she gave me my change back, I attempted to walk away & I left the basket on the counter because my hands were full she said excuse me the basket need to be put back in it's rude when both of my hands were full. Now as a business owner I would never allow any of my employees to have ever made a customer put a basket, tray, magazine etc back. I will never step foot in family dollar again. It crazy how you put these stores in the neighborhood but don't have any respect for the people that patronize or spend their hard earn money their. This family dollar need a whole overhaul of employees & customer service. When I go to Dollar general they are so pleasant I will travel an extra mile to get good customer service.

Beyond pissed

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