Family Dollar Stores / about a employee stereotyping and or profiling

Dallas, TX, United States

I shop at store #01451 regularly, today at approximately 13:20 hours I entered the store after getting off the bus I proceeded too the food area and attempted too shop when I notice your employee come from behind the counter and demanded that I take my back pack off my back and leave it at the register I complied when I was ready too check out I ask her why she had me take my back pack off my back too shop she refused too answer I then explained too her I always shop at this store and have never been ask too leave my back pack and she made me feel very uncomfortable she said she's sorry I feel like that then I ask her why are there other people in here with backpacks and large purses she still refused too answer she had no name tag on Your store is in a prodomatley Hispanic area and I am a 60 year old afrikan American it was quite clear what just happened I was totally embarrassed and is thinking about not patronizing your stores I shop Walmart also and never been approached like this ever

Sep 25, 2017

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