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In reference to dollar general on east st benton arkansas,
This has to be the worst dg store ever. It is so nasty & under stocked. The manager john is so rude to customers & his employees. Talks badly to them in front of customers. How professional is that? I was in there today 1/8/17. A nice gentleman was checking me out, ask did I find everything I needed. He needed johns assistance, in front of all the customers john said" just clock out and go home" he said this twice. I was embrassed for the young man named jeremy. No one should be talked to that way. This is not the first time I witnessed his attitude. The condition of the store looks like an inside yard sale. Honestly. I shop dg about once a week, this is the worst store I have ever seen. Something needs to be done on the apperance of the store and the manager john.

  • Updated by DiAnnia, Jan 08, 2017

    Want to be updated on this complaint.No one deserves to be talked to that way..

  • Updated by DiAnnia, Jan 08, 2017

    Please update on status of complaint

Jan 08, 2017

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