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Booked with edreams for supposedly cheapest flights to Cork. Was charged £90 extra for 'transaction charges', so rang customer services to complain, who told me to email edreams help desk if I was not happy with charges and I would be reimbursed. Had exchange of emails with helpdesk, but they said that the extra charges were shown when I booked the flights, but I did not see anything when I booked on line. Very unhelpful staff on exchange of emails and I did not get reimbursed. Steer clear of this company and book direct with Ryanair. I will not be using this site ever again.

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    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • eDreams_en.'s Response, Apr 04, 2016

    Dear Zumba pat,

    Thanks for posting your review and giving us the opportunity to assist you further.

    We would like to inform you that during the booking process, our website displays the final price, including a breakdown of charges so our customers are aware of the amount that will be charged in their respective cards.

    However, if you have been charged more than agreed, we would like to take care of your case and assist you as deserved.

    In order to do that, please kindly update this review and provide us your booking code.

    We hope to be hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    Lucy - eDreams Customer Care Team -

  • eDreams_en.'s Response, Apr 14, 2016

    Dear Mr. Wosket,

    Thanks for posting your review here and giving us the opportunity to assist you with your refund.

    We are really sorry to read that your flights were affected by the French Air Strike.

    We will take care of your case and we will check with the airline which options you have to get your refund. In order to do that, please update this review and provide us your booking code so we may handle your query properly.

    We hope to be hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    Lucy - eDreams Customer Care Team -

  • eDreams_en.'s Response, Apr 27, 2016

    Dear Afolake Glover,

    Please rest assured that we work hard to make the booking procedure as pleasant and easy as possible to our customers and we are very sorry to hear that the currency was not clear to you when booking. Our records show you´ve been booking via our UK web site version therefore, the confirmed and the charged amount was in GBP currency, 276.93 GBP as a total.

    One of our agents will contact you via e-mail indicated at time of booking on-line to provide with a detailed breakdown of prices.

    Warm regards,
    Nicole - eDreams

Apr 03, 2016
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  • Mr
      Apr 13, 2016

    Booked with edreams for my mother and her friends who are all carers and needed a nice break in Spain only 3 wks ago. The flight was then cancelled with Ryan air. We had no email or any confirmation that the flight was cancelled from edreams. I was then forced to re book my mums flight with jet 2 to fly out 2wks later.
    Over 3 wks later and many many hours on the phone I am still no nearer to getting a refund of £856.54p. I managed to actually get through to edreams only to be told I needed evidence from ryan air that my mums flight was cancelled due to the French airstrikes. They want me to send them emails from ryan air so that I can get a refund. However the email for edreams doesn't allow nor except emails. I am in a no win situation.
    I have been on the phone tonight on hold for over 1 hr to edreams. I am absolutely disgusted with the company and would not advise any one use them. They have hidden charges that you do not see on line when you make your booking. This company has made me very poorly trying to retrieve my money. I am now left with no option but to seek legal advice and take this further. My mother will be back of her holiday this Friday and I am still no further. I repeat be warned do not book with edreams it will cost you emotional and you will occur bank charges trying to retrieve your money back minus there £100 fee. I booked 20 flights a year for friends and carers of dementia and have never come across a company like these.

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  • La
      Apr 26, 2016

    i booked a flight from Orly airport Paris to Tarbes LDE a returned ticket with the stated value being 272, 84 Euros as the total price
    departure is 1st June and return is 3rd June. However i was pleasantly surprised when Bank of America sent me an alert for 400, 60 USD.
    their conversion rate of 272.84 Euro is 310 USD.
    Before directing the Bank of America to enter a dispute with your company on the difference, i will like an explanation on the discrepancy.
    Dr Olanrewaju Glover 5AYJRA
    Mrs Afolake Glover 5AYJRC
    edreams reference number [protected]
    email: [protected]

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