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No matter when you go to the DD in Altoona on Plank Road, they are out of what ever it is you order. For instance, tonight we went through drive through and no matter what we ordered, they were either out or only had one or two left. This was out of a dozen donuts that we were ordering. I finally, exasperated, asked them if they still made their products fresh. The girl got snippy and snapped "he's ready to begin making some now!" Well, "he" was no where NEAR ready, as we could see "him" through the window, and "he" was flirting with the only customers in the store, greasy looking hair in his face, not even in a net!
We spent over $20.00 on some of the STALEST and nastiest donuts we have ever tasted, and intend to report this store to the health department first thing in the morning.
I don't remember ever tasting fresh donuts out of this store!

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