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I worked for dunkin donuts for a year and just got fired and when I worked there evey two weeks when pay day came up they would only tell some employees they had shortages in the reg and make you pay any where from $50.00 and up and if you did not pay they would not give you ur check I did in for almost a yr then my mgr said I owed money from dec and at this time it was the mid of jan and I refused they finaly fired me and a few days ago they called me in yesterday and tould me to pay and they will give me my check or they will give me my check and sign a complaint aganst me for robbery and ive never stole a thing from them so I left without my check and when to the police staion and told them they tould me to go to small claims I do have a claim going with the laber bored also. Ive also been told by some people that go in there asking for me that they are now saying I was fired for steeling money not only that I would close the store at night and was the only employee there during the week we closed at 10 and weekends 11 so I was scduled till one of them times and if we worked passed that time we would not get paid but I had to clean up so I would be there for a 1/2 hr afetr my sceduled time that I was not getting paid for I worked 5 to 6 days a week not only that I never got over time at one point I worked one month straight with no days off I finaly got fed up last month and got the laber boerd involved the are still looking in to everything iam not the first one this happen to but iam the only one who is speaking up about it they owe me money and I want itand I will fight them with all I got

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    marcdshark Aug 08, 2009

    I worked at Dunkin Doughnuts as a baker for one month. I have a managers food handler's card and I graduated from ASU with Nutrition in Food Service Management...I have a big...big...big...big...ISSUE with Dunkin Doughnuts especially in Scottsdale, Arizona. I only worked here for one month because I was so so so so disgusted with the uneducted managers here. These managers came out of jail or something! They have no management experience. I worked at a grand opening and I was not able to clock in the computer because all the bakers names where not even on it yet. Only the cashiers! Dunkin Doughnuts does not bake frsh doughnuts for one! Second, Dunkin doughnuts is not using food safety practices on ALL READY TO EAT DOUGHNUTS. THird...THe employess are not properly trained to handle ready to eat foods. Fourth, Dunkin doughnuts is SOOO cheap on the gloves. These gloves constantly tear while employees are in constant rush without a break or lunch. They are told to rush and take no safety precautions nor taking the time to Put on Cheap gloves while your hands are sweaty and they break as you put them on!!! The employees have no choice!! Poor Management Practices and budgets...Buy real gloves..!! JEES!!
    THIS means that all the doughnuts are being handled by employees who do not wash thier hands and that your food is being cross contaminated by pathogens especially with some employees that they hire that have bad self hygiene...ITS DISGUSTING!!!
    Not only that but they do not practice FIFO...They put new jelly, frosting or whatever on top of the old...K...thats a bacteria problem...
    Dunkin Doughnuts is disgusting and if they cant decide to properly handle their employees or follow sanitation and food safety rules, they should not be in business. The public is at danger for the sake of thier profit only. They only care of thier profits. This is the worst food service place to eat or work at !! They hire managers out of jail...and thats how much they care...

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