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To whom this may concern,

I travelled with edreams ([protected]) from the 3rd january to the 24th january travelling from melbourne to beijing via haikou, then beijing to harare via hong kong and johannesburg and then lastly, my expected flights were from harare to melbourne via nairobi and abu dhabi. Each of my flights were either delayed or cancelled.

My flight from beijing to hong kong arrived an hour late and I had 20 minutes to get to my connecting flight to johannesburg. There was someone waiting for those connecting passengers and we were made to run from the flight to the other connecting flight. As a result of running across the terminal my prescription glasses fell out of my bag and I have had difficulty with my vision ever since.

Following on from this I was emailed and told my flight from harare to nairobi had been cancelled on the 22nd january but rescheduled to the 23rd january at the same time (12:10-16:10). As my connecting flight from nairobi to abu dhabi was scheduled for 14:35, I attempted to explain over the phone that it was impossible for me to take this connecting flight but was told it would be fine several times. As I was in zimbabwe at the time I was made to pay international roaming costs to make these phone calls at a rate of $5 australian dollars a minute, with a phone bill having reached $1300.00 because of this. Additionally as I was on a volunteer program where I was teaching in local communities and working in lion conservation with african lions, I repeatedly had to miss out on going to activities because I had to call edreams and be on the phone for hours to try and seek a resolution, this resulted in several days of me missing out on my program. I continually explained that it would not be possible for me to attend this flight and would continuously be placed on hold for long periods of time (anywhere up to an hour) or hung up on. As it was important that I make it back to melbourne to start my new job and I was continually being told different things from different people i.e. That my flight would be fine and I would make it, that I would be given a new connecting flight and return home a day later, etc. I was then made to pay for a further nights accommodation and transfer in harare, as well as having to cancel my non-refundable pre-scheduled accommodation in nairobi, this obviously includes the visa I paid for to visit there which I was not able to use.

After going through the process of speaking to so many people on the phone, as well as never being given a resolution and worrying I would not be able to return home in time to start my new job. I would have spoken to up to 12-15 different people and they all told me different things, eventually out of frustration and with the knowledge that these phone calls would continually raise my phone bill I requested that I speak to a manager. During this phone call she told me to fill out a claim upon returning. She also said that it was no longer possible for edreams to offer me an alternative to get home and that she would cancel my flights and request a refund for my flights home (which I have now received - this was roughly $900). As a result of my need to get home and edreams not offering me an alternative I had to book new flights to leave which cost me a $1700.00 australian.

Further to this on the day of the 22nd january I received an email from steven nyoni who is the sales and ticketing agent in zimbabwe for kenya airways (my harare to nairobi flight was through kenya airways).in this email he stated as follows "dear daniel, our sincere apologies for cancelled kq706 today which was scheduled to depart at 12:10 today. We will put you on kq704 departing 16:30 today. Check in will be at 14:00 today. Kind regards, steven nyoni".

After being told that it was impossible for edreams to offer me an alternative, I was surprised to then receive this email being offered an alternative. While edreams had made contact to state that the flight was cancelled a week prior, it is alarming that they didn't think to contact kenya airways to try to seek an alternative. As I was staying somewhere that was 4 hours from the airport, I didn't have the time to make arrangements to make this flight, nor had the travel company I had put my trust in even knew it was a possible alternative. Had I been able to make this flight, it would have saved me a $1700 flight home, I would not have had to pay for further accommodation in zimbabwe, lose my non-refundable payment for accommodation and a visa in kenya and the costly phone bill.

I am appalled by the customer service I have been provided by edreams and don't see myself ever wanting to use its services again as this has been a very stressful and costly exercise. I look forward to hearing back from you about this.

Daniel mcgowan

Feb 8, 2019

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