Enterprise Car Rental / fraudulent damage claim

Tenafly, NJ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: Piermont Road

I rented a very small, inexpensive Hyundai last fall from Tenafly, NJ. I used the car to drive to Pa and paid an additional $100 to drop it off in Pa. as I was purchasing a new car from a dealer there and was driving my new car home. The entire experience was unbelievable. I called ahead to reserve a car. I arrived at the office at 5:30 p. m It was completely dark out. They were very busy. I wasn't looked after until after closing at 6:10 p, m. The staff was rushing to leave with their coats on. They brought one car to the front, decided it was "too" damaged and said I'd have to pay for damages at the other end. So they brought out a second car and rushed me into that. I could not inspect it in the dark and they spent all of five seconds on it in order to close for the day. The car was parked in my driveway until I went to Pa. I did not touch the car or have any kind of accident in it, big or small. I returned the car at 6:30 p. m in Pa and used the key drop. Two months later I received a bill for $2300 is damages to this car. I am outraged. I have instructed my insurance company not to open a file on this bogus, baseless, fraudulent claim. According to the report there were two crash impacts to the car. They claimed it needed a new bumper, back door and front door panels and roof damage. I didn't touch a thing with that car. Clearly Enterprise needs a new system for assessing their vehicles. The car I returned was in exactly the same condition I received it in. I even topped up the gas tank. There must be prior records on that car from previos rentals yet they don't look at them. I am furious and will tell everyone I know never to rent from them. I am turning this over for an insurance investigation. I will not pay a cent or have my perfect driving record blemished by this scam. It's an absolute disgrace.


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