eDreamsflight to barcelona

I booked my flight on 9th of Dec and got two mails, one confirming my booking and the second regarding the special conditions I ask for which I replied that I need Gluten free meals for my wife and kid.
When I checked my bank count in Jan I have seen that eDreams have charged and refunded the payment twice on 12/12 and on the 16/12. When I called them I understood that the payment was cancelled since eDream did not get the mail. Since I was not notifiable about the missing information I could not have done anything to fix the problem but I did confirm with the right procedure so I had no reason to doubt the booking.
When I called they said that the only option now is to book a new flight but the price now is more then 600Euro more expansive, Why should I pay that when I booked it at the price of 1, 020 Euro did all that they have asked me to do and got no notification that there is something wrong??

Thanks for your help,

Jan 12, 2017

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