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I purchased a round trip ticket to Gaborone from Johannesburgh and a return ticket. I was obliged to cancel or change the reservation because the United Nations workshop which I was supposed to participate in was postponed for three weeks.
Changing the reservation was accompanied with an exorbitant service fee of 70 euro. When I decided it wasn't worth it and wanted to cancel the flight - I was told to approach the carrier Air Botswana. I tried to do so, but have received no answer from them.
The details of my tickets are Oct 1 BP 208 at 9.00 a.m. from Johannesburgh to Gaborone; Oct 3 BP205 from Gaborone to Johannesburgh. Booking number VWXOV2.
In other words - I felt I got no service from eDreams. I travel quite a bit and this was the first time I used them. It will also be the last time. I also intend to inform colleagues of this situation.
In addition, added charges were heaped on the booking so that the price advertised - 144 E burgeoned to 177 E.
I leaned alot from this experience, but that is the only value I have gotten for it. Meanwhile, I have paid 177 E for nothing.

  • eDreams_en.'s Response, Oct 26, 2017

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for contacting eDreams.

    All flights come with after sales conditions regarding changes and cancellations.

    These are set by the airline and can vary deepening on a number of factors such as the route, the price you paid for the ticket and the airline itself.

    All the fees for changes and cancellations are advised at the time of booking and are agreed to before payment is received.

    In the case that a change fee is involved, this must be paid plus any difference in the ticket price, if its more expensive on the new date you're travelling.

    Regarding the price, fares and availability are constantly being updated by airlines and suppliers, and can vary from moment to moment depending on a complex range of factors from the route and airline to the specific conditions of each booking.

    We simultaneously compare all the regular and low cost airlines and it is this strategy that helps us find the best deal for millions of customers worldwide.

    Best regards,
    Christos - Customer care.

  • Updated by rahel gershuni, Oct 26, 2017

    i wish to respond.
    i paid more for the ticket in order that it have free cancellation -beyond the basic package. This was paid to edreams, who is responsible for delivering what was promised.
    Air botswana has nothing to do with it. When i looked more carefully at edreams' site, i was instructed to cancel via edreams phone number, not via air botswana.
    The agreement and extra payment was between me as customer and edreams.
    I tried again and again to cancel via edreams, but the edream site did not allow me to do so, and when i called the
    phone number of edreams 4 times, the system refused to register my cancellation. Thus my extra payment to allow for free cancellation received no remuneration.
    I have lodged a complaint with the better business bureau.
    Needless to say i never intend to book via edreams again and caution all consumers to beware.
    Rahel gershuni

  • eDreams_en.'s Response, Oct 27, 2017

    Hi Rachel.

    Sorry to read of your outstanding concerns. Please provide us your booking reference and a short message via this link at the end of this message and we would be happy to look further into your concerns.

    James – Customer Care

  • Updated by rahel gershuni, Oct 28, 2017

    My booking reference was 3047501118.
    I hope you will now genuinely meet my concerns - which means to reimburse me for the full cost of the ticket which is what was promised. I also hope that you take to heart my comments about your phone system's serious problems - in that it did not allow me to notify about cancellation of the ticket, though I made 4 expensive international phone calls in order to do this. Perhaps another lesson would be to allow cancellation on your internet site - just as you allow bookings. This would allow your customers to cancel without incurring heavy expenses and delays.

  • Updated by rahel gershuni, Nov 06, 2017

    Since I last wrote edreams on October 26th, including my booking number, as required, I have received no response to my complaint. My sad interiim conclusion is that their concern was on paper alone. Once again, I tell all consumers to beware of this company.

Sep 26, 2017

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