Dollar Treeassist manager

1} on Nov. 28th about 3;12 pm . I was at work not on the clock yet I started at work at 3:30. I get a phone call from my assist manger Sharon. she ask me if I told her boyfriend that she was off work who she lives with.. I said no I didn't. she starting getting loud and yelling at me. she called me a [censored]ing lying [censored]. I still said I didn't say anything don't know what she is talking about. she kept yelling at me and calling me all kinds of words. I didn't do anything to this women or say anything and what she said to me was wrong. she should not be calling me names or yelling at me for something I didn't do. I work at county ridge dollar store. my name is Barbara and my phone number is [protected].See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Essex, MD I just thought some one should know

2} on sunday the 25th I closed with her we closed out my register she had my til in her hands then she tells me to go walk in the back of the store and check the bathrooms to make sure no one was in there. when we counted the money my cash was over 5 dollars. she didn't not count the safe to see if anything was short. she just wrote me up I did not sign the paper cause I didn't know if it was my forth or if she was setting me up. she had me walk away from the money so I don't know if she did anything to it or not. if I did it was 5 dollars over I sign it but since she had me walk away from I don't know.

I feel like she is trying to get me in trouble or fired or something. I work my ass off I don't miss any days I do everything my boss tony tells me to. I unload the trucks and put up stock. I do cashier when need to be. I come in early and stay late when need to I am on call for when days the truck come in. and to be treating like [censored] when Sharon the assist manger is working is just wrong.

this is my complaint

Nov 30, 2018

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