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istanbul, Turkey Review updated:

RUN AWAYYY from Edreams..

I have bought the ticket, even payment has been done, Edreams confirmation code received and later I have received an email that my flight ticket has been cancelled.

Now ticket prices increased and they want me to pay the price difference..

Not a serious company..

Nobody behind the confirmation codes or emails.

Edreams just offer good prices. if you are lucky, you will receive your tickets... if not, customer should pay for the Edreams mistake.

No more booking through Edreams.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • eDreams_en.'s Response, Dec 29, 2014

    Dear Hakan,

    I'm sorry that your ticket wasn't finally confirmed, probably due to some issue with the airline. Any way, I'd like to check what has happened with your booking and, for that purpose, I'd need to know its reference and the email address used during the process. You can send it over in response to this message o if your prefer it by replying the private message I've just sent to you. When I receive this information, we'll look into your case carefully and we'll contact you shortly.

    Thanks in advance,
    Frank - eDreams Customer Care Team

  • eDreams_en.'s Response, Dec 30, 2014

    Dear Hakan,

    Thanks for the references. As we informed you on the phone and also on Facebook, your bookings were not confirmed nor issued your tickets by the airline. Therefore, the first payment was refunded whereas your second attempt of booking was declined by your credit card.

    I understand how annoying this situation may be and all your concerns about it. We remain at your full disposal for any further help.

    Best regards,
    Frank - eDreams Customer Care Team

  • eDreams_en.'s Response, Jan 02, 2015

    Dear Hakan,

    As informed on previous messages, your tickets were not issued due to airline issues. eDreams made the request but the airline failed to issue them.
    As for the promotion, our agent Ezequiel offered you a 40€ voucher for a next reservation. Could you indicate what promotion you used for the booking made on December 25?

    Thanks in advance,
    Frank - eDreams Customer Care Team

  • eDreams_en.'s Response, Jan 07, 2015

    Dear Hakan,

    Our agent Ezequiel already sent you the voucher code through email. In spite of that, I have replied your private message mentioning the code on it.

    Thanks for your patience and collaboration.

    Best regards,
    Frank - eDreams Customer Care Team

Dec 29, 2014
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  • Ha
      29th of Dec, 2014

    Dear Frank

    I have booked two flight tickets. please see both reservations codes as below
    my email address: [protected]

    Looking forward to hearing from you and hope to receive a good news from you.

    if you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact with me

    Best Regards

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  • Ha
      30th of Dec, 2014

    Dear Frank
    Thank you for your kind answer and checking all the situation.
    you are very kind person and I see that you try to do your best for your job but please let me explain one more time with everysingle details and now please try to see the situation from customer eyes also.
    The ticket was a promotional ticket, which had been bought on 25 December and I have made the booking and payment on 25 December through Edreams. Even payment has been cleared (confirmation code 776IPB)
    Edreams was asking for issuing the ticket on 26 December from the airline company and the promotion was already experied on 26 december.
    I could have bought the ticket online on airline company website on 25 December but I prefered to buy it on edreams website on 25 December (please check my booking date and time on Edreams system)
    after I received the booking confirmation code and payment already done clearly.. All means for me is the ticket is mine, because i have fulfilled my responsibilities as a client and I was expecting the same manner from Edreams as a supplier.
    please just let me know, how i can know that the ticket is not quarantee after a customer fulfilled all his responsibilities such as booking and payment clearence. I thought that Edreams had a online system with airline companies and Edreams confirmation code meant to be all fine about the ticket.

    After the promotion experied, I receive an email from edreams and telling me that the ticket is not confirmed by airlines. Excuse me, but this explanation is not acceptable, there is no point to blame the airline company about the mistake, because Edreams system was applying to buy the ticket from airline company 24 hours late. This can not be acceptable as customer mistake or airline fault.
    The ticket was approx 100USD and today approx 200USD.. Edreams was late to buy my ticket in time and now customer should pay the price difference. do you believe that this is how it should be solved?
    Edreams has lots of advert that how big company they are all over the world etc.. and where is this company now?
    if everything is going well on the way, Edreams is perfect partner with clients, but if anything is going wrong, Edreams doesnt exist anymore and customers are alone to solve all.. is this the way how Edreams business principles and how they grow?
    Dear Frank, I dont see any right from
    Now Edreams, just trying to explain that the ticket is not confirmed by airline, please see the reason why it wasnt confirmed by airline? because was late to buy the ticket and of course airline didnt accept it. Edreams didnt fulfill the responsibilities on time, now there is a conflict.
    only I understand that Edreams confirmation codes and email doesnt mean anything and Edreams doesnt stand behind its promises.
    if everything is going well, Edreams makes the business with anyone, if anything is wrong, Edreams is not behind the promises, principles and confirmation.
    Dear Frank, this is very clear explanation with everysingle details.
    if you have any further question, I would be pleased to reply you

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  • Ha
      5th of Jan, 2015

    Dear Frank
    Thank you for your caring and your voucher offer.
    I had to change my travelling dates due to high ticket prices and I will not be able to buy the tickets for the same dates, therefore I can use your voucher offer for a next reservation.
    please let me know the voucher number and i will use it.
    Best Regards

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