Dunkin Donuts / consistent mistreatment

Garland, TX, United States

There is a consistent issue ongoing at the Northwest Hwy/Centerville location in Garland TX. It is one I'm tired of hearing of, dealing with, and will no longer tolerate. My wife visits this location almost every week for one thing and one thing only; One dozen Maple glazed donuts. It was my favorite growing up and since getting married & having children it's become the favorite of the family. There is a very lazy, rude young lady working the register there in the evenings. I don't know nor do I care what issues she may have with us or others, what personal matters she brings into work with her and projects to Dunkin's customer base, it is simply a load we will no longer be the constant victims of.

Every single time my wife, or I, or us stop in for our usual dozen maple, and this girl is working, there's always some dumb reason we can't get what we want. I don't know if she's just so lazy she doesn't want to make the trip from the register to the back. I don't know if there's something 'else' going on in the back she doesn't want to interrupt. I don't know if she's just some ignorant young b-word who doesn't appreciate collecting a paycheck by doing a job well. And I don't f-ing care. I'm sick of the hassle. Last night in particular, my wife was told they couldn't sell her the usual dozen maple donuts because they were out of rings in the back. IT'S A 24 HOUR DONUT SHOP, and this stupid woman in Dunkin's employment has the NERVE to claim they ran out of donut rings? Are you KIDDING me??? If a business has a consistently sold item per week, and they aren't meeting that demand properly, would you consider that good assessment of sales? I sure as hell wouldn't. One time, on protest, the rude young woman FINALLY went into the back to have a dozen maple donuts made up. The problem? You could practically SEE the handprint in the center where she smashed down the donuts after boxing them. If it hadn't had been so late, I'd have driven back to the location and thrown the case at her for doing such an ignorant thing to consistent customers.

In the end? I honestly don't want an apology from Dunkin or her. From the company it would be just an official corporate line, from her it would be empty & irritating. I don't want the next order of donuts to get a discount or be complimentary, we pay for what we consume, period. What I want is some assurance this particular employee will be properly trained to do her job, appreciate her paycheck, take care of the customer, and lose the attitude. OR I want dumb girl FIRED. TRUST me, this particular employee is doing Dunkin Donut's sales at this location NO favors. I just need to know my wife can stop at Duncan Donuts for what we want and NOT come home with yet another stress-filled story that makes my blood boil. This is far too much trouble to get some damn DONUTS. Especially considering it's from DUNKIN DONUTS.

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