Dunkin' Donuts

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Reviews and Complaints

employee abuse

new employee hired 2nd week of april 2009. hired for a 40 hour position is currently only working 2 part time days a week. when manager diane approached about this matter was told that they have a lot of new employees on orientation and would recieve more hours in the near future, which never happened as yet, now may 1 2009. also have been treated with no respect, picked on and also has to listen to rude comments of a sexual and drug nature. also requested a copy of work schedule signhed by the manager who said that there was no copy machine and that she could not do this. called in to be sure of work schedule was told for that week the two 3 hour shifts, then was called on a sunday which was not told to me as a day i was suppose to work and was told that i did not come in for the shift i saw the schedule at a later date and my name was written in after the schedule was posted.i was written up for not coming in on that sunday.i would appreciate some sort of action as soon as possible. my e-mail is as follows should you have any questions [protected]@yahoo.com
thank you in advance for your time in this matter