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My experience at the Dollar General on Caddo St in Arkadelphia was terrible today. A cashier and the manager were ringing up a item return. It took about 30 minutes while I waited in line behind the woman returning the items. I waited patiently holding my three cold drinks. They then apologized to the woman returning the items several times. As I came up to the counter, they then decided to open the other register!! They did not greet me at all, nor did they apologize for the inconvenience. The only thing said to me was that my card wasn't working when It said approved on my side of the screen. They were extremely rude. As my receipt spit out I immediately left with the intentions of a customer complaint. Never again will I be found in this Dollar General.


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      Mar 24, 2017

    Um maybe they didn't open up the other register because the person helping the cashier--a manager--might have been the only other person in the store. So, even if they would have opened up the other register then you would have had the manager ringing you up while other dealing with the return, in which case you'd probably be B####ing that your cashier wasn't 'paying proper attention' or something like that.
    Or, if it was a different cashier, chances are that the manager had to run and fetch them, or they just didn't know that there was a hold up. They're not psychic. If one person is on register and the store isn't busy then I'm sure the other employee didn't see reason to be running up to check on things every 5 minutes. Especially when I'm sure they probably had their hands full doing something else like stocking or perhaps even assisting another customer.
    Also it wasn't an inconvenience. Returns happen. And if there's currently no one else in line before someone is bringing up a return then it tends to be handled there instead of another register. And, unless the woman had a crap ton of items to be returning, the only other reason it would take '30 minutes' would be if they came across a problem or the system wasn't acting right. I'd lean towards the system being buggy for the day given the card issue you had. Once again, it happens. Don't need to get your panties in a bunch. And, if you gave attitude about the card issue--which can usually be solved pretty quickly--then I would have been rude to your ### too. These cashiers are usually at the mercy of their machines running properly, and given the age or state of the system that mercy can usually be non-existent.
    But you know, just because you weren't put on a golden throne above all other customers then the store is terrible, the absolute worst. Cause, you know, that's totally logical. Hint: that is sarcasm, it's not logical. You're making an end of the world situation out of what is probably a rare occurrence.

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