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Dollar Tree / laid off / fired who knows!!!

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas Review updated:
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Dollar Tree
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Phone: 702-870-7010
I was hired there on may 20, 2009 as a cashier... Worked when they called me in.. On june 14 I was to report to work at 2:30 p. M. Nedless to say I did'nt feel good the night before which I worked until closing... Anyways I woke up late sunday called my manager at 4:15p. M told her I was sorry and that I will come in... She told me no, she already called somebody elese in... I said ok... Appologized... So on my next work day which was for wednesday I went in as scheduled... The manager on that night said they have some other employee working for me... Nobody called me. By the way the new employee was not there when I finally left which was 4:55 pm... Talked to my boss who hired me... He said everything was fine, that it's just a suspension 2week.. 2 1/2 weeks later her reassured me that I still had my job... That they just needed to put me in the system again... Don't look for another job I was told... Here I am no job... Thanks to you dollar tree managers and district manager...


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N  8th of Oct, 2009 by 
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One District Manager that Im aware of has got to be the Kings of all shmucks.
Scott acts like the high priest of the Corporation.Discriminates against women, making
them feel inferior, probably due to his small sized manhood.Collaborates with his fellow
men, only. You all know who he is, and he cant hide from that either.
N  5th of Feb, 2011 by 
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They should have called you to at least let you know something was going on (a write-up, suspension, etc.). If you do keep the job, work your butt off and prove them wrong about you. Then find a new job and leave. No sense trying to find a new job when your previous employer won't have good words to say about you. It only takes one bad incident that never lives a person down. But I have to agree with ipunchbabies. Hope you found something by now!
N  16th of Dec, 2011 by 
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I work at a Dollar Tree in California. And I hate the rules they keep adding to all the Dollar Tree Stores. I was an amazing worker. My manager would be very impressed with the work I do (I'm very fast paced, detailed person). As weeks went by my hours kept getting worse. And the people who work really slow ended up getting better hours than me it made me realize one thing these people were kissing up, as I
Worked my ### off a fellow slow co worker would come up frequently and talk with the manager about their personal life. So it didnt matter how I worked I did not get great credit for the work I did. I really wanted to tell my head manager about this but I don't want to be the cause of getting someone in trouble, so I kept my mouth shut. 1 rule I thought was too strict was the til rule on how much we are supposed to have ($3.00 range) I thought it is way too small and unlike other stores we can make out the difference with our own money I ended up being $4.00 under and they ended up firing me. I thought that rule was way too stupid and strict. I'm glad I don't work there anymore all that job did was keep me away from doing anything I hardly made enough to go out or do anything.
N  2nd of Aug, 2012 by 
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wise to dollar tree has its own rules because to become store manager only has to lie col Mr. coaching managers. I was surprised to see a client seen by the way this gentleman asked for the name and mark is called craig ranch and works in Las Vegas then I saw that it was stefany entrnando and then she is. now manager and rainbow moutain spring and then again saw kissing WITH MARK
N  1st of Feb, 2018 by 
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@eg101 what on earth are you saying? I cannot understand what you typed
N  7th of Nov, 2016 by 
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I personally work @ my local Dollar Tree as a Sale Associate. I worked on 5 different days last week, so I was given 2 days this week. I got woken up @ 7:51 (AM) only to be told my hours have been shortened. Got to love Dollar Tree!!!
N  14th of Jul, 2017 by 
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They dirty as [censor]!! My daughter has worked there for years. Worked her way to Assistant Manager. Someone called the store pretending to be someone from corporate needing a Green Dot transaction done over the phone because their system was down. My daughter didn't question it because they said they was from corporate. Gave her a name and everything. Hell she doesn't know everybody from corporate so she didn't know this person wasn't telling the truth. Well turned out to be a scam. I think it was the NEW district manager Greg Evans. She had to write a statement and he supposedly sent it in to corporate to see what would happen. He called her today saying that it was automatic termination. I think it's a bunch of bull! Then on top of that, her own [censor]in manager who is so afraid to open her mouth, wouldn't even stick up for her. I don't know how that [censor] even became a manager. I'm contacting the Board Monday morning. Might not do any good, but they gonna hear my voice!
A  1st of Feb, 2018 by 
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I am wondering what the criteria is for hiring managers at Dollar Tree. I worked for them about 3 weeks right before Christmas. It was always, "Call to check the schedule. We don't have you in the system yet." Funny. I was given a temporary schedule because she wrote my time in under someone else's name. I know how to count money and used to run a register. But their registers are nothing like what I was used to working with. It would be easier to use the quantity key when a customer came up with 50 of the same item instead of having to scan EACH one. With a line building up behind them, this is most frustrating to other customers that shopped from nearby stores on their lunch breaks. I know I wouldn't want to wait in line for 5 or 8 minutes of my lunch break because the $$ tree manager has such control issues that she won't come over to help the cashier out with overriding the quanitity key. No...she would rather text someone/talk on a personal call or jack around with sorting out returns than actually help the customer. I have other things to say and I agree with the situation on whether or not you are fired or laid off. It's complete and utter BS. And yes, the kiss ups got better hours. I do not kiss anyone's butt and prefer to work than waste time doing that.

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