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Expedia / customer service, website - conflicting information

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On May 4 I spent 25 minutes on hold, in Mexico at 5.00 per min., canceling reservation. This is after multiple attempts to make cancellation via website but was unsuccessful. After 30 min. received cancellation number and was informed of cancellation fee of $119.00, $100.00 of which would be deposited in an expedia account to be used as a coupon for future reservations.

Return from trip, check e-mail, no reference to cancellation which is a concern.

On May 16 begin calling Expedia at 9:45 a.m. On hold 10 min., customer service rep. returns me to main menu and then I was disconnected. I call back, new customer service rep., on hold 10 min., after giving her itinerary number, cancellation number etc. etc. She informs me that I need to call back in 1 hour as the hotel manager is unavailable. I express concern that no progress would be made 1 hour later and need to speak with supervisor.

On hold 27 minutes for supervisor. Supervisor had been apprised of situation, informed me that I would pay cancellation fee of 196.00 NOT 119.00 as previously agreed. This was unsatisfactory. She informed me that I would need to call back in 4 hours to speak with hotel manager that previous customer service rep. said would return in 1 hour. Another red flag.

I asked this supervisor what documentation she had. She confirmed that I had been told 119.00 cancellation fee and recited a hotel cancellation number but today, this has all changed.

I requested to speak with someone else in a more senior position and she informed that this would be the "help desk"... really, what a crook! She also informed me that there are no other phone numbers to use to get satisfaction such as corporate, etc. etc. She repeated that I needed to call back in 4 hours and reinvent the wheel.

UNBELIEVABLY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. The notoriously bad phone company gives me quicker, more accurate information and follow up. With all of the alternative on-line travel companies to do business with, I will NEVER work with Expedia again.

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  22nd of May, 2007
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Wow, glad i know this!

  26th of Nov, 2008
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I booked a room with Carlos from Expedia ( in Atlanta, GA on the 19th of November 2008. He told me the hotel had a pool, fitness center and a pet fee of 20.00 for the 3 day stay (not each day), which I requested. Now, I traveled from Virginia to GA (drove by car) 9 hours. When I got to the hotel they had no fitness center, no pool, and the fee for pet was 25.00 a day. I was truly upset and definitely didn't have 25.00 a day. It was 4pm when I arrived in GA, left 6:30 am that morning from Va. You can imagine I was tired from the long drive. I didn't know much about that area.

I called (which I found out they are Expedia) and explain my issues with the wrong information Carlos gave me. I told them I am not calling to get a free room but to commendate me for the pet fee because I was given wrong information. I spoke with a rep Vincent. Vincent said he would place me on hold for 2 mins while he called the hotel room to confirm they had no pool, fitness center, and the pet fee. Vincent called the hotel (which I was standing at the front desk) and cancelled my reservation with the hotel. Now I was even more upset, because I was given the wrong information and they cancelled my stay. So I request to speak with a supervisor. Mary (the supervisor) came on the phone, kept apologizing saying she understood (but truly didn't). Said she would put in a req to credit me the 75.00 but I had to pay first, which I didn't have the extra monies.

I asked her to put me in a hotel that accept pets, had a fitness center, and a pool and she waive the pet fee and the hotel has to be clean. Mary found me a hotel and agreed to my request. When I got to the other hotel, I found out I had to pay 10.00 a night (which I did but still upset), the person gave me a key to the room, I went to check out the room. Oh my God, that room was horrible. It smell like cigarettes and drugs you smoke. The mattress had urine stains on hit, the dress had cigarettes burns on it. At this time I was screaming and couldn't breathe.

I called Mary back and she refuse to put me in another hotel. She said I would have to pay the cancellation fee of 75.00 and refuse to waive it. After fussing with Mary for another 30 mins, I agreed to keep the same agreement she offered me 74.09 refund.

The story goes on and on. The hotel personel at the other hotel gave me another room that was much better. I finally got a room at 7pm that night.

I would not recommend anyone to use or expedia. This was not a good experience. Mary was not professional and her customer service and management skills were horrible. As I explained to Mary I am not seeking anything free just compensate me on the misinformation you gave me from the beginning (just waive the pet fee). These people are very unprofessional and they would not give you the human resourse number or a higher supervisor to complain about. Even the hotel people said you have to be very firm with them and they hate dealing with them. They get customers who go through this all the time when dealing with and expedia.

  24th of Feb, 2009
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Booked an all inclusive with Expedia. The resort does not charge for 3 and under however Expedia charged us for our 1 year old. Spoke to customer service at Expedia and they advised us after many phone calls later that the charge is justified because of the reduced room rate with Expedia. The difference was only $19/day, we were charged $65.33/day. Would of been cheaper to book directly with the hotel. For those of you with young children, don't put them down on the registration form on line, if there is a charge then you can deal with the hotel directly.

  15th of Jul, 2009
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My Name Martha Contreras, I am a very good client of expedida . I book a hotel in Vergina, the hotel name

was Alexandria suits. I booked a handicap room and they give me a regular room. which was very uncomteraaable. because i am in a wheel chair

so i hope it won;t happen again


Martha Contreras

  28th of Jul, 2009
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I Think one of worst service provider company is expedia.

  25th of Sep, 2009
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i think its just that for every reservation, they're not all that guaranteed considering special requests. that would depend on hotel availability and considering that they're special requests those are subject to a fee. just to be a keen consumer, check for the policies with regards to cancellling and changing on reservation, so you can have something valid to dispute.

  13th of Jan, 2010
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January 15.2010 - I agree with the compliants that i've read about Expeadia, not because of what i read but what me and my wife exsperenc . we are presently trying to buy tickets for our flight and hotel with our debt card and each time expeadia sends the information, the bank will hold one dollar until the transaction go'se through. Our problem is thier system keeps saying that my adress is wrong. we thought it may be our APO since we live overseas. APO is a milatary address that we use to receve our mail here. we called the bank changing the address to our home adress thinking it would fix this problem, this did not work and all this time being patient talking with coustermer service did not work, my wife called three time on the 13th of JAN. talked for 3hrs, long distance and they still could not resolve this problem they would ask her the same questions and get the same information just to transfer her to another person to ask the same questions again, since we change the address we called the next day the same situation, both times we asked them to call our bank to resolve this problem, they said they would, in two days my wife talked with them almost six hours total and one person did not wanted to be bothered and hung up the phone. a aparentently expedia has thier own problems to deal with than to deal with a customer that has always purchaced thier vacation package through Expeadia .

  1st of Aug, 2010
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I looked at the customer comments on Expedia and there was a couple that did not like the place but the more recent ones indicated that the problems were worked out. We arrived at the motel and were treated more like suspected thieves than expected guests. I had been required to pay up front so was therefore at the mercy of the manager. I went to my room which was musty but I thought I could live with it. When I entered my daughters room I could smell the mildew from outside. The room smelled of mildew and vomit and the carpet was wet and visibly mildewed. This would be bad in a normal circumstance but with my daughter and her friend having asthma it made it a case of life and death. I went back to the office to complain to the manager who told me All of the rooms smell the same, I will spray some perfume if you would like. I tried to explain about asthma and how that would make it worse but he walked away. It was not like the motel was even full, the parking lot was empty and the rooms were empty all night. I spent the rest of the evening on the phone with Expedia talking to one No Customer Service representative after another with no help. One representative told me They supplied you a room, they met their contract, you should be happy. I was told to take the chance with my daughters life or lose the money and go somewhere else to pay for new rooms. When we were leaving my husband went down and talked to the Manager one more time (I had spoken to him twice before) and he moved the girls to a room that did not stink as bad. We were able to stay but I ended up with a sinus infection from the mildew in my room. When I returned home I attempted to put a customer comment on Expediaa website but they did not post it. I called them to complain but they have just said they have the right to not post. They have not even addressed my other complaints. Using Expedia is not worth it, you cannot trust their customer comments and they do not care what happens to you after they charge your credit card. The HoJos in Norcross is a death trap for those with any sort of respiratory problem. Spend your money with those who deserve it, not these people. I did not even mention the cloudy pool, the lack of pillows, the scant (horrible) breakfast and the rude manner.

  15th of Oct, 2012
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Their customer service department is nasty and unhelpful. I won't be using them again.

  15th of Oct, 2012
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  8th of Nov, 2012
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Here is Expedia's policy **Expedia Unpublished Rate hotel - hotel partners have unsold rooms, we can offer them at incredible values in order to fill them. Hotels prefer not to publicize rates this low, so we hide the name until after booking.**

Don't be fooled, this is a SCAM. They don't give you a low rate and they pick a crappy hotel.

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