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This retail company is horrible, they are overpriced, inexperienced and understaffed, the stores always look a mess, their cashiers are never at register because they always have to do other roles such as cleaning, stocking and playing security guards, irs always only one cashier, at times as a consumer I have had to go to the back and find her in the back office on the phone crying to her boyfriend, she is lazy, she flirts with the young customers, because she is young and unprofessional!! She always has an attitude, the she talks to and treats her employees is just totally disrespectful, I'm at this store a lot and really thinking about not doing business with them, she needs leadership training, and to keep her boyfriend problems to herself, its always people not shopping just hanging out, they need a more older responsible people person in charge of that store, shes always crying, shes never pleasant because too busy crying over her relationship, this store needs help!!!

Mar 07, 2013
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  •   Mar 07, 2013

    How long ago were you fired by Family Dollar after years of failing to get promoted?

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  • Ta
      Mar 07, 2013

    LOL with Andrea Hudson

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  • Ca
      May 05, 2019

    I agree with you, I love going in to stores where older people are working the floor. Always nice and willing to help. Can't get that with these useless younger people, too preoccupied with their idiot phones! Or nowhere to be found, probably in the stock room or break room goofing off, wasting company time and money!

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